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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Picture my Dad in his undies

Just to give some visual perspective. Here are the undies my dad wore. Not exactly the sexiest looking underwear, but on him they were quite captivating. The white soft fabric in contact with daddies privates. How could you not want to sniff it?

Here is more what my dad looked like, so you will have to picture him in the undies. Hairy, handsome and rugged he was a sight to behold. And he looked soo cute in the undies:

Here is what his cock looked like: Even unerect it was quite large. It was always a real treat to be lucky enough to catch a glimpse him nude. His foreskin looked raw and scary and would always draw my attention. I remember hearing daddy piss in the bathroom and thinking about the warm liquid flowing out of his penis.

Intimate father-son bonding:

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