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Saturday, July 22, 2017

CMNM Events Summer 2017 - scheduled, proposed, and possible

CMNM Events Summer 2017

Add your own or send the details to: sunbunz (at) gmail (dot) com

You can view these events details at Eventbrite Guysn2CMNM Profile :

You can also follow updates on CMNM events on Twitter:

We realize that you may not be able to participate because these low-key almost spontaneous events are located a great distance from where most of our members are. Yet, you just never know. You are certainly welcome if you are in the area to attend. Otherwise, they may help serve as inspiration for setting up your own CMNM events in your area, such as home or backyard parties, potlucks, swim or pool parties, day trips to local nude beaches, etc.

NOTE: The scheduled events (with LINKS) are posted as invites on the website. Eventbrite allows for creating events and informing people about the event, and the necessary details - description, photos, maps, what to bring, and RSVPs. It can be used also to collect poll results for deciding a convenient date or time. Beside an event page and profile site, the results can also be displayed as a RSS feed, as HTML code (useful for websites and blogs) or can be integrated into an online calendar (such a Google) and even sent as a Twitter update.

Take a look at my Eventbrite profile to see how it works. Sign in (or sign up) to comment or participate.

July --- August --- September 2017, January 2018 CMNM Events

July 29, 2017 at 7:00 PM
Steamworks Toronto
Steamworks Toronto - 540 Church Street, Level 2 - Toronto, Ontario, Ontario M4Y 2E1 - Canada

Nude Beach Summer Picnic, August 11-12-13, 2017
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, August 11-13,  2017 at 11:30 AM until 4:30 pm
Waialea Beach (Beach 67 just north of Beach 69) - Puako, HI 96743
 Big Island, Hawaii 
View Map

CMNM Rendezvous at Max's Gym (Honolulu) Sat, Aug 12, 2017
Meet up at Max's for some CMNM role play and sex games
Saturday, Aug 12, 2009
8:30pm - 11:30pm (entrance fee required: membership + locker or room fee)
Max's Gym, 444 Hobron Ln, Honolulu, HI 4th Floor

CMNM Picnic (near Waikiki) Sat, August 12, 2017
for guys who enjoy being nude or clothed with naked dudes
Saturday, Aug 1, 2017
12 - 3 pm
Diamond Head Beach (walk passed Honolulu Zoo / Waikiki Aquarium to end of
Kapio'lani Park, turn right on Diamond Head, go down to beach below the Light House)

CMNM Catamaran Cruise, Sunday, Aug ??
Nude swim and sunbathe on board a boat in Waikiki Bay
Sunday, Aug 13, 2017
12:00 - 3:00pm
Meet at Angles (gay bar) well before 1:00pm, purchase $25 ticket in advance at bar,
Group departs promptly at 1:00pm on foot for Waikiki Beach, 4 drinks included on board
Angles, 2256 Kuhio Ave (corner of Kuhio and Seaside) 2nd floor

CMNM Picnic at Kehena Nude Beach, Sat, August 12 & Trance Dance on Sunday, Aug 13
For guys who enjoy being nude or clothed with naked dudes
(women and non-attendees will also be present on the beach)
Saturday, Aug 12, 2017
11am - 4pm
Sunday, Aug 13, 2017
13:00 - 16:00 (Sunday's events is family and social oriented nudist/clothed community gathering)
Kehena Beach (see Event link for details), Puna (southeast coast, Big Island, Hawaii)

CMNM Nude Beach 67 Meet-up, Kohala, Big Island (NOT YET DEFINITE)
Monday, Tuesday, August 7 - 14 (and/or) , 2017
11:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Beach 67 (located just 500 yards north of Waialea Beach (Beach 69) - Old Puako Rd Telephone Pole #67  (no water or restroom - so be prepared).

San Francisco CMNM Meet-up  Monday, Aug. 14, 2017
For guys into CMNM - to meet, chat, and definitely hook-up
10pm - 2am
Blow Buddies, 933 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA
(BB is a gay sex club. Entrance fee required, check some or all of your clothes, no alcohol, drugs or cameras).

Other possible Events:

A. Russian River Nude Wine Tasting Barbeque
Possible dates: August 14-16 (during the Grape to Glass Weekend)
Guerneville, CA
Camping at Johnson's Beach Resort and/or Highland Resort (clothing optional pool) (camping or rooms/cabins).

