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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daddy gets his son: Jake Cruise: Girth Brooks

Jake Cruise: Girth Brooks

Girth Brooks and Jake Cruise

Girth Brooks is a man whom the Lord has endowed with a great, huge gift. Girth and the tree trunk dangling beneath his furry forest are here to play with Jake Cruise and he wastes no time peeling him out of his clothes and surprises Girth by swallowing his mast down to his balls. Jake undresses and they compare cock sizes. It's close (yeah right!) but we think Girth might have Jake by a smidge. Jake Cruise sucks Girth some more and they frott a bunch. Girth fucks his thighs and then Jake's face before shooting his sweet juice.

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Daddy Mugs: Jacob

Daddy Mugs: Jacob

daddy mugs jacob

Jacob was the first boy Daddy met on a recent trip to Florida and Daddy's buddy who referred him said that Daddy would love fucking him. He was right. Jacob, along with having a nice big cock, has a sweet asshole. At the beginning it took a little time for him to get use to it but once he did, the boy enjoyed Daddy's cock going in and out.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cocksure Men: Topping 101 Continuing (Sex) Education Program

Cocksure Men: Topping 101

Cocksure Men presents Topping 101

Have you ever been sitting somewhere private with your partner when suddenly you get an erection? If you're like us, you may have wondered, "Well what should I do with this hard cock?" Dean Phoenix and Zach Randall are here to help you answer that age old conundrum in "Topping 101".

They walk and talk you through all the steps including:
Putting on a condom!
Slathering on some lube!
Finding a hole and fucking it!

How did we ever get it on without this timeless piece of XXX instruction?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Wild and Rauncy Boy - a Dad's Story

See the whole cartoon series in Josman's Art Online Studio at:

The cute UK guy lad seems to be a great self-sucker, and I suspect he's love to show off and do the bidding of some hot daddy.

Barnsley_lad below can be seen at.