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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Timberfell Lodge: Backwoods home to a great gay community in rural Tennessee


I promised myself a good while back that I would write a review of Timberfell Lodge, the outdoorsy gay resort in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. I made good on the promised, but it's now midwinter (again  -- funny how that became an annual occurrence), and Im already dreaming again of hot summer days and warm nights camping out at Timberfell.

Before the great memories fade completely, I will try to remember some of what occurred there during my first visit to Timberfell. It will definitely not be my last time to go.

Now that is mid-winter, I'm beginning to crave those long hot days of a Tennessee summer, and the sweltering nights of torrid passion that you can easily experience on an evening in rural Appalachia.

SPECIAL NOTE: Timberfell would make a great venue for a Daddy-Boy Retreat or a CMNM Weekend, complete with circus tent for live role-plays and exhibitions. I think I'm going to try to get one started there for summer this year or next -- hopefully during August (between Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend and Labor Day) -- perhaps in conjunction with these or another existing annual event on the Timberfell calendar.

Although it is located in rural Tennessee, there is most everything you'd want to have at the resort grounds: a nice dining room, a variety of accommodations (from camping to deluxe rooms), plenty of men of all ages and body types, different races, persuasions, and passions. There are lots of nooks and crannies for anonymous sex, a great sense of community, and isolation from the main street (a county road)  for complete nudity, plus reasonable rates, exciting home-spun events with enough technicality to be enjoyable,... and more.

There is while isn't still time this season (Winter 2015) to camp out, they do have rooms and a bunk-bed dorm for the less outdoorsy.
Labor Day Weekend in September, long gone now, was one of their biggest annual events, and the last major one before the pool closes later that month, followed on by their annual Cocktobear-Fest in October. There are few more events during the winter season, but when the weather starts to warm up, that's when things getting boiling hot in the Great Ol' Outdoors at Timberfell Lodge and Campground.

What's hot and what is there to do?

1) Bears galore - If you're into them, you'll have a large assortment to dazzle your fancy. There are other types of guys too.. like me (gray fox), and otters, panthers, and wily coyotes, too. There are NOT too many twinks, however (awhhh!) every once in  a while, a slim twinky-type does make an appearance, so a car-load of youngish, collegiate-looking dudes waltz in proudly onto the property. It just depends.

When I attended the Mr. Timberfell Contest Weekend, there were only 4 young men (20s), who were there because one of them (a hunky stud) was competing for the title.
I'd say the average age is 45 - and there are plenty of older men, and quite a lot of younger ones 30 - 45. But only a few below 29. I did meet a 20-year-old who was into older guys, and a 70-something dude who was into younger (tweens). It's all relative.. after all.

2) The location is rather isolated, which means you have drive a while from the nearest town.  But it also means that you can be nude anywhere on the resort (except the dining room).

3) There is a festive gay atmosphere for the weekend events; it's pretty laid back during the
weekdays, but it really depends on who's visiting at the resort, and who is staying at one of the two trailer/camping car mini-communities located adjacent to the Timberfell property.

4) The bar is open to outsiders, day visitors, and to guests, as are some of the nighttime events, so there is a chance you can encounter some enchanted stranger for a hot evening of sex under the stars or some fraternal nude swimming during the day in the medium-sized pool and sunbathing terrace.

5) Having sex is not guaranteed but highly likely if you've got what it takes (smile). Public sex is    not allowed, but there was plenty going on in the private areas.         (Above photo is the blog author)

6) While it 'ain't the Ritz', there are fairly nice facilities at  the resort.  BYOB (bring your own bottle) is allowed for wine and hard liquor. Since they sell beer, you cannot bring beer in the resort (private
tents and rooms excepted,) but you can buy beer there in the canteen.  The food served is like a home-style buffet - if you're not really a camp-style cook, you can purchase and meal plan, or just buy tickets for individual meals.  The pool and large sun deck, sauna,  and steam room  can get active - especially at night - they are open all night for your pleasure (smile).

7) The best thing was meeting the great guys - I had great conversations and still managed to get off at the right time

Costs: Check it out online - but campsite $15 for 1 person per night, breakfast $6, dinner $20, poolside beer $3, snacks $3
From camping (in a tent or camper), to a bunk in the bunkhouse, to a room with shared toilet, to a fine private bedroom with private bath. It's all up to you! They have events all year long - even when it's too cold to camp outdoors. So you should book early.

ADDED Bonus: The events are not very expensive, and day-guests are abundant on weekends. Also, there is actually a community of gay men who live (and a few work on site) at the resort full-time, particularly in the summer months. There are rentable trailer and RV sites for those who want a live-in gay nude resort experience 24/7.