B. Nude Sleepover at San Francisco Hostel
Possible dates: August 14-18 ??

C. CMNM Group Rendezvous at The Water Garden, San Jose, CA
Possible Dates: August 14 or 18, 2017

D. Nashville CMNM Meet-up
August 2-6 Location/details to be decided if there is an interest

E. Timberfell Lodge (private men's resort and campground)
Clothed Man / Naked Man Camp Out August 21-23

Wrangler Round ‘Up Weekend (cowboy / country farm boy theme)

Timberfell Lodge 1416 Baileyton Main St., PMB#110 Greeneville, TN 37745

Toll-Free: (800) 437-0118

F. San Francisco  CMNM Event
Date still undecided
Tom is trying to get an event organized for the SF Bay area. You can find him either on this Google group or in the Yahoo CMNM group to let him know you're interested. Otherwise, let me know and I'll pass on the word to him.

G. Midnight Skinny Dip, Waikiki Beach,
Possible Dates: Jan 3-6, 2018
 Meet at Hulu's Bar and look for guy wearing a CMNM sign

H. CMNM Rendezvous at Max's Gym (Honolulu) Tues, Aug 25, 2009
Meet up at Max's for some CMNM role play and sex games
Saturday, Aug 1, 2009
8:30pm - 11:30pm (entrance fee required: membership + locker or room fee)
Max's Gym, 444 Hobron Ln, Honolulu, HI 4th Floor

I. CMNM Picnic (near Waikiki) January 6-7, 2018
For guys who enjoy being nude or clothed with naked dudes
Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 6 & 7,  2018
12 - 3 pm
Diamond Head Beach (walk passed Honolulu Zoo / Waikiki Aquarium to end of
Kapio'lani Park, turn right on Diamond Head, go down to beach below the Light House)

August 11, 2017 at 11:30 AM
Waialea Beach (Beach 67 just north of Beach 69) - Puako, HI 96743
Big Island, Hawaii 

You can view these some of these events details at Guysn2CMNM Profile on Eventbrite:

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Naked Camping for Gay Men

Camping in Hawaii

I'll be camping Dec 25-31 just near this place (taken last year). I sometimes wear my shorty board shorts while out on the rocky black lava shore of Puna, Big Island Hawaii. You can see that I am freeballing (and later got naked too).

I know it's not authentic.. but the photo reminds of those days when I used to go camping and also staying at summer camp. They look like they are probably freeballing.


If you have that long a time to spend, you'll probably be able to do the same on the Hawaiian islands -- it's a little known fact that there are quite a few county and state parks, in addition there is one National Park (Volcanoes NP) that have camp sites. None of those are officially (or even unofficially nude) -- but it never stops me if there's nobody around from getting that way. Still, the public park campgrounds supposedly require a permit - but in reality, I doubt that many people get one. As long as you don't camp too long in one spot, no one is likely to check up on you -- although technically they could and would if you tried camping on Oahu's Waikiki beaches or Kona's beaches on the west (and more touristy) side of the Big Island. Although if you don't put up a tent, you could probably get away with it on Diamond Head beach (past Waikiki) -- if you get up in the hill side nooks and crannies.

Of course, you have to watch out for the guys cruising for sex up there too [you'd not doubt be targeted]. But if there are two of you hooked together in one sleeping, they'll probably figure it best to
leave you alone. There will also be plenty of places on the Big Island where you can camp on private property (if you not TOO noisy during the night[smile]). Now that gets the imagination going - fo'sure! -- I can just imagine what that Aussie dude was thinking because I know I would get turned on by the sounds of passion -- whoever it was going at it in the tent next door!

Naked Camping 

Camping, hiking, outdoor recreation are my favorities (along with scuba diving) so freeballing goes without saying. When I can, I also get naked too -- even when it's not a nudist camp. Fife's Ranch on the Russian River is a great place for that - except for holidays and the weekends, it's not too crowded and there is always 'space' to get naked down on the river itself. Some of the hot springs mentioned above would be great places too. I've been a couple of times to places in California and also in Oregon. Even skinnydipped at Yosemite in crowded mid-summer season one year. I hope to go nude hiking and camping in the Anza-Borrego State Park in San Diego County this winter and again in the spring.

Camping has such a special meaning for me because it was really while camping or at summer camp that I got to see guys my age and also older (like the adults and camp counselor) naked but it was the wholesome, good-natured expression of fun, self-confidence with one's body, and being close to other guys that was the most significant. I guess some of them were freeballing too but I don't really remember focusing on that fact.

