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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why so many cock shots in the gallery?


A recent response to a question about nudity (cock shots) on the reader's gallery:

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:42 pm Post subject: Why so many cock shots in the gallery.
I'm new to the site and to freeballing and don't understand why there are so many pictures of just dicks in the gallery. There are a few peek-a-boo crotch shots so you know he's a freeballer - which is cool - but photos of just dick? Why?
 It's hot here in Hawaii! Let your boys swing free!
sunbuns    Joined: 24 Jul 2006 Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

 Localrice, That's certainly a fair question. The gallery states clearly that there should be 'no nudity.' But I think there are a few reasons - which may not be obvious - especially when you consider the function of the Net in our societies. First of all, I think we all have to have a little historical perspective on what this site is and was, on what freeballing means (on the surface and also in a deeper sense) and what freeballers mean to each other. Perhaps, more importantly, we need to consider the role that this board plays in some people's development (hopefully growth and growing up).

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:54 pm Post subject: The gallery

You need too to realize the role in plays in creating a (virtual online) community - finding balance between what attracts (draws members in) and what makes the participate in a community member - while maintaining a sense of purpose, identity, and belonging - without fear and discord (in-fighting and blame). 

 I realize you're not exactly complaining - just asking a question. You probably did NOT expect anyone to respond in so lengthy a message. What you brought up is important and lies at the heart of what makes this board work as a successful (online) community. But if you put up a fuss about it or worse, it'll probably do nothing but hurt and possibly alienate and isolate a lot of guys who freeball and who want to have some assurance that others do too. 

The nudity is only part of the 'larger' picture and once you see beyond that it'll help you understand what's really going on. (safe play and friendly boast, 'see what I got, can you beat this' - sort of male cockmanship - that's how I see the gallery). It's a technical problem too. How can you show you're freeballing' and not show any nudity (there has to be some skin at some point). So herein lies the rub (Shakespeare). 

Where do you draw the line? Breasts - but no nipples. Pelvis but not pubes? Cocks but no erections? It's a nightmare trying to police that. The gallery and nudity are also there out of practical economy - saving time and resources on the part of this forum admin. It's probably one of the things that attracts 
people to the site -- even when there is no new message on the board, there is often a new photo or two. It's also about market share (would there be anyone posting regularly if this were a text only bulletin board). We lost about half the membership when this site stopped allowing photo upload in posts (as attachments). 

Just go and take a look at the older version (there were a lot more frequent messages). Sometimes weeks go by with no postings nowadays. But such is life (and the state of the economy). Second, the site admin would be deleting half the membership if he rejected every person who has uploaded (in the gallery) or in messages a photo with nudity. The older version of this phpBB even allowed direct photo uploads. (which eventually became to costly (for web host storage space and bandwith) to support on this free site. I don't mean that all people come here just to see the cock photos -however a few do and maybe they NEED that While there are plenty of places on the Net where you can get all the nude and sexually explicit photos you could ever want -- of all sexual persuasions. Not everybody is a porn perv or wants to be consider one (even by his own standards). 

So... having a 'nude' gallery gives some guys a chance to 'try on' the merchandise - find out if the male penis has any appeal to them beyond simple self-comparison. Lord knows they get little chance to do that with a real male counterpart in today's world. (I'm well over 40 so I know what the 60's and 70's were like having lived in the South, it was more like what America was in the 40's and 50's as far moral standards and sexual mores goes.

 So.. it probably makes it a bit 'naughty' for some members (and guests) to look freely at some dudes' dick and freeballing pix - those same guys normally wouldn't be caught dead looking at a Net porn site (at least not on their home computer) and especially not viewing or having to register (or pay) for a gay porn site. Posting cock pics is not a bad thing. It's just a human body part. People are fascinated by nudity and how it relates to their own and other sexuality and sexual stimulation. Showing nude male bodies including genitals does serve an important function. 

In today's rather paradoxical sexual moral (mores) environment, we (all 300 million in the US - ages 5-105) can hear in the news about a US Senator (supposedly) cruising for sex in an airport restroom or the Pope apologizing to an assembly of thousands of young people for the sexual abuses of his priests (as he did in Australia last week), but it is now almost impossible for young men, teens, and boys to see another guy's dick and balls, or a naked body in 'real' life. 

Public facilities have only private changing rooms; adult men who used to walk around naked in the locker room now get dressed hurriedly to avoid 'offending' some (supposedly) impressionable and over-protected (and probably highly sensitized because of it) school boy - who has never seen a naked male body before. I could go on and on about the fundamentalist approach to banning the human anatomy from our society while at the same time it opens up topics and mental images for its citizens (of all ages) that are far more shocking, explicit (i.e. obscene) that any photo on this site - possibly more so than most porno sites. I know I must sound like I'm on a soap box. Perhaps I am. 