Find out more at:

You have to realize that Timberfell is way back in rural, Bible-belt America. If you drive passed it, (easily to do since its unmarked except for the street number), you'll end up in one of the most redneck parts of Tennessee, where the regular pastime could well be cornholing unsuspecting Yankee tourists, a la Deliverance (see film / novel of the same name) . However, Timberfell Lodge is a little gay oasis where bear-mauling truckers, silver-maned bikers, beefy jarheads, countryfied southern gentry, and white trailer trash all mingle rather happily, mostly naked around the pool or guzzling moonshine (not actually) in the dance-hall tavern-bar just up the hill.

Maybe we can get a group of interested people from to convene for some down-home fun and good times. Hey, ya'll come, y'hear!

Kelly ( originally posted on on Sept. 4, 2010, now with revisions Jan. 25, 2015)


Previous Post about the Mr. Timberfell Contest Event to be held next on August 7-9 at Timberfell Lodge in Greeneville, TN, actually near  the North Carolina border and gateway to the Appalachian Mountains.)

Come out to the woods and get naked, my friends. The weekend of August 7-9, 2015, is the annual Mr. Timberfell Competition.

Tucked deep in a hollow of the Southern Appalachians is Timberfell Lodge, a paradise for men seeking either solitude or camaraderie with their gay brothers and where inhibitions are shed as easily as clothing…

What is There to Do at Timberfell?

After breakfast and conversations lingering over fresh-brewed coffee, guests head for the pool, hike the gentle or more demanding trails circling the lodge property, or do nothing at all. This is when camaraderie is strongest and new friendships are forged. If the thought of getting dirt on your dock siders or having your hair mussed by tree branches drives you crazy, there are a number of alternatives to a wilderness walk.

Swim in the large, 20′ by 40′ heated clothing-optional pool or simply watch while sunbathing. Relax in the steam room or redwood sauna. Towels are provided for guests’ convenience while at the pool.

You can to relax in a heavenly 20-man sauna or “plunk” on the oversized porch and watch the sun setting between the mountains. There are some music / party/ dance events planned (clothing required), as well as the special activities around the Mr. Timberfell Competition, with a Benefit Mixer (free drinks with $5 donation) on Sat. Aug 8, from 2-4pm. Followed by the main event, the Mr. Timberfell Pageant later that evening.

Some CMNM events that could possibly be held at Timberfell, although they are not sponsored or endorsed by the lodge, but are privately organized by the some of the Mr. Timberfell Weekend attendees. Moreover, there are multiple acres of property and enough private areas (sauna) where CMNM interactions can occur. Some special events like strip poker, truth and dare, costume parties and role plays are planned during this Mr. Timberfell weekend, August 7 - 9.  Plus, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the natural environment and the gay men's social events arranged for the weekend.

SPECIAL EVENT:   Saturday, August 8, 2015,  Annual Mr. Timberfell Competition and Benefit Mixer,

Last year’s competition was the HOTTEST ever with more than 15 men competing for cash, lodging prizes and the coveted title of Mr. Timberfell. This a big weekend with great parties and music.

A benefit event, the Leather and Cocktails Charity Mixer, will be held from 2-4pm on August 14, entrance $5 donation, free drinks, silent auction, and music by Ft. Lauderdale DJ, Dr. D.

There are variety of accommodations from primitive camping to cabins or bunkbed dorm rooms. Book early to get your choice of rooms. Meal plans are available the including breakfast and dinner.
Beer is available for purchase or bring your own wines and hard liquor.
Interested contestants call our office or email Timberfell for details at their site:

Timberfell Lodge
Driving address: 2240 Van Hill Road, Greeneville, TN 37745 (actually about 2 miles or less from the US 81 interchange, north on Baileyton Rd).

Mailing address: 1416 Baileyton Main St, Greeneville, TN 37745
Paragraph Indent

Contact us by Phone or Fax:
Lodge: (423) 234-0833
Fax: (423) 234-8512
Toll-Free: (800) 437-0118
I'm staying in downtown Nashville the one night before driving northeast. Let me hear from you on, via email or thru

Timberfell Lodge (and Campground) is located about 65 miles further east from Knoxville off of Interstate Hwy 81. So it's about a 4-hour from Nashville, and roughly more or less 4 hours from Atlanta, Georgia or Charlotte, North Carolina. If driving, take Interstate 81 South to Exit 36 (Baileyton/Greeneville). Then drive north on Route 172 toward Baileyton to the Shell Station Truck Stop. From the truck stop, travel 2 mile, turn right at wide gravel drive, proceed through gate, follow driveway all the way to the main lodge approximately 3/4 mile.

