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Friday, September 30, 2016

Coach's Office By Roy (an original story )

Coach's Office By Roy 
(an original story that was formerly available on BadPuppy; photos were added separately by me)

The mid-afternoon sun was beating down on my back the duration of football practice, and I was in no mood for Coach Smith's continued yelling about my slacking off today. He finally crossed my last nerve and I told him I was doing the best I could. He stormed up to me and said that he was sure he could adjust my attitude. He ordered me to run 10 extra laps at the end of practice. By the time I finished the extra laps, the rest of the team had already left.

The locker room was empty. My shoes made a clicking sound on the tile floor as I crossed the locker room towards Coach Smith's office. I nervously knocked on the wooden door, the sound filled the locker room. From behind the door, I heard the power in Coach Smith's voice as he ordered me into his office. "It took you long enough to finish those laps", he barked. The anger in his voice caused me to fear this man for the first time. "I am sorry for the trouble I caused today, Sir", I meekly replied. " Oh, you will be sorry, young man", Coach Smith said in a low angry voice.
He slowly opened the top left drawer of his disk. He removed a large clear Plexiglass paddle. As he swung the paddle back and forth, the air whistled through the holes that had been drilled in the paddle. With each swing, I began to sweat. He then removed a well worn leather batter's glove, he slowly put his large hand in the glove, adjusting the fit until the leather was like a second skin on his large hand. He slowly walked around his desk and went to the door and turned the lock. The sound of the lock filled the empty locker room and filled me with a feeling of anticipation.
Coach Smith stood behind me and placed his massive hands on my shoulders, "It's time we started with your attitude adjustment, young man", he said. He ordered me to stand with my hands on his desk, "You must be kidding" I asked. "Either do as I say or you're off the team" he barked back. I slowly stood He jerked back the wooden chair that I had been sitting on. I bent over, placing my hands on the desk. Coach Smith rubbed the Plexiglas paddle over the center of my ass. I heard the air whistle as Coach Smith took the paddle back, the anticipation of the blow filled me with strange sensations; both of tread and excitement. Coach Smith lingered with the return blow, he seemed to sense my anticipation. He said nothing as his powerful arm brought the paddle down against my upturned ass. Even with my practice pants on , the blow sent a pain through my body, my knees almost buckled. I heard the whistle as the paddle as he readied for the second blow. My body tensed as the blow was delivered. With each blow the pain increased, and so did the strange sensation of excitement. Coach Smith delivered ten hard blows to my backside.

 As Coach Smith walked around his desk, I straightened and started to turn toward the door, " Where do you think you are going? We're not finished" he stated loudly. My heart almost stopped when Coach Smith ordered me to remove my practice pants. I started to refuse, but before I could, he informed me that the punishment would worsen the longer he had to wait. My hands trembled has I unlaced the front of my pants. I slowly removed my pants and placed them on the wooden chair. I stood before Coach Smith with just a jockstrap and a jersey on.

 Strangely my body began to tinkle with the anticipation of the pain that was surely to come. Coach Smith ordered me to return to my position over the desk. Coach Smith stepped behind me and slowly ran his hand over my burning backside. As his fingers touched my ass, I became strangely aroused. Coach Smith removed the wide leather belt from his pants, I heard a cracking sound as Coach Smith snapped the belt together. My body trembled and I started to feel a burning in my groin.

The first smack of the belt on my scarlet ass sent my body jerking forward. Coach Smith grabbed the back of my jersey and brought the belt down against my ass. With each of Coach Smith's powerful blows, the stinging pain of my ass brought my cock to stiffness. When Coach Smith finished, my swollen cock pressed against my jockstrap, Coach Smith jerked me upright. I hoped that he did not see my swollen cock. I noticed a strange grin on his face. "I see someone enjoyed our lesson. Maybe I need to continue" Coach Smith said through a grin. He pulled me towards the wooden chair and laid me over his knees. He positioned my swollen cock over his own manhood. He started to rub my burning ass. H then raised his gloved hand and brought it down on my waiting cheek. First the left cheek, then the right. With each slap of his hand, I felt his cock press against mine. He continued to rub my ass between each blow. After an additional 10 slaps on each cheek, his hands started to explore my scarlet and purple ass.

