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Friday, June 24, 2016

Love to get fucked

Bocoup's Blog

Gender:Male Age : 32
About Me
If you want to invite me as a friend, you have to:
- have some vids or pics of you in your profile;
leave comments on my vids and/or my photos and/or my profile.
I'm a slim slutty bottom guy, always very horny. I like very much to suck cocks, but above all I love to open my ass for a top and get fucked hard and safe. My body is hairless and I've a smooth and tight ass.
Please, let me know, rate and comment my videos and pics. Thanks!
MORE ABOUT ME. Here is a questionnaire for bottom guys to describe me a little more (thanks to fredofmars for the translation).

- Are you completely bottom or mostly bottom?
I'm completely bottom, I'm often been fucked, i love to be fucked and it’s been a long time since I’ve never been top.

- How old were you when you were fucked for the first time? Did you love it?
I was 22 yo, I was versatile but I loved so much to be fucked that todays I'm just bottom, so yes I loved it!!

- The first time you’ve been fucked was it your boy friend or a sex bud?
It was my boyfriend.

- Your first time: did it hurt you?
No, just a little at the beginning, but I wanted it so much that it went easily.

- Out of ten sexual encounters, in how many are you usually fucked?
About 7/10.

- The younger man who fucked you?
Among the ones I know the age, 24 yo.

- The older man who fucked you?
Among the ones I know the age, 46 yo.

- The biggest cock that fucked you?
19 centimeters (about 7,5 inches)... Huge!

- The longest fuck you had?
About 2 hours, it was wonderful.

- Have you ever been fucked by different guys at the same time?
Yes, the maximum was 3 guys.

- Have you ever been fucked by 2 cocks at the same time in your ass?
No, never.

- Where are you the most frequently fucked?
Very common: in a bed.

- Have you ever been fucked outside? Where?
Yes, in parks and on beaches.

- Which position do you prefer? Top dominant or bottom dominating?
Sometimes, I come and sit over the top's dick and I ride, but it's rare. I prefer that the top dude dominates because I love when he expresses his manhood.

- What’s your favorite position at the beginning of the fuck?
Doggy style.

- What position do you recommend for beginners?
The bottom goes and sit above the top sex, so the bottom beginner can keep control of the velocity and the level of sodomy and he can stop when he wants in case of hurt lol

- What can make you moan during sodomy?
When the dick head touches my rectum deep.

- What kind of movements of the top guy gives you most pleasure?
I love when the guy takes different rhythms in penetration, from slow motion to quick and hard... Slow and smooth motion make my pressure go up but it's when the guy go hard in my ass with his cock well far in me and with quick, hard and intense motion that my orgasms are the best.
- Can you have an anal orgasm without cumming?
Yes and I prefer anal orgasm than dick cumming's ones, it stays longer and I can even have more than one anal orgasm with the same sodomy.

- Have you ever had trouble after been fucked?
Just a little bit of blood sometimes, because of the size of the cock that fucked me and the intensity of the fuck, but nothing serious.

Turn Ons
Top men (don't mind the age but a nice cock and a good fucker), big cocks, big cock-head, low-hanging balls, nudism, outdoor sex, getting fucked in all the positions in which the top is dominant.

Turn Offs
People who don't show themselves to the other people here in Xtube, people without any vids or pics of their own, people that invite me to be friend, but don't read my profile and don't leave any comment here. Too bad...
See Bocoup's video on Xtube.

Mike Fox Serviced (Jake Cruise)

Mike Fox Serviced (Jake Cruise)
Mike Fox is a hunk of a man. At 6' 2" tall and 200 pounds he meets the definition of "hunk."

  • Mike Fox Serviced from Jake Cruise
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  • Mike Fox Serviced from Jake Cruise

Sharing my most intimate moment

An original story distributed on [Public Naked Guys] on Yahoo Groups on June 5, 2009

By Bucklebuddy

Isn’t it great when life presents us a chance to live out one of our fantasies in real life? Well that happened to me just last Friday. I haven’t written about it sooner because I’ve kept all the little details to myself for my private jack off sessions. About me … Well, I’m a country boy at heart … raised on a farm in Mississippi and living in the big town of Memphis. Yes, I know it’s technically a city but don’t get me started on that! I look to be late 30’s, masculine in every sense of the word, athletic, broad shoulders, nice legs, 7 x 5.5 cut cock with a pretty smile and devilish look.

You see, I’m an exhibitionist at heart. I love be seen naked. I do prefer that my audience be limited to guys because they are less likely to be offended, but certainly don’t mind ladies seeing if they are interested in looking. I go on walks through certain trails naked often so you never know when you’ll stumble on me. Anyway, yesterday I was feeling … frisky … we’ll say. I posted an ad on Manhunt that said ….

Want me to JO for you?
“Seriously. I have always had a fantasy about being the only person naked in a group and jacking off for the groups entertainment. Would love to perform for a small group this afternoon. Not $$ motivated; just living out a fantasy. I'm better than average looking, 6', 194#, athletic build, masculine, athletic, broad shoulders, nice legs, average size pierced cock that is 'pretty'. If you and some buds want an erotic show today, get in touch.”

Well I had a few people get in touch and agreed to meet this one guy right after he got off work. We actually arrived at his house at the same time. I was a bit nervous about this whole thing but had promised myself that I was going to do it. As we went inside I asked him pointedly “Where would you like the show?”. “I’ve got a really nice patio.” he said, “Would you mind doing it out there?”.

