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Saturday, June 27, 2015

CMNM bromance buds with a good buddy

It's great how this series of naked buddies photos starts out with a CMNM situation. It's significant because  it is actually how a lot of male-male bonding situations really do get started. One of the guys 'shows' his buddy how much he likes his friend, and expresses (not verbally) the desire to be more affectionate with his 'straight' buddy. It is a prelude to a deeper emotional but not necessarily sexual friendship. This is the heart of what ' bromance' is about.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Early Christmas Present by Thorn

An original story by Thorn, as posted on his Yahoo Group: thorngay, Dec, 2010.

I was at this Christmas dinner dance and being a true Scot, I was wearing my kilt free-balling style. Functions like this are hot in Scotland because all these hot guys are wearing kilts and you just know that most have nothing on underneath. Very, sexy and - if it wasn't for the weight of the sporran - everyone would know just how horny I was.
There was this real hot guy that I took a real fancy to. He was blond, slim and had a really sexy smile. I just bet he was wearing nothing under that kilt. A sexy guy like him wouldn't. I watched him as he danced and his kilt swung high showing plenty of thigh, but never high enough to tell. God he was sexy.
I kept watching, trying not too look too obviously.
When it came to the end of the festivities people headed out to the hotel foyer. I was staying in the hotel that night, alone, sadly. The really hot blond happened to be standing next to me when Kyle looked across and announced to all in our part of the foyer, that he was inviting us up to his room for a night cap. I turned to the blond and said, "are you joining us?". "Sure, he replied", and we followed Kyle to his room.
I sat down on one of the chairs, while Kyle opened a bottle of single malt whisky and got some glasses. I realised that the blond guy was on the floor cross legged directly opposite me. Again I could see lots of sexy thigh but his kilt carefully concealed any glimpse I might have had. Damn!
However, I realised I could have some fun. I was sitting higher than him and at his eye level, he was staring right at my knees. I splayed my knees a little to lift the front of my kilt. The blond guy was looking around absently, when he must have suddenly realised what was right in front of him and his eyes halted momentarily, staring into the darkness under my kilt. I felt my dick jump with excitement.
I very subtly shifted my knee so he must have had a better view, I was sure. Right enough his eyes seemed locked in my direction. I didn't want to make it too obvious so I moved my knee inwards to end the show for the moment. The blond guy moved his gaze, but I fancied he kept coming back to me to check.
On one of these occasions I moved both knees to lift the middle of my kilt and give him what must have been a pretty clear view of my hardening dick. Without making it obvious I checked. Yes, his stare was locked between my knees. Again I moved my knees back.
A third time his eyes came round and my dick was now pretty hard and big. I moved my knees, caught his attention and he locked his gaze. He then looked up at my face caught my eye, immediately looking away. I fancied there was a sort of knowing look on his face. Then he shifted his position and, I guess deliberately, lifted his knee to gave me an eyeful in return. His dick, too, looked quite hard and I could see his cute balls in my hand. I caught his eye and gave him my best 'come on' look.
We continued this subtle round of display for some time, when I finished my whisky and thanked Kyle and headed to the door. The blond guy said he must be going to and headed to the door with me. My heart leapt. Was this deliberate? Once in the corridor I asked if he was staying in the hotel.
"No", he replied, "I came by car, but I'm going to get a taxi home". "Have you far to go?," I asked. He said he was going back to town, which was some 20 miles away. "Do you want to stay in my room and take your car back in the morning? I have two beds," I asked. "That would be great!," he smiled as he headed down the corridor with me. I was trying not to get too excited as we headed to my room.
Once in the room I invited him to use the bathroom first, my heart pounding with excitement. After some time he returned stark naked apologising that he had nothing else with him but his kilt outfit. He was absolutely stunning and his cock looked as though he was quite turned on by being naked. My dick did a loop the loop at this beautiful naked apparition.
He sat down on the bed I was sitting at, ignoring the other double bed. Lifted the covers and got in. I couldn't believe my luck. This was a clear sign he wanted to share a bed. I undressed slowly, enjoying the sensation of stripping for this guy. Dropping my kilt to the floor my new friend exclaimed "nice" and smiled.
We spent a night of passion together. The kilt is a wonderful way of making new friends!

Buster busts his nut -- One of my favorite oldies










Friday, June 19, 2015

I Had Crush On Teacher

I Told My Male Teacher I Had A Crush On Him 

Let me start off by saying that I am gay, and since the first day of school I had a big
crush on my male Computer Applications teacher (much harder class than it sounds). I ran into him during lunch and as we both said "hi" I immediately thought to myself that school is almost over, and I need to let it out to someone since it has been bottled up. So I asked him if I could come in after school to talk about my grade. While I actually did need to talk about my grade I had something else in mind. I kept my feelings for him bottled up for so long and I felt like I had to tell somebody, and I knew that I couldn't tell my friends no matter who I trusted the most. I knew that if I just told a counselor it wouldn't feel right, I felt like it wouldn't be right unless HE knew,, I can't really explain it. 

So after the bell rang and most of the students happily went home, I walked straight up to my class... First I asked him to grade a couple of assignments from when I was absent, he was really busy doing something on the computer that he barely payed attention to me the whole time. While still looking at the computer he said "Is there anything else that you need". At this moment I sat down and quietly asked if he could keep the following conversation between us. At this moment he logged off of his computer, stared at me with a blank
pression, looking nervous, open mouth, and slowly nodding. (now this was the expression I was actually expecting from him AFTER I told him) But nonetheless I just said.

"Well.......... the thing is....... I kind of......... Have a crush on you"
This teacher at the time was the ONLY person who I came out to. At this moment he looked normally and said "ok". 
This "ok" really threw me off at first because like I said I was expecting after I told him the expression he did BEFORE I said anything. I was worried that because of how nervous I was I probably said the wrong thing like "Can I go get some water". I continued saying that I don't expect anything further to happen between us because it is obviously illegal, and he is straight, married with a daughter. at this moment he became his normal self. 
Smiling and saying he was very flattered (a whopper of a lie haha) but as I said it is illegal and unethical. At this moment another student walked in and I left for the bus. (it felt like I was in there forever that I was shocked that the bus was there. 
The next day he had me stay after class and explained that he had to tell administration about the conversation we had simply because he could get in a lot of trouble for it if he kept his mouth shut. I understood completely even though I told him to keep it between us and he said they wouldn't be too serious about it, so i didn't really worry. 
However the next day administration said they had to call my parents about it and they
would actually figure out I was gay. After they called and I went home we had a long talk and I opened up so much about my sexuality. I have to say I am thankful that I did this. I know most people were not in the same situation as me from same sexuality crushing so if you tell your teacher it might not be the same experience it was for me. But I am so glad that I have finally opened up to my family about it and I feel like a giant weight was lifted off from me. And to this day, this man is my favorite teacher, and I feel it will stay that way.

The teacher and I both act as if nothing ever happened. He does not ignore me or try to distance himself like I was worried about at first.