His fingers forced their way towards my asshole. This was the first time anyone had touched the inside of my ass. My body became aware of his probing fingers as he slowly pressed them into my hole. The pain of the spanking was soon replaced with the pleasure of Coach's probing fingers. "Breath deeply and relax", Coach Smith whispered in my ear, I took a deep breath as he pressed his fingers deeper into my body. I was soon aware that I enjoyed his probing and tried to open myself to him. I felt his hardened cock moving against mine. My body trembled. He removed his finger from deep inside my body. Sweat soaked my jersey. Coach Smith told me to stand. As I did so, I could see his cock pressing against his zipper. Coach Smith rose from the chair. His hand came up between my legs. He firmly squeezed my balls and cock. My body started to buckle, but Coach Smith held me tightly. "Ever had someone play with your cock before?" Coach Smith asked. "NO," I said through trembling lips, " Should I stop?" he asked.

Again I answered no. Coach Smith slowly raised my sweat soaked jersey, exposing my hairless chest to the cold air that filled the room. My nipples started to harden. Coach started to slowly lick my nipples. He removed my jersey and brought his mouth over my hard nipples, his teeth barely touching my tender nipples as his tongue rolled against the tips. My body started to tremble from this new sensation.

 I pressed his head harder against my heaving chest. He unbuckled his pants. The sound of his zipper couple with my increasing moans of pleasure filled the office. Coach then removed his shirt. I was overwhelmed by the site of his nearly naked body. His sweat glistened on his smooth muscled body, my trembling hand reached out to touch a man's chest for the first time. The touch of his bare chest, sent a feeling of total joy through my body. I looked into his icy blue eyes. I wanted this man. He pulled my head towards his, he pressed his lips against mine. I felt his tongue trying to part my lips. I willingly gave in. His tongue explored my mouth deeper then any girl's I had kissed before. My hands started to explore his chest, my fingers caressed his nipples. I wanted to taste the sweat on his chest. I kissed and licked the area around his nipples. My first taste of another man's sweat was more intoxicating then anything I had ever drank before.
Coach Smith pressed me against his desk, his hands slowly caressing my stomach. As he lowered his hands towards my swollen cock, my breathing started to become shallow. His hands played with the top of my jockstrap. He slowly pulled the sweaty straps way from my body. The chilled air touched my hard cock as the jockstrap dropped to the floor. Coach Smith's hands slowly made their way along my legs, his very touch sent electricity through my body. His hands stoped just inches away from my balls. I held my breath as his hand tenderly rolled over my balls. He caressed my cock. My knees buckled, Coach Smith caught me and layed me on his desk. His mouth slowly lowered over my cock.
I felt the wetness of his mouth, his sharp teeth scraped the head of my cock as it entered his mouth. His lips pressed against my groin. The sensation of the suction of his mouth on my cock was like no other sensation I have felt before. I felt as though I would explode. Coach Smith continued to suck my cock and balls. His finger was again pressing against my waiting asshole. He stoped sucking my cock long enough to lick two of his fingers. He then returned his mouth to my cock and started to explore my ass with his finger. My asshole did not give way to his long finger. With gentle yet firm pressure, he inserted his finger into my hungry ass. Soon his single finger is replaced with both fingers. My moans intensify, I felt a sensation I have never felt before. Coach Smith sensed my pending explosion. He removed his mouth and fingers. He looked down at me and smiled. I watched as he removed his own jockstrap. I saw, for the first time, how large and hard his cock is. He started to stroke his cock, "It's time for you to lose your virginity" he said as he stroked his cock with force. He reached into his bottom drawer and took out a small tube of clear liquid and a condom.