Actual address: 2240 Van Hill Road, Greeneville, TN 37745

Contact Club CMNM Event Organizer at:  sunbunz (@)
Club CMNM Events:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Starting a Blog: Deciding on your purpose may take some time, but it's worth the effort

Starting a blog is an idea that always excites a budding or would-be writer. We all have that basic urge to leave our thoughts inscribed somewhere for posterity, an instinct akin to the one that also drives the sexual libido - at least in part, - the primordial necessity to procreate. Having an audience of any kind is of paramount importance as a writer whether newbie, old-timer, or one who is still craving the 'writer's experience' -- even if the audience is only one member - the blogger himself. Several commenters and other bloggers have mentioned that they write first and foremost for themselves, and often solely of themselves. I think keeping up a blog –regularly enough to create a following audience - may very well depend on getting some kind of audience initially, or even just the possibility that a few people actually can find and are reading it.

 For the dozen or so blogs, in my case [if you can actually call them that], I use JustusBoys (sometimes) and Blogger (less now that Goggle is deleted what it calls 'spam' blogs), but more and
more frequently I am using Goggle's Blogger, JustUsBoys (personal pages), Tumblr, and, but not solely because Typepad and Wordpress (no porn / adult content allowed on the Wordpress hosted version) are useful, too.

Wordpress hosted on the company's own servers does not allow pornographic material so that kind of limits what gay content can be published there. I actually think of those blogs as either my memory banks (places to store stuff I want to retrieve later, or 'semen deposits' - places where I store photos, stories and stuff that excited me when I saw it.

 Consequently, not ever so-called blog post is even text or image intended for a real audience. However, some people are definitely only likely to continue writing if they can get some type of feedback about their efforts and the content (albeit, self-focused stories). Therefore , I recommend that first time bloggers start out by making blog-type posts inside another social networking site (Not Facebook!). Obviously, JustUsBoys is a good candidate. As you can see, they have recently upgraded both their members profiles, the forums (discussion boards) and their blog (although I really do wish they had included the capacity to insert HTML (Blogger, Typepad and Posterous all have the function).

 Even Xtube has a blog function, also so does,, which is a good place to get a few people to notice and comment on your blogs -- whether they be literary narratives, simple diaries, opinionated essays, or just sharing a sexual adventure or romance, or some new realization about life, or something interesting or attractive that you've found in the real world or the virtual one, and even the odd rant or rage sometime. is also a widely known porn-focused site, but dit allows members to interact in forums and create a blog (now with some enhanced features). was actually the original Facebook-like social network -- at least conceptually, and it still has a great following of alternative eggheads and potheads, along with some other truly great people, some of whom also write. It is mainly composed of many sexually liberated people who freely mix explicit sexual content along with their contemporary sentiments and sensibilities found so abundantly in our chaotic world(s)... Smile.

 I sometimes have the notion that not everyone on Tribe is from the planet Earth, me included (sly grin). Perhaps others can name some other (similar or not) places where newbie bloggers can find a niche and a sympathetic audience (sometimes by default).

JustusBoys is firmly grounded in commercial sales and marketing of gay media (porn) and products. Therefore, its 'services' for social networking have a decidedly "down-to-earth", and 'back to business' tone. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the free (so far) services that JUB does provide. I've said it often to my (imaginary) readers, and privately to dozen of non-blogging members of those sites above: The best way to write is find a topic that you care about and then respond. From that response (usually yours and others' comments to the poster/blogger and the reactions that ensue) may come the crystal of a idea that can easily turn into a valuable blogpost. At least in your own mind, it will have value and be worth repeating, i.e, posting elsewhere.

Sometimes, it a matter of self-confidence, and also a realization that real writers are never actually born as great manipulators of word and thought. In fact, they just develop themselves into that self-definition, and are shaped and reshaped by the nature of their work as writers (communicators), and by the perceived feedback (enjoyment, useful, sympathy, empathy, and exhilaration (sexual and/or emotional) of their audience) This blog post actually started out as a comment (response) to another person's blog post, and the ideas that it generated in me.