Glad you brought up the topic. I have said it before - this site is one of the very few places on the Internet where people (particularly men) of all ages, size and shapes, races, ethnic and social backgrounds, economic status, religious creeds or belief systems, and sexual preference can join together in (sometimes) meaningful discussions and exchanges without bickering over what makes up different from one another. 

It's OK to discuss the diversity and why we think, believe and feel differently. It's the repression of other points of view - (such as acceptance of nudity) that really kills a sense of community. Sort like that recent gunman in Knoxville who walked into the Interfaith church and shoot people because they espoused diversity and human rights for all religious (and sexual) persuasions. 

(NOTE* Being (possibly) from Hawaii, you should understand more than most what is valuable in preserving diversity and in respecting the individuality and uniqueness of all. It's one important aspect of the spirit of Aloha, isn't it? Freeballing truly seems to set us all free - free to be ourselves, free to be different, and free to share out sameness and diversity, and also to not fear that someone else's idea of what makes us a man (or what God is, or what is right or wrong) is the only standard that we must be judged by. It is not at all a 'gay' thing to post a naked pic or a cock photo. Perhaps you are a bit naive or inexperienced with all the social networking sites and photosharing sites on the Net. 

 The fact is (I should probably say my 'own' view of the 'facts') , some guys who decide to freeball or who are attracted to the idea and have put it into their reality (and how they define their lifestyle) have a need for bonding with other men (non-sexual). They (or others) may also have strong desires for male companionship and affection (non-gay but gender identifying and reassuring). There are others who are definitely turned on to idea and the reality of masculinity as a sexual object or preference, and still others are seeking out (unconsciously or consciously) sexual interaction with men -- in other words, homosexual (or homoerotic) behavior. I'm not saying guys who come to are 'looking for a blowjob' or to get sexual partners. But in any room of males, there are always some who are interested in sex. I just think it's the nature of the beast (grin). By far, most of the people (guys make up 99% or more) are here for the camaraderie, for some fun, for some chit-chat and sometimes for some serious discussion (like me).

 Believe me.. I love freeballing but even more nowadays, I'm into to 'freebody' - complete nudity - wherever and wherever possible - NOT just blatant exhibitionism (naked under a trench coat flasher) for it's own sake (although I can see why some guys really enjoy doing that too). So you have to take what comes with the territory. I believe the guy who started this board probably realized that 'hidden' fact (whenever men gather the topic of sex and nudity will inevitably come up) and fortunately for us, he has allowed the 'rules' to be stretched and to 'be bent' with the needs of this community (online and virtual as it is). BTW, once you've realized there are dick pix in the gallery, you don't really have to go looking at them -- if you don't want to see them, right? (LOL). Let me close this 'sermonette' (I'll be on vacation from Friday and will have less chance to post for a while). Welcome to this board, localrice and the other new members. Hope you'll post messages or questions ( It seems you don't appear to want to post pics (LOL at least not nude ones). But that's OK too - by me. Aloha, Kelly

What makes us the way we are? Gay or str8 or what?

A participant in an online discussion board at JUB asked for some advice about his sexuality. Here are his request (story of his new experience and then my response. There were other responses by a lot of different people, but I'm only putting mine here

I only started thinking about men last summer and tried it
for the first time a few months ago..... ....... I found a fuck buddy a few weeks ago and make regular visits to his room a couple of times a week now. Basically I always thought of myself as straight, but I prefer to have sex with this guy than other woman.....thats how intense it is for me. 

I was never one for eating a woman's pussy... ........but sucking a big cock is an incredible experiance compared.   
So basically im just not sure what to think anymore, am I gay, straight.........hell I don'
t know anymore??
I realize that the discussion over this type of self-identity struggle is partly WHY this site exists. . However, the reality of my own experience, tells me that trying to categorize yourself is an artificial exercise and mostly will not lead to any absolute definition of whether you are now gay or str8 or bi or whatever. 

It's so human and -- unfortunate in my humble estimation - that we cannot just BE who we are but feel so compelled to fit into someone's (the society and the small part of it that we find ourselves).
I would say you are not gay or straight but just a man who finds pleasure and rewards from sexual and interpersonal relationship on different levels with different genders.
That the sex with men that you've evidently discoverd recently 'feels' so much better isn't so surprising - you've already admitted that it feels 'dirty and more intense' so you can see that the pure adoration of the male anatomy and form is NOT what gives you the biggest thrill in having sex with a man. 