  I stared at his cock as he slowly rolled the condom over the plump head of his cock. The condom covered his cock with a tight fit. "This will help," he said as opened the clear liquid and smeard it over his cock. He then smeared the cool liquid on my asshole, and with his finger, inserted some inside me. He pulled me closer to the edge of the desk, raising my legs high in the air. I felt the juicy head of his cock press against my asshole. He grabbed my hips and pulled them towards him as he pushed his hard cock against my ass. I felt a pain like no other as his head made its way up my asshole. I let out a small yell as he entered deeper in to my body. I was filled with a pressure as his body presses against my upturned ass. He stopped and told me to breath. I feel him begin to remove his cock. As the head of his cock began to leave my body, he
forced it deep inside my waiting hole. My body arched with the force of the pressure. He began to move back and forth like a piston. He pressed his body against mine. Our mouths met one another. I could feel his blood engorged cock as he fucked me, he started to fuck me harder and faster. He removed his cock from my body. His warm cum shot over my belly. He spread it gently over my stomach and then took my cock in his mouth, sucking harder than before. I soon felt the pressure of my cum rising in my cock. I pushed his mouth away from my cock right as it shot a load all over his cheek. I was afraid he would be angry. He wiped my cum from his cheek and kissed me gently on the mouth."I am going to need another attitude adjustment again real soon," I informed him. Coach smiled as he gave my wet ass a hard smack.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The ties that bind - let your boys have their way, dad.

The ties that bind - let your boys have their way, dad.

I hate getting nagged to post on JUB (another porn/social network site) but once I get started I end up writing a page that worth blogging (for myself). JUB is great (Yahoo 360 could take a lesson for some of its feature) but it's code of conduct (making its profit) sometimes gets under my skin. Well. I guess, I should be grateful -- but the site would not be worth it (still free -- at least for a while) if it weren't for the contributors (both commercial and individual). So is here mine... (As it a blog were not enough). I should be grateful even more to Yahoo -- so I'm reposting it here. JUB doesn't yet offer RSS feeds from its blogs.

Back to topic: Ever had sex or ever wanted to it with a family member?
I have a brother who's about three and half years younger. So when I reached puberty (13 - 14) and discovered masturbation, I kept it a secret from him because he was just a kid and not interested in sexual
things (yet). Although I was turned on by the idea of playing around with boys and with him, I didn't really act on it -- except when he was sleeping a few times. One couple of nights, while he was sound asleep, I'd take his hand and wrap it around my cock and beat myself off with it. It was a pain cleaning up the cum. (so I didn't really make it a habit -- also he could wake up).
It was a little different when he was reaching puberty. We sort of played around a little - looking at each other erect cocks and touching each other -- maybe that was just once. Something held me back from doing more. I never ejaculated with him watching or sucked him or he me. But I was interested in his friends - especially one who was slightly older and maturely more quickly. His name was Danny. We'd do the pre-teen boy thing --going swimming, or building forts, and still one of my favorites until this day -- camping in each other backyards and inevitably there be the sex talk and the comparing cocks and seeing how much pubic hair was growing. Of course, I was older than the other boys (they were about my brother's age) and 'the winner' is the early macho 'contests' but it was probably because I was chicken to do so with my own agemates. I always felt a little less developed than my own peers.

So it felt more comfortable / self-between the other thighs.
esteeming building to be admired by this younger crowd. Once we tried to try out what 'fucking' might be like -- there was not penetration, but Danny seemed to be keenist to try it out. He'd already started puberty - and would reach sexual maturity a year or so ahead of other boys of my brother's class/age. We ended up naked in the tent, one would pull his dick down and back - sort of hidden like it was a mons pubis and the other boy would lay on top and put his cock between the space.

Today we call a variation on this 'frottage' - although we did progress to ejaculation, I can remember the feel of Danny body when I was laying atop him or him over me. It was a boyish game of sexual experimentation -- that my younger brother witnessed, but out of some inborn sense of propriety, he and I never tried it while in front of the other boys.

Danny's younger brother was among the kids in the gang too and likewise, he never did anything with his brother (at least not in front of us).

That's enough Kelly, and stop stop reminiscing about innocence lost .. OK, OK! 