 It was the skinny dipping, or changing in the tent or cabins, getting ready for bed, and sometime sleeping nude next to your buddies -- those were times that made indelible memories for me that I remember fondly. I am going camping in the desert of Southern Calif just before Christmas and will also be on the Big Island for camping -- both of which will be mostly nude.

I used to have some land (an acre) near Pahoa which is partly wooded and the nearest neighbors are few so that I could get nude while camping there -- we'll be there the week after Xmas. Kehena Black Sands beach is not far away -- so it is a nude mixed beach --- with a lot of people there on the weekends -- and some cool dudes who love to bodysurf naked. Just up the road is Kalani resort where I sometimes camp out.. it's not nude camping, but the pool area is clothing-optional after 3pm. So it's pretty cool. This photo reminds me of my own teenage camping trips. I guess I 'm sort of trying to relive them when I go camping now...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Coach's Office by Roy

 First published on April 20th, 2008 at 03:03 PM 

Coach's Office By Roy

(original story formerly available on BadPuppy; photos were added separately by the blog author.)

The mid-afternoon sun was beating down on my back the duration of football practice, and I was in no mood for Coach Smith's continued yelling about my slacking off today. He finally crossed my last nerve and I told him I was doing the best I could. He stormed up to me and said that he was sure he could adjust my attitude. He ordered me to run 10 extra laps at the end of practice. By the time I finished the extra laps, the rest of the team had already left.

The locker room was empty. My shoes made a clicking sound on the tile floor as I crossed the locker room towards Coach Smith's office. I nervously knocked on the wooden door, the sound filled the locker room. From behind the door, I heard the power in Coach Smith's voice as he ordered me into his office. "It took you long enough to finish those laps", he barked. The anger in his voice caused me to fear this man for the first time. "I am sorry for the trouble I caused today, Sir", I meekly replied. " Oh, you will be sorry, young man", Coach Smith said in a low angry voice.

He slowly opened the top left drawer of his disk. He removed a large clear Plexiglass paddle. As he swung the paddle back and forth, the air whistled through the holes that had been drilled in the paddle. With each swing, I began to sweat. He then removed a well worn leather batter's glove, he slowly put his large hand in the glove, adjusting the fit until the leather was like a second skin on his large hand. He slowly walked around his desk and went to the door and turned the lock. The sound of the lock filled the empty locker room and filled me with a feeling of anticipation.

Coach Smith stood behind me and placed his massive hands on my shoulders, "It's time we started with your attitude adjustment, young man", he said. He ordered me to stand with my hands on his desk, "You must be kidding" I asked. "Either do as I say or you're off the team" he barked back. I slowly stood He jerked back the wooden chair that I had been sitting on. I bent over, placing my hands on the desk. Coach Smith rubbed the Plexiglas paddle over the center of my ass. I heard the air whistle as Coach Smith took the paddle back, the anticipation of the blow filled me with strange sensations; both of tread and excitement. Coach Smith lingered with the return blow, he seemed to sense my anticipation. He said nothing as his powerful arm brought the paddle down against my upturned ass. Even with my practice pants on , the blow sent a pain through my body, my knees almost buckled. I heard the whistle as the paddle as he readied for the second blow. My body tensed as the blow was delivered. With each blow the pain increased, and so did the strange sensation of excitement. Coach Smith delivered ten hard blows to my backside.

As Coach Smith walked around his desk, I straightened and started to turn toward the door, " Where do you think you are going? We're not finished" he stated loudly. My heart almost stopped when Coach Smith ordered me to remove my practice pants. I started to refuse, but before I could, he informed me that the punishment would worsen the longer he had to wait. My hands trembled has I unlaced the front of my pants. I slowly removed my pants and placed them on the wooden chair. I stood before Coach Smith with just a jockstrap and a jersey on. Strangely my body began to tinkle with the anticipation of the pain that was surely to come. Coach Smith ordered me to return to my position over the desk. Coach Smith stepped behind me and slowly ran his hand over my burning backside. As his fingers touched my ass, I became strangely aroused. Coach Smith removed the wide leather belt from his pants, I heard a cracking sound as Coach Smith snapped the belt together. My body trembled and I started to feel a burning in my groin.