I would venture to guess that's its the freedom from self-repression and the mere fact that you CAN enjoy the lust and the sensuality of it. I suspect that you're holding back something with women - partly because you know you ARE or WILL be more emotionally or spiritually (romantically is the usual word) with them but you feel released from the 'binding' or lingering burden with men -- since you intuitively know you are not going to develop a full-on romantic relationship with him.

That's my take on it .. I am married and have two young adult children but have always been 80% gay. Although I have

found my relationship with my wife to the most satisfying and important one for me, I still have a constant and intense urge to express my love of male sexuality. I'd say .. 18-20th century definitions of human sexuality are outdated and now in a state of re-definition in the post-modern age. Sorry to go socratic here on you... Just chill and go with it...

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Naked Camping for Gay Men

Camping in Hawaii

I'll be camping Dec 25-31 just near this place (taken last year). I sometimes wear my shorty board shorts while out on the rocky black lava shore of Puna, Big Island Hawaii. You can see that I am freeballing (and later got naked too).

I know it's not authentic.. but the photo reminds of those days when I used to go camping and also staying at summer camp. They look like they are probably freeballing.


If you have that long a time to spend, you'll probably be able to do the same on the Hawaiian islands -- it's a little known fact that there are quite a few county and state parks, in addition there is one National Park (Volcanoes NP) that have camp sites. None of those are officially (or even unofficially nude) -- but it never stops me if there's nobody around from getting that way. Still, the public park campgrounds supposedly require a permit - but in reality, I doubt that many people get one. As long as you don't camp too long in one spot, no one is likely to check up on you -- although technically they could and would if you tried camping on Oahu's Waikiki beaches or Kona's beaches on the west (and more touristy) side of the Big Island. Although if you don't put up a tent, you could probably get away with it on Diamond Head beach (past Waikiki) -- if you get up in the hill side nooks and crannies.

Of course, you have to watch out for the guys cruising for sex up there too [you'd not doubt be targeted]. But if there are two of you hooked together in one sleeping, they'll probably figure it best to leave you alone. There will also be plenty of places on the Big Island where you can camp on private property (if you not TOO noisy during the night[smile]). Now that gets the imagination going - fo'sure! -- I can just imagine what that Aussie dude was thinking because I know I would get turned on by the sounds of passion -- whoever it was going at it in the tent next door!

Naked Camping 

Camping, hiking, outdoor recreation are my favorities (along with scuba diving) so freeballing goes without saying. When I can, I also get naked too -- even when it's not a nudist camp. Fife's Ranch on the Russian River is a great place for that - except for holidays and the weekends, it's not too crowded and there is always 'space' to get naked down on the river itself. Some of the hot springs mentioned above would be great places too. I've been a couple of times to places in California and also in Oregon. Even skinnydipped at Yosemite in crowded mid-summer season one year. I hope to go nude hiking and camping in the Anza-Borrego State Park in San Diego County this winter and again in the spring.

Camping has such a special meaning for me because it was really while camping or at summer camp that I got to see guys my age and also older (like the adults and camp counselor) naked but it was the wholesome, good-natured expression of fun, self-confidence with one's body, and being close to other guys that was the most significant. I guess some of them were freeballing too but I don't really remember focusing on that fact. It was the
skinnydipping, or changing in the tent or cabins, getting ready for bed, and sometime sleeping nude next to your buddies -- those were times that made indelible memories for me that I remember fondly. I am going camping in the desert of Southern Calif just before Christmas and will also be on the Big Island for camping -- both of which will be mostly nude.

I used to have some land (an acre) near Pahoa which is partly wooded and the nearest neighbors are few so that I could get nude while camping there -- we'll be there the week after Xmas. Kehena Black Sands beach is not far away -- so it is a nude mixed beach --- with a lot of people there on the weekends -- and some cool dudes who love to bodysurf naked. Just up the road is Kalani resort where I sometimes camp out.. it's not nude camping, but the pool area is clothing-optional after 3pm. So it's pretty cool. This photo reminds me of my own teenage camping trips. I guess I 'm sort of trying to relive them when I go camping now...


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

Countless times I've dreamed of kissing and sucking some of my friends' dads. I don't know what it
is, but I just love seeing older men get horny. I've felt this way even when I was in middle school, course nothing has ever happened.

One time I tried to fondle this one dad while he was sleeping. I was on a fishing trip with my friend and our dads, and one night I snuck into their cabin while he was sleeping. I knelt beside the bed, slipped my arms under the covers and felt the warmth of his body. He was sleeping on his side with his face towards me, and I touched his belly and legs, running my fingers between his legs up to his crotch. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I tried to unzip his shorts (unfortunately not sleeping in undies) when he shifted to the other side away from me. The fun was over. 
That's the closest I've ever gotten to fooling around with a dad, but I think others have been more successful at fulfilling this fantasy, both boys and dads. So I'd love to hear some horny stories, hopefully from both sides.