From a previous post on another JUB thread:
There is a publication, Handjobs Magazine, devoted to these kinds of stories, supposedly some of them are true. That must be one for the attractions -- the allure of reality. If you have bought ones at an erotic bookstore, it tells how to get at the older issues on their website:
Whether fiction or not, most of the stories involve sex between men of very different ages - whether or not they are related by family seems to be an added thrill. A constant theme seems to be 'making a man' out of young guy by an older authority figure - his dad, or uncle, or coach. Personally, I find the fiction terrifically exciting - although like many guys have said on this and similar threads, my dad is the last person on the planet I'd want to have sex with. But, somehow the dad of the boy-next-door seems to be irresistibly hot in all these stories - maybe a case of fantasy (fiction) being more erotic (and truer) than reality.

Now I have finally tracked down the full URL for HandJobs Magazine , thanks to John_W (the ubiquitous JUB host 'cum' moderator (that's Latin - not semen although I am sure he bathes in it from time to time So if you interested in gay family sex or male incest or Greek love (older man-young man), then you can enjoy both the art work of numerous artists who illustrate these older man with young man (--- uncle/dad/coach/priest/cop and young newbie/virgin twink --), and also quite few of these types of stories can be found in the Readers Forum. 
Enjoy (or perv out) --- whatever turns you on (or off)... Kelly (sunbuns) 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Advice on Making Your Porn Blog Work

QUESTION:  tall whiteboy wrote:
Thanks for posting a link to my blog on your blog A Father's Pride and Joy. That one link has led
about 200 visitors to my site over the past month. Feel free to repost more as long as you're linking back to me! I could use the traffic.

Do you have any advice on how to get more people to visit my blog? I'm trying everything I can think of to promote my site, but I haven't had much growth lately. Also, Facebook was one of my best marketing tools, but they deleted my account for linking to "obscene" material. Any advice you can give on what has worked for you would be appreciated by this new blogger!

Thanks and keep up the great work,

RESPONSE: My advice from a would-be non-profit porn blogger

The first point of advice is also a telling reminder: You must not have noticed one major difference in my blogs and yours: none of my blogs has any commercial advertising - (except what Blogger (Google) puts there). It is telling because you didn't even mention that fact.

I think that trying to make money on a blog that is created from stuff we've simply found (on the Internet trash heap) is like trying to earn a living by picking up pennies. (It can be done - if you have to have a volunteer crew of 1000s - smile). That is not the only reason that I am never going to go commercial.

The second reason is that once you do, you become the target of your rivals and of your resources (Google takes a wholly different attitude about what a commercial blogger does and what a personal, private individual does). I won't bother to list the other five reasons why I will not be trying to monetize my blogs.

That being said, here is my wisdom about how blogs become popular (or not) or at least just noticed, please take it with a grain of salt and huge dash of pepper. ( ).
I am not saying mine are popular. However, upwards of 5000 hits a day come to my most visited blogs:
Guys Into CMNM
About a thousand hits a day are reached on 2 or 3 other ones.

0.0 Be a writer: It helps to think like a writer/editor/publisher - instead of simply a porn smurf (purveyor of XX-rated gay material).
Start acting like one and you'll find it will become easier to make your own blog have the kind of qualities that will attract readership.

0.1 Do your homework. You need to be a good blog/site visitor yourself and also do a fair bit of research on what makes a particular blog appealing. Think about how you found it. Experiment with the various non-commercial apps, widgets, gadgets and tools that you have found on other people's blogs. Then you'll have a better understanding of what's working and what does not.

1. THEME: A specific targeted theme works to attract a certain clientele. Too general and the appeal may (or may not) work. That's the reason I maintain 10 different blogs - most of them are themed: cmnm, public sex or dickflashing, bromance/ straight/curious, interracial, daddy/son,
Asian male, gay travel, my own personal experience & commentary, etc.....

I notice that you put a lot of work into making a single post have a theme. That does add a lot of quality, but it only adds value for readers/visitors who have actually found your blog/site.

It also good to have some writing / text even when you're just wanting to show some grouped / themed porn shots. The Google search engine uses these as 'labels' in order to locate and index the photos. When done consistently, your blog's photos will pop up on Google's (and Bing's) image search when guys are trying to find free porn.