The first smack of the belt on my scarlet ass sent my body jerking forward. Coach Smith grabbed the back of my jersey and brought the belt down against my ass. With each of Coach Smith's powerful blows, the stinging pain of my ass brought my cock to stiffness. When Coach Smith finished, my swollen cock pressed against my jockstrap, Coach Smith jerked me upright. I hoped that he did not see my swollen cock. I noticed a strange grin on his face. "I see someone enjoyed our lesson. Maybe I need to continue" Coach Smith said through a grin. He pulled me towards the wooden chair and laid me over his knees. He positioned my swollen cock over his own manhood. He started to rub my burning ass. H then raised his gloved hand and brought it down on my waiting cheek. First the left cheek, then the right. With each slap of his hand, I felt his cock press against mine. He continued to rub my ass between each blow. After an additional 10 slaps on each cheek, his hands started to explore my scarlet and purple ass.

His fingers forced their way towards my asshole. This was the first time anyone had touched the inside of my ass. My body became aware of his probing fingers as he slowly pressed them into my hole. The pain of the spanking was soon replaced with the pleasure of Coach's probing fingers. "Breath deeply and relax", Coach Smith whispered in my ear, I took a deep breath as he pressed his fingers deeper into my body. I was soon aware that I enjoyed his probing and tried to open myself to him. I felt his hardened cock moving against mine. My body trembled. He removed his finger from deep inside my body. Sweat soaked my jersey. Coach Smith told me to stand. As I did so, I could see his cock pressing against his zipper. Coach Smith rose from the chair. His hand came up between my legs. He firmly squeezed my balls and cock. My body started to buckle, but Coach Smith held me tightly. "Ever had someone play with your cock before?" Coach Smith asked. "NO," I said through trembling lips, " Should I stop?" he asked. Again I answered no.

Coach Smith slowly raised my sweat soaked jersey, exposing my hairless chest to the cold air that filled the room. My nipples started to harden. Coach started to slowly lick my nipples. He removed my jersey and brought his mouth over my hard nipples, his teeth barely touching my tender nipples as his tongue rolled against the tips. My body started to tremble from this new sensation. I pressed his head harder against my heaving chest. He unbuckled his pants. The sound of his zipper couple with my increasing moans of pleasure filled the office. Coach then removed his shirt. I was overwhelmed by the site of his nearly naked body. His sweat glistened on his smooth muscled body, my trembling hand reached out to touch a man's chest for the first time. The touch of his bare chest, sent a feeling of total joy through my body. I looked into his icy blue eyes. I wanted this man. He pulled my head towards his, he pressed his lips against mine. I felt his tongue trying to part my lips. I willingly gave in. His tongue explored my mouth deeper then any girl's I had kissed before. My hands started to explore his chest, my fingers caressed his nipples. I wanted to taste the sweat on his chest. I kissed and licked the area around his nipples. My first taste of another man's sweat was more intoxicating then anything I had ever drank before.

Coach Smith pressed me against his desk, his hands slowly caressing my stomach. As he lowered his hands towards my swollen cock, my breathing started to become shallow. His hands played with the top of my jockstrap. He slowly pulled the sweaty straps way from my body. The chilled air touched my hard cock as the jockstrap dropped to the floor. Coach Smith's hands slowly made their way along my legs, his very touch sent electricity through my body. His hands stoped just inches away from my balls. I held my breath as his hand tenderly rolled over my balls. He caressed my cock. My knees buckled, Coach Smith caught me and layed me on his desk. His mouth slowly lowered over my cock. I felt the wetness of his mouth, his sharp teeth scraped the head of my cock as it entered his mouth. His lips pressed against my groin. The sensation of the suction of his mouth on my cock was like no other sensation I have felt before. I felt as though I would explode. Coach Smith continued to suck my cock and balls. His finger was again pressing against my waiting asshole. He stoped sucking my cock long enough to lick two of his fingers. He then returned his mouth to my cock and started to explore my ass with his finger. My asshole did not give way to his long finger. With gentle yet firm pressure, he inserted his finger into my hungry ass. Soon his single finger is replaced with both fingers. My moans intensify, I felt a sensation I have never felt before. Coach Smith sensed my pending explosion. He removed his mouth and fingers. He looked down at me and smiled. I watched as he removed his own jockstrap. I saw, for the first time, how large and hard his cock is. He started to stroke his cock, "It's time for you to lose your virginity" he said as he stroked his cock with force. He reached into his bottom drawer and took out a small tube of clear liquid and a condom.

