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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jake Cruise: Nick Moretti Massaged: Older man get his mature client off

Every massage begins a little differently. Some guys are laying on the table, butt-naked, when Jake Cruise walks in. Others prefer to greet him standing up, wearing nothing but a towel. With Nick Moretti, a hot-blooded Italian bodybuilder, they started with lots of tongue before his huge hard-on caught Jake's attention. When Jake finally got him face down on the table, his own cock was in the right spot at the right time and Jake found out just how good Nick is at blowing a guy.
Jake Cruise: Nick Moretti Massaged

Jake Cruise massages Nick Moretti
Jake Cruise massages Nick Moretti
Jake's self-control kicked in at last and he oiled up Nick's backside, working my fingers deep into his sore muscles (okay, they also went into a couple other key spots!) The sheer hotness of everything led to Jake stripping down and feeling his cock up against that bubble butt. Nick's flexibility came in handy after he flipped on his back for a "Jake Cruise" brand of Tantric massage. You could say they both gave our all for this rubdown and you'll see the cum to prove it.

New site highlights authentic (real) men having gay experiences in nasty places

New Site Attack: Maverick Men

maverick men construction worker
Cole and Hunter told us how this scene went down:
"So, there is a big construction job across from our place and Hunter has been cruising and checking out the construction workers for months, he has been begging me to go snag this one particular guy that works there that's always looking up at us when we are out the window or when we walk by the site. I bumped into him on his lunch break at local Dunkin Donuts (go Dunkies!) lol. We talked and it turns out he is a chill guy and obviously bi curious, so after over a month or chatting him up on his lunch breaks and having him overhe finally decided to seriously mess around with us."
maverick men construction worker
"It's a big step for him, but we made it clear that we were not going to mess around with him unless it was on camera, and man oh man was that a great idea because what we got on video is HOT in a big way. We know for a fact that he had sucked dick before and has had his hole fingered and once let his cousin stick it in but he had never been truly fucked in the ass by a man, and he had never kissed a man. So it was a serious challenge but we finally got him relaxed enough to bottom, woo hoo!, you guys will love this video."