2. CONTENT: Intersperse original blogs entries with copied material.

Original means posts that either you write or when you find something worth re-posting and for which you have permission (even if only implied permission). My readers usually can find (not always true because I don't always have or make the time to do this) on a single page - at least one original post - along with the visual porn reposts that I frequently borrow from Queerclick or JustusBoys. Those sites are commercial porn blogs and they are working as viral advertisers for the various porn producers. So that only benefit by having people like me (or you) repost their stuff AS LONG AS it links back to the porn studios original marketing page (or via Queerclick - which is just pimping it for them). So, in effect, I am pimping for the pimp (and taking none of the credit or revenue).

However, since I also post a lot of amateur nude/gay sex photos and do some original writing or take snippets from other sources (especially where I am a contributor), then there is a balance that appeals to me and, hopefully, to the readers.

3. Socialize it: Add various social networks to create layers of linking around people - not just the porn.

A. Because they are themed blogs, I can also create a social networking site around that theme so that readers/visitors get some added valued. It works both ways. Guys who join the themed social networks get to view the blog content as well; that's the usefulness of RSS feeds.
The social networks operate separately but it gives readers/visitors an automatic sense of identity and feeling of community.

B. You can also add social networking apps/widgets directly to the blogs to get the same effect and actually create a loyal fan base. Google's FriendConnect is one of the more popular ones. Oddly enough, most of the people who are 'join' as followers of my blogs using FriendConnect are bloggers themselves - who are also looking to befriend fellow bloggers (kind of a backdoor link up).

C. Twitter does work to bring in visitors. I have created multiple Twitter accounts and use Twitterfeed to post updates to all of each of the Twitter accounts automatically when a new post is made to one of my blogs.

4. Tags are important. Blogger tags are not simply so that a visitor can search your blog archive to find a certain item of interest. Those tags are searchable from Google's main search engine. Therefore, you should use

standard tags whenever possible, and don't hesitate to repeat the main key tag words: gay, porn, nude, cock, suck, fuck, naked, male, men etc along with your more accurate descriptive tags. It is automatic free advertising (as long as you have set your Blogger settings correctly).

5. Facebook (and several other large portal type social sites, MySpace, Yahoo, Google other sites (Buzz, Profile, etc... ) can be used effectively WITHOUT posting obscene material.

Many of my blogs (themed) ones also have a Facebook Fan page. I just don't post any material from the blog directly to the Facebook Fan page. Instead, I can post a link (without offending visual images) to my blogs.

Particularly, if you have some alternate identities, you can populate your Facebook Fan page and also get 'their' Twitter updates posted to Facebook. One Facebook Fan page I created got to be popular enough, that I gave over the management and administration to one of the enthusiastic members.

Here is the list of my current porn blogs and the main contributors:

My Blogs

Team Members

Twinkaholic: Addicted to Teen GaysBrian Sullivan garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Jo KristianKawika Makahakanoa
Passions of the Hentaigarxon19 Kawika Makahakanoa sullybboi Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan
Guys into CMNMTim Jo Kristian David Seefallus Kelly 'Sunbuns'Brian Sullivan
Kelly's Second LifeBrian Sullivan Kelly 'Sunbuns' David Seefallus
Mec a poil(inactive for RSS only)
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A Father's Pride and JoyKelly 'Sunbuns' David Seefallus Brian Sullivan
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Uber Horny: guys who want it badsullybboi garxon19 Kelly 'Sunbuns' Brian Sullivan

Tumblr  blogs (Oct 2014 - most of new since my former Tumblr blogs were deleted in Sept 2014.
guysn2cmnm It was deleted on Oct 6, 2012
Probably, this response is more than Andrew (tallwhiteboy) expected to get. But with each every email I write, I consider that effort to be worth it IF it leads me to a better understanding and also to be able to write something that I can share with others (for free). Therefore, I made my response one of the posts in my personal blog that you are reading now.
Cheers, and thanks for the stimulating question, Andrew. I hope it will be useful advice in response, and that you will have many more readers for your own blog.


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