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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kurt Get A Rough Raw Fucking From Uncle Hayden

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Nothing Like A Hard Ass Pounding
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Make Him Scream, seems to be Hayden’s goal, which he sure manages to do. Poor Kurt Summers…NOT!

Mind you have you checked out that cock that Hayden has?

Like that is one nice thick cock, and myself, I’d like to take that monster nice and slow, not have it rammed in all the way, at one go.  I’d be screaming too, just like Kurt.

Course you know he’s gonna be moaning with pleasure too, as Kurt gets his ass gets thoroughly stuffed.   And he is rather cute too, but damn Hayden is a bit of a sex animal.

The way he pounds Kurt, how he bears down on him, as he drives that thick dick in and out.  Kind of gets me feeling a wee bit excited.

I do like Kurt, and the cuteness factor is pretty good, and hey, I like the idea of a continuing story line too.

You gotta admit though, Hayden is cast perfectly as a dominant Jock type, who is well, into himself more than who he is with.  Nothing like a bit of reality in my porn,  helps with the old dream making.


See Kurt Screaming His Pleasure As Hayden Fucks His Tight Boy Hole Hard And Raw



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