It has now become the seed (or the whole peach) of a posting on several of my personal narrative blogs. It took on again a new life and was subsequently revised and lengthened in response to a new development: the debut of JUB's improved blogging tools. I separate my various blogs (nearly two dozen of them) into different functions to serve my own dichotomies of thought and interests: sexual (gay, straight and bisexual or non-sexual) , social, political, emotional and spiritual. It's not necessary to do that for most people, but I find that I tend to follow those bloggers who usually stick to a theme,
or at least, who have a thematic core to their message, instead of constantly changing from one mundane topic to another as if the events of life direct their consciousness instead of the other way around.

 Unfortunately, quite a few of the 'blogs' here on JustUsBoys do exactly that: skip around randomly and also fail to cover the issue/topic/event thoroughly. Most are far too short to be useful. (OK.. you can also argue that some (like mine) are too long to appeal to the average readers/members. Quality is something that requires a sense of discipline as a writer/thinker AND as a reader. It helps when there is an appreciative audience. So when I do manage to find one blog entry on JUB (or elsewhere) that's entertaining, useful or otherwise, meaningful, I try to give the writer more than 'thumbs up'
sign. 'Liking' a post is good and better than no response at all, but it is ultimately not very instructive or reflective of what the person (reader) actually got from a blog post or other writing/photo work.

OK.... I may not have convinced you to begin a blog. It's not such an easy thing to do - or to do well... particularly when one has high standards of journalistic writing. Still, I hope many more people (gay, bi and curious men here on JUB) will attempt it. My wish is that many others will enjoy the fruits of those efforts (as readers and responders), and let the authors know that their writing is appreciated, that it has improved (or positive critique), or whatever. Be grateful for it, even if it provokes anger or disagreement. Go with blog and be good at doing it. Ciao,

Kelly (sunbuns99 or sunbuns) :rb: (P.S. I am currently a bit fixated on some erotic experiences I have recently experienced with male masseurs and physical therapists, thus, the porn pic at the top. Secondly, as I live in Japan and surrounded by men in my daily live 98% of whom are Japanese, so that accounts for the later photo of Asian men. Finally, I love celebrity fake porn photos, particularly the one with Justin Bieber looks very authentic - although it's *probably* not him. )

Friday, December 19, 2014

Advice on Making Your (Porn) Blog Work

QUESTION:  tall whiteboy wrote:
Thanks for posting a link to my blog on your blog A Father's Pride and Joy. That one link has led
about 200 visitors to my site over the past month. Feel free to repost more as long as you're linking back to me! I could use the traffic.

Do you have any advice on how to get more people to visit my blog? I'm trying everything I can think of to promote my site, but I haven't had much growth lately. Also, Facebook was one of my best marketing tools, but they deleted my account for linking to "obscene" material. Any advice you can give on what has worked for you would be appreciated by this new blogger!

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Encountering once again a self-revealing stranger

 Do Hostels make for hostile people?  I think not.

A recent email  to a former limited acquaintance is found below. Why is it significant enough to blog
about it?   Once I learned something important from a complete stranger I happened to find sleeping next to me.  Now, I wonder again if it's possible to learn something or even teach him some valuable again.  Let me try to explain...

I met JH (not his real name or initials) and really thought he was cool guy. He  was masculine, athletic, and rather good-looking, but he was down-to-earth and a good listener, too.  We were sleeping in adjoining bunkbeds in a youth hostel while we were both on business/pleasure in Honolulu several years ago.  We enjoyed talking and did spend some time doing touristy things.  Nothing much really happened that was truly important, but I could not get out of my head that this was a time that my two normally completely separate lives  - my alternate personal identities - straight father who is university professor and gay blogger who travels the world to stay at gay nude resorts - would come together for a brief time.

To explain that  significance, it might help the readers to understand a bit more about me and my second life as Kelly Lewis (sunbuns / sunbuns99 / sunbunz).   Below is excerpted from JustUsBoys profile.

    Being careful about self-disclosure comes easily to a self-exposing naturist, I love travel, being naked, enjoying new experiences, and helping others reach their potential. Sex is pretty good when thrown in the mix. I am not always 'gay' or truthful about being straight either - but I'm never dishonest. My real age and real name are not disclosed - I don't look a lot like Orlando Bloom now, even though people have noted the resemblance(s) to him. He's my archetypical hero.
    If sex were just simply a bodily function or loving the beauty of  the male face or form was recognized a wholly human artistic endeavour, or if we only recognized having sex as a way to manufacture new human
carcasses (receptacles for our brains) then I'd not have to hide part of my identity - the gay one.
'The Web (virutality) is not a windbreaker or umbrella as much as it is a sail. It's not even waterproof or certainly not a fullproof shelter from the storms of existence, but I find it a wonderfully wild set of habitats.
I found a photo of JH on a hard drive where I had downloaded it months earlier,  and then his name and a MySpace page recently in a pile of notes and papers, so I decided to google him to see if he had emerged somewhere.

