Chaos Men: Austin and Carmine - RAW

Bryan knew he needed to get Carmine a "Daddy" type in order to keep him truly turneded-on for doing adult video. Watching gay porn doesn't seem to work for him, and he kind of relies on the other model to keep him going. So it will be challenging as a lot of the straight guys have their backup plan (straight porn) to help jump start their engines.

Fortunately, Austin already likes to be a bossy daddy type, no matter if it is with a girl or guy.

It is super hot seeing a hot, hairy, mature dude with a younger Latin twink.

Carmine really responded to Austin's fatherly presence
! Bryan thinks most viewers would categorize Carmine as a bottom, especially with his bubbly Puerto Rican ass, but he really just likes to please whoever he is with. But he is fairly passive, so bottoming works for him.

Chaos Men: Austin and Carmine - RAW

In his private sex life, he doesn't actually have a lot of opportunity to have sex, much less bottom, so he was a little worried that Austin might be too big for him. It showed how little experience he does have as he thought Austin was super hung. Not saying Austin, isn't very nicely endowed, but there are some jumbo cocks out there. Has Bryan ever mentioned that Austin calls Vander "Pringles" since doing a scene with him...a nickname that has stuck!