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around? 

I Have Had Several Experiences With My Friends Dads And I Still Have Exotic Memories. I
Remember Peter's Dad, Keith Who Was Really A Handsome Man. He Was In Excellent Shape Since He Worked Out At Gym Several Days A Week. The First Time I Saw Him Naked..i Got An Instant Hard-on..and That Was At The Swimming Pool Locker Room...i Watched Him Remove Each Piece Of Clothing And By The Time He Got To His Cock Was As Hard As A Rock....he Had The Most Beautiful Dick I Have Ever Was Huge Even Soft...i Had Images In My Mind It Must Look Like A Log When My Church..we Have A Father-son Retreat...we Went To A Camp For The Week-end Of Hiking, Swimming And Sporting Was Great...anyhow...we Shared The Same Cabin...and To Make A Long Story Short...

Of Course I Had The Hots For Peter...but I Could Not Get The Father Out Of My Mind...i Lay There With A Hard Dick Most Of The Night....we Were In Bunk Beds ...i Was On Top And Peter's Father Was On Top Bunk Also...i Watched For Any Movement For What Appeared To Be Hours...he Would Scratch....of Course I Was There With The Covers Back Displaying My Privates...stroking....then He Tossed And Turned Toward Me.....and Lay There For A Small Time And Then He Jump Down And Left The Cabin To Take A Pee And I Just Had To Follow..and When I Got To The Bathroom/shower...there He Was At The Urinal With His Underwear Around His Ankles And He Was Peeing And I Just Stood There And Watched....he Must Have Known I Was There Because When He Finished He Began To Shake And Flip His Dick Until It Was Getting Hard...and Then He Turned Quickly Toward Me..with A Grin On His Face...i Was So Taken By The Size And His Entire Underwear Was Poking Straight Out..

He What You See...still Grinning And Shaking His Member...let's Take A Walk Down To The Swimming Hole And Take A Dip To Cool Off..ok
I Followed Him Down The Path To The Swimming Hole Where He Stripped His Underwear Off And Told Me To Do The Same...saying Let's See What You've Got...which I Did...i Walked Toward
Him And Dropped To My Knees And Worshipped His Hard Cock For The Rest Of The Night...he Was So Nice...he Licked Me From Head To Toe....once He Put My Cock In His Mouth..i Shot A Load In Minutes...and Stayed Hard....
That Was A Night To Remember...almost 40 Years Ago...peter's Father And I Would Have Our Little Private Times Together At Least Once A Month For Many Years...i Was Out Of College When They Moved To Florida...i Have More Memories Of Older Men...but This Was The Best....

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was a kid, I had a big crush on one of my Dad's sports buddies who I always called Uncle Walter. Dad and his pals were all jocks and kept themselves in great shape. Walter had been a Marine in WW II and looked it.

When Dad and Uncle Walter worked out at the YMCA, I tagged along on weekends. In those days, the Ys had mandatory nudity in the pool. No swimming trunks allowed under any circumstances.

Well, Uncle Walter offered to give me swimming lessons. So we'd be naked in the pool together and he'd stretch out his arms so I could lie across them and see how the water held me up. Which I did. And as I floated from side to side, my naked body brushed up against Uncle Walter's naked body. Fortunately this was years before puberty, so I couldn't throw a boner. But I was damned turned on by those nude swimming lessons and male bonding with my Father's hot best friend and work out buddy.

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

My best friends dad did more than hinting just a few weeks ago!

It was my pals 18th so we had all been out getting totaly wasted in town, us, a few other pals and his parents. It got to after 2 when the nightclub shut, I was just going to go home but my friends dad invited us all back to his because he had some tins of lager and a bottle of vodka at home. So anyway its getting towards 6 in the morning, there is only my friend, his parents, another pal and myself left, everyone else left when their parents started calling worried about them. My friends mum and my other friend were both upstairs in bed(not together) and my friend was asleep/passed out on the floor.

My friends dad sat and laughed at him saying how he shouldn't pass out on his birthday and how he should be like me, still sitting drinking in the early hours with him. anyway we sat and spoke for a while and then he changed the subject to how i must have a huge cock being so tall. I just laughed it off, the guy is about 45 and a builder so i thought it was just friendly banter, until he asked to see it. I just laughed at looked at him like he was kidding but then he said go on, i'll show you mine. Then he got up, undid his jeans and pulled them down with his boxers. There he stood with an average looking cock right in front off me.