Sure enough he was found on Facebook (his 'straight' or regular guy self), but he also figured somewhat prominently in another person's life-story. Based on what I read in the following blog   That blogger describe his long-running problems with a series of gay roommates, and what he disclosed about JH was not very flattering or nice because they had been some kind of financial problem with getting his share of the rent paid.

JH was very likely 'escaping' from the wrath of this irate roommate during the very time that I met and spent a good many hours with him in Honolulu. I believe is was during the month of November, which is also his birthday.  What I found rather attractive about him was the unusual way he slept, it was manly and erotic, but so cute too. His nightly acrobatics made me have a several night's of fitful sleep, where I was furtively jerking my dick while straining to see up the athlete shorts he slept in each night.

Just the night before he (or was it I) was to leave the next day, I confessed to him that I thought he was a really handsome guy who must be hit on my a lot of women and men. He shocked me by telling me that he preferred it when guys hit on him -- instead of the females. It floored me to think I had been laying in my bunk bed next to his all those hours (over 3-4 days) wondering about his body, and thinking of something nasty I'd like to do to it, when all I had to do was simply ask him. No, he wasn't really interested in a man old enough to be his father. But, the next morning, he briefly explained that he was moving out because someone guy he had just met had asked him to stay at his place - obviously for a romantic sexual encounter.  Like.. Damn!

[This is his own photo from a old MySpace page. I had saved this photo in order to help me remember having met JH in Honolulu.]
  persona, and that I was very envious of him for being able to do so right now.   We parted that day and I had not heard from him until my re-discovery of his existence just today.
That incident revealed to me that today's young gay men have a incredibly different perspective on what being gay means to them. One large reason may be because the way that gays are perceived nowadays is so different than when I was growing up into manhood.  I even told JH about this realization and commented that I would someday like to be able to be myself - a gay father, professional  academic,  happily married without living in a disguised

So I wrote to him today (via Facebook) and wonder if he'll even reply and what he'll say.
Dear JH
 We met in Honolulu a few years ago when you and I stayed at a hostel in Waikiki Beach there. Sorry -  that's not my real photo in my Facebook profile.  So I won't be friending you here. I just thought of you recently when I happened to come across some old notes, and decided to look you up on Facebook.
  As you probably won't recall, it surprised me to discover (thanks to your being forthcoming) that you are (were) gay.
So am I - but also happily married to a woman for over 30 years.  Your life (what little of it I know) was a very different experience from the time when I grew up.
  I know you may not want to be 'reminded' of being gay or of that time in HNL. Perhaps you won't appreciate my having purposefully 'run-into' you again.  However, it is only to wish you well, and because I respected you - although I don't have much reason to do so.  But I think we did have some good conversations in that short time. By the way, I have been back several times to that hostel and have made several friends and new acquaintances from around the world - both gay and straight.

I just wanted to say that I wish you well, and hope you're finding life good or making of it what you want.  One of my sons was living in the Bay Area for the last two years, but has now returned to Tokyo. I know at one time, you had intended to come to here for skiing.  Did you make it or have you been back again since then?  If you do and have time to spend, I'd be glad to show you around, or at least have some food or a drink.   I'm not stalking or wanting a date - and no even interfere, but if you'd like, I'll send you a message via my 'real' (and ostensibly straight) persona here on Facebook.
David (alias Kelly)
Here I sit now.. waiting and wondering what kind (if any) response I will get back. In reality, I had written to him several times (with his old Yahoo email address) but never got a reply. I suspect that if

 what the blogger (link above) has written is true, then TH may be very revealing about only some aspects of his life (or even lie by others). Perhaps he would not feel safe and secure to disclose some of this past mistakes and problems.  Eventually, we all get older and certainly don't want mistakes in our past to ride herd over our lives. However, it takes a man to admit that he has learned from what he did in the past. So I wonder if TH was half the man that he seemed to be at the time.  Perhaps, I'll never know but it is important for him to recognize that his life did and does affect other around him -  even when only knowing each other for a brief moment in time.

Added Note by author: Just the next day, I received a welcoming message from JH. He was glad to hear from me, and owing to his new business venture, he'll be coming to Japan next year a couple of times. So we'll probably have a chance to meet at that time. It's not such a small world and small minded planet after all. I will contact him subsequently via my 'real' email address and Facebook profile.