“No problem” I said, thinking to myself that if he was comfortable with someone jacking off outside his house, then I was comfortable being the guy doing it. It was his neighbors, not mine.
We went outside on his patio and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. Nice shade on a warm, yet not hot day … a perfect day for pleasuring myself outside. I striped naked and sat on a bench on his patio and he sat in a chair directly across from me … fully clothed but obviously a bit excited.

 I had, with great determination, kept myself from thinking about what I was going to do before getting there. I didn’t want to get all hard and close to cumming in the car. So as I sat down, I had a nicely hanging soft penis that I began to make slow sweet love to. I tugged it downward and stretched it out before pulling it up and massaging my nuts with my other hand. I’d squeezed and tugged and slowly but surely my friend came to life. It started with a slow swell getting a little thick and little long on each tug. Growing each time I stroked until he was fully erect and harder than he has been in a long time!

“Do you ever let anyone touch it?” he asked, waking me from the trance I was in with my cock. I noticed that he was getting worked up … my desired reaction. It meant he was enjoying the show as much as I was enjoying doing it.

“Yes” I said, “... but not today”. He groaned and I went back to playing with my cock. I love feeling a hot throbbing cock and that is exactly what mine was while I was showing off. It was great to pull him on the downward stroke and let go and watch him fly up and hit me in the stomach. My fully clothed audience member seemed to love seeing the show but REALLY wanted to participate. Again, my desired reaction.

“Do you ever let anyone suck it?” he asked. “Yes” I replied, “…. but not today”. It was a part of my cat and mouse game to keep him really turned on. “Would you please stand up?” he asked. I didn’t immediately respond but I did eventually stand up and walk over to him. It was great. I was hard as a rock and jacking my cock off about 4 inches from his nose. He sniffed and tried to reach out with his tongue to touch the tip on my penis. We played the cat and mouse game a bit with me pulling back a little each time before finally pushing forward and entering his throat unexpectedly. He gagged just a bit and slowly adjusted to taking nice long slow draws off my cock. Of course, I’d pull out form time to time just to make him want more.

He had my cock good and slick so I sat back down (much to the dismay of my audience member) and started stroking my cock again. I’d jack and get myself right to the edge of cumming so that a little drop of precum would form before backing off so I didn’t cum just yet. I’d take my finger and scoop up the bit of precum and, while looking my audience member right in the eyes, would lick the precum slowly off my finger. For another 10 minutes or so,
I kept making love to myself …. Letting a perfect stranger see me enjoying my own body … letting someone watch me during one of my most intimate moments with myself.

“This is really hot!” I said, momentarily distracting him from staring at my cock. I was really enjoying making someone else all hot and bothered. It made me feel sexy and I loved it! “Would you please stand up again so I can see your thighs?” he asked. I stood and turned so that he could see my back side hoping secretly that he’d fondle my ass for a bit. I wasn’t disappointed for long before I felt two hands on the globes of my ass squeezing and massaging it. I continued jacking myself, all the while facing his next door neighbor’s house, but just couldn’t turn away from a good ass massage for several minutes.

I was close to cumming so I had to step away for a second and turned back around so he could continue watching the show. I continued my slow methodical pleasuring of myself; making love to my cock and balls for the pleasure of this stranger. He was really into the show and practically drooling. “Can I touch your thighs?” he asked. I was really getting close to cumming so I paused for a minute or so and sat back down on the bench with my legs spread so he would have a clear view of my crotch as I pleasured myself. I wanted him to be close to my cock when I shot my load so I motioned him over and he got on his knees between my legs and began rubbing my thighs, crotch area, chest, etc. He was rubbing everywhere that I wasn’t. I continued to jack my cock ever so slowly feeling the cum starting to boil in my balls … heck I had been jacking off for a complete stranger for nearly 40 minutes at this point.

I knew I was close and his face was only inches from my cock. It was time to cum! I enjoyed him rubbing around the base of my cock, never touching my cock but rubbing all around it. I jacked faster. You know the tingly feeling that you get right before you cum? I was so turned on that I felt that wondering feeling more intensely than I had ever felt before. My cock erupted like I’ve never seen before. I’m normally more of an “erupter” than a shooter but this time thick white ropes of cum shot out straight up into the air landing on my stomach, back on my cock and even some landing on my strangers face. It was one of the most intense orgasm’s I’ve ever had because I was sharing my most intimate moment with a complete stranger.

Letting a fully clothed person see my “cum face” as my cock continued to pump its juice everywhere. As I came down from the high created by my intense orgasm, I scooped up some of the cum off my chest with my fingers and while looking him right in the eyes slid my fingers slowly into my mouth and licked off my own cum. He had to adjust the way he was sitting … apparently something was causing discomfort inside his pants. Again, my desired reaction.

“WOW!” was all he could say. “WOW!” he repeated. “That was so fucking hot!” he said. “I’ve never done this before” I said, “and it was hot! I’d love to do it again for you and a group of guests sometime”.

He’s emailed about a dinner party he wants to setup for some friends out on his patio… something about needing a naked waiter that could provide after dinner entertainment. I guess that story might be Chapter 2.

I hope you enjoyed the story. This is a true story that happened just last weekend. It was one of the hottest things I’ve done in a long time. It made me feel good to feel like someone else enjoyed watching me. If you liked the story and would like a photo of the author, just email me privately at bucklebuddy @ com (remove the nospam part to reply).