I stared at his cock as he slowly rolled the condom over the plump head of his cock. The condom covered his cock with a tight fit. "This will help," he said as opened the clear liquid and smeared it over his cock. He then smeared the cool liquid on my asshole, and with his finger, inserted some inside me. He pulled me closer to the edge of the desk, raising my legs high in the air. I felt the juicy head of his cock press against my asshole. He grabbed my hips and pulled them towards him as he pushed his hard cock against my ass. I felt a pain like no other as his head made its way up my asshole. I let out a small yell as he entered deeper in to my body. I was filled with a pressure as his body presses against my upturned ass. He stopped and told me to breath. I feel him begin to remove his cock.

As the head of his cock began to leave my body, he forced it deep inside my waiting hole. My body arched with the force of the pressure. He began to move back and forth like a piston. He pressed his body against mine. Our mouths met one another. I could feel his blood engorged cock as he fucked me, he started to fuck me harder and faster. He removed his cock from my body. His warm cum shot over my belly. He spread it gently over my stomach and then took my cock in his mouth, sucking harder than before. I soon felt the pressure of my cum rising in my cock. I pushed his mouth away from my cock right as it shot a load all over his cheek. I was afraid he would be angry. He wiped my cum from his cheek and kissed me gently on the mouth."I am going to need another attitude adjustment again real soon," I informed him. Coach smiled as he gave my wet ass a hard smack.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Flashing a New Found Buddy - getting naked with a clothed someone you hardly know

I got on a plane in Asia on July 21 and sat next to a cute and friendly 29-yo Japanese man. He had lived in Silicon Valley a couple of years back and was traveling to Honolulu to meet
up with a friend he'd made in the US.
He would not go into much detail but his 'friend' and he had made plans to meet up in Hawaii for 5 days. We had a good conversation and eventually I learned that his friend would not be arriving for another 12 hours after we landed. So I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me, go eat breakfast and spend some time at the beach.. He agreed and I had nothing better to do.

We eventually headed out beyond Hawaii Kai - just passed Sandy Beach. I do not think I was doing anything evil or trying to manipulate him --
 I asked him over and over again he wanted to go to Waikiki Beach or we then tried stopping at Hanauma Bay but it was too crowded (no parking available). After a few stops at scenic points and beaches along the way, we eventually got to where I wanted to go -- I told him I liked to sun myself in the nude and it was a deserted beach.

I guess I was hoping he would join me, but his sense of modesty (or str8ness) held him back.

We headed out to the deserted beach and there was a local fisherman -- who probably would not have minded my nudity but my new friend's reluctance and sort of bashfulness
left me high and dry and hot as a new lava tube ... Eventually, I told him I wanted my tan to be ALL over and asked him if he minded if I got naked since this was what I usually did when I went to this beach (nude sunbathing on Oahu is not legal, but you can do so if you are discreet - -actually that's true of about anywhere on the planet). I am not into flashing the world -- I just wanted to flash this cute guy and it got me hard thinking about his reaction -- I mean there are absolutely NO nude beaches anywhere in Japan.

However, contrary to what you might expect, there ARE plenty of opportunities for exposing / flashing and male-male nude camaraderie in Asian countries, particularly Japan. I have posted pics and whatever in posting at the freeballing ... dot ... com site about cross-cultural freeballing or more often exhibitionism.
I know.. I know.. I'm getting off subject.... OK

Anyway, I pulled off my shorts with the boxers underneath which had been bulging since

we sat down together on a beach mat we bought at the local stop up the road. Before that, I had been strategically placing my crotch so that he could try to get a look up my shorts. If I could tell that he was interested in what he was seeing, I would have gone further faster -- but he played it real cool -- maybe because he IS cool and not turned on by male nudity. I could not be sure so I went further. Nevertheless, that just made more anxious to show off more to him.. so I started dripping pre-cum copiously.

After I pulled off my pants and sat there naked, he apparently seemed to be afraid to stare -- probably because he noticed I was dripping a pool of pre-cum or maybe he was like a deer in the headlights or shocked or whatever..

It was totally hot to be naked in front of such a casual acquaintance -- and the fact that he

totally agreed to let me undress in front of him was a big turn-on. So I didn't mind that he did not jump my cock and gobble it down.. it was actually hotter that way. If I want cock, balls and ass, I can get those at another beach (nameless but you can probably guess) or at one of the gay sex clubs in HNL) I will save describing my adventures there for another time.

I regretted one thing -- that I did not ask him to take a photo of me -- or even better with both of us together - -him full clothed and me naked.