Me being curious, although having never actualy done anything, I too got up and whipped down my jeans and boxers, whilst giving my friend a look to check he was still out, but he was snoring heavily now. I looked at my cock, which is probably just a bit above average, its about 7-8"hard and saw it was bigger than my pals dad. He was in awe saying he knew I woulda been bigger. Then i went to pull up my jeans when he walked over and stopped me. He said how there were so many hot women in the nightclub that i must want to have a wank thinking about them, and to feel free. I just looked at him thinking omg this isnt happening. He pushed me down back into my seat on the sofa and sat down beside me and began wanking his cock. It was hard in seconds, about 5 inches but really quite beautiful. He motioned for me to do the same, so sitting there with my best pal lying across the floor feet away I say wanking with his dad. He kept watching as my cock grew harder and I couldn't help but look at his. I was getting really turned on but also really worried about being caught so said that i thought that was enough. His father wasn't happy with that and told me to go up to my pals room and wait there. I did as I was told since I was so turned on, as i sat i heard him putting off the lights and shutting the doors.

He arrived at my friend's room naked. I couldn't believe he was doing this in his own house, even though his clothes were in his hands. he sat down next to me on the bed and again began wanking motioning again for  me to do the same. So i pulled my jeans off and sat and wanked with him. Thinking this was just a drunken jerk off together I got really into it and got really close to coming. He must have heard my breathing get heavier and he grabbed me hand, much to my shock and began making my wanking movements much slower. This had the opposite effect than expected and the feel of his hand made me cum instantly all over both our hands. I apologised for that but he told me to shh, then yet again he shocked me by licking his hand clean, smiling at me and licking clean my cock head.

I thought I was gonna faint. Then he wanked himself until he came, again ate his cum(I thought he would offer his cock head for me to clean but he never) Got up, got dressed and walked out but gave me a kiss on the head, telling me we must do it again sometime.

So far nothing else has happened really exept he grabbed my crotch through my jeans the other day when noone was looking but we have planned to meet up when his wife is on a business holiday next weekend(or possibly the one after)

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was 14 15 16 I dreamed about my uncle
he's now 42; he's muscled not so tall and very hairy and he's so manly still now if I see him I want that he would take me hard. That he rape me. It would be great!
I want a dad too, who wants to be my dad? hehe....

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was younger and I didn't know whether I gay straight or what I dated a girl.Me and her had been friends for some time so it seemed like the natural thing to do.Well one night we got our families together and met at her house.The first thing I saw when I entered her living room was a very muscular hairy guy without a shirt on.He instantly came up to me and hugged me and proceeded to the same thing to my parents.Me and the girl still remain great friends and her dad knows my orientation and every now and then I see him give a glance my way!
"Your brother said that you were on a date with a hottie. Evidently someone's in need of LASIK."

Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

It happened about 4 years ago, when I was 15. I was sleeping over at my friends house, which, mind you. is huge. My friend lives with his dad only, his mum died like a year after he was born. So we were all watching a movie together. I think it was the Matrix Revolutions, at the start when all the gays, lesbians and straight people were dancing. I glanced over at my friend and saw he was asleep (this was like 4 in the morning) and so i took a cautious glance at his dad. His dad, seriously, was one of those hot, beer drinking, hard working bears. I'd fantasised about him before and I was shocked to see the bulge in the track suit he was wearing. I guessed it was the girls dancing and kissing. My boner wasn't, i loved looking at all the guys. Anyway, i glanced over at his Boner and started to check him out, when i realised he was looking at me. He told me the movie was making him horny. I told him it was for me too. he grabbed his bulge a few times and semi wanked and rubbed through the track suit.

I'd had hints before that he might be gay, or bi, coz me and my friend found heaps of porn movies in their closet a few years before that and i remember looking at some of the guy magazines.
He stood up then, and moved towards me, and once again rubbed the bulge in his pants. He asked me whether i had tried cock. I replied no, as i hadn't but was eager to try. And with that he whipped out his really hairy penis and started to wank in front of me. I got so hot form looking at it, it was huge and better than any i had seen in his porn stash. He reached down and undid the zipper on his jeans a told me to stand. I did, and he took my place in his chair. He told me to suck his cock, and with slight hesitation i looked over at my friend, saw he wasn't getting up for a long time and knelt down in front of my friends dad and blew him off.

Unfortunately, my friend woke from the noises we were making, right when his dad climaxed in my mouth and cummed on us both.
My friend never talked to me again, but i've been invited over countless times by his dad when everyone's away.