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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Awakening Recognition of CMNM by Aidan Quin

I came across this blog when I was Googling for male exhibitionism; and I guess I was looking for some discussion on the matter.

That's really difficult to describe, and I think there's a whole range of emotions behind it, some of them contradictory. CMNM is not something I've considered before, so I can't say I'm necessarily into it - although I am interested in elements of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

Photo is aidanqn, taken accompany this entry.

You see, I'm a bit messed up ;) When I was younger, I was always frightened of my endowment - and I guess I still am a bit. But the funny thing is, I'm vain, too. I remember taking a photo of myself with my flies open and my red briefs sticking out when I was in my late teens. I also used to draw pictures of my crotch, wearing just briefs, when I was about 14. And many years ago, I saw a picture that a cousin took of himself. It wasn't rude, but my grandmother asked him why he took it. Inside my head, I knew exactly the reason. It kind of got me to figuring that deep down that nearly all men are vain/exhibitionists.

Recently, I have taken up swimming. The pools aren't big, and there's quite a few private cubicles. I never go in there, but go into the public area to change. I wear speedos. I noticed that the other guys use the private ones, but I always thought that was a bit effeminate; and they wore swimming shorts, too, rather than speedos.
I think that what I'm trying to say is that from a naked man's point-of-view, being naked is like being the alpha male. I think it's a huge turn-on to know that my own body is giving pleasure to others. It feels like a powerful position, rather than one of powerlessness.

A number of years ago, I was at a party, and a man and a woman were fondling me a little. Then the man gave some instructions to the woman as to what to do with me - well it never led to sex, and I was clothed the whole time - but I got really turned on by the idea of being a kind of toy - giving pleasure simply by receiving it - and being the object of lust. There was a vid on YouTube showing a wrestler's package. A woman said "It makes a nice change to see the objectification of men".

I responded because I thought:
  1. that it contained an implicit inferiority complex about being a woman in relation to a man (I didn't actually write that, but that's what I felt)
  2. that being objectified shouldn't necessarily imply a position of inferiority on the part of the person objectified. For those with a healthy self image,
    being a source of admiration was a source of strength; and conversely for those with a poor self image, a source of further weakness. So, it all depends on your point of view.
Things are also hot from a clothed male's point of view. I like the idea of touching a man whilst I'm fully clothed; and then watching him get sexually aroused.

I once saw a vid on XTube about a military examination. It was really hot to see 6 guys lined up, being ordered to take off their clothes, and then be intimately examined. Some the guys seemed to like it, too!

For me, it's not about "emotional" dominance. I think it's a turn-on when both 
parties are aroused by the experience, but a turn-off if one side is feeling abused and not enjoying it. So, for me, it's about pleasure, not about bullying or intimidation. If one side is feeling belittled, then I don't like it.

====== Note from Aidan Quin: ===========

By the way, feel free to blog about this message and your reactions. I thought you might like a photo of me, which I've attached. (Photo is posted at the top of this article.) I've written "CMNM" across my hips so that you know it's really from me - plus I kind of dig the whole "tattoo" thing. I would never get a tattoo, but I think a temporary one would be really cool. Feel free to post the pic, too! Maybe it will start a trend ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Personal Update and CMNM Party Plans

Hey nude dudes (and clothed ones too). Are you into CMNM? Clothed male / naked male erotic situations. I organize CMNM events and also admin several Guys Into CMNM (blog) and from there you can join one of several social networking sites devoted to CMNM.
social network groups devoted to CMNM. So get in touch - I'm not just trying to hook up, but want to get a lot of guys together for CMNM events in many parts of the world. You can find more about it at my
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I organize private CMNM events in during my road trips while on holidays. If you're not a follower on Twitter - see

If you might want to join us for one or more CMNM events d(or at future event there or elsewhere), then find out what we have in mind...

You can see what CMNM events that we're planning at our Club CMNM page on Eventbrite :

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You may also let other local guys in your area know about our CMNM events, or your friends and online acquaintances that who are traveling to these areas who might want to join.
They are great ways to meet other men - since there is no requirement to be naked or to have sex (except as it just happens - depending on the place/venue and who's attending).


Mr. Timberfell Contest and CMNM Meetup 

  • When : Aug.7-9, 2015

  • Where: Timberfell Lodge, >
    Place : Greeneville TN

IF MY INBOX is full, send email to sunbunz (at) gmail (dot) com
or find me on Facebook with that email address or my name:
Kelly Lewis

There is no age limit or target group, but we'll normally be separating into young men's group, a middle-aged and mature men's groups for part (or all) of the event(s). If there are enough guys, we can alternate or rotate groups and activities. We're flexible and want to make all attendees comfortable, and that both the older and the younger guys are happy.

These events do NOT require sexual behavior -- and do not encourage bareback or unprotected sex; we refuse underage (under 18 y.o.), and prohibit any illegal drugs or activities that abuse or would potentially cause hurt, pain or injury (included psychological damage). These are NOT BDSM parties - by any means.

In some cases, special Daddy / Boy, Coach/Athlete, Teacher/Students, Uniformed Officer / Young Citizen (needing a spanking) events will allow mixed aged erotic encounters that involve mild bondage or spanking, etc.

If you are interested, let me know.. mahalo, Kelly.
Who knows, if successful .. we may be bringing a CMNM event to a place near you soon.

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My home and heart are in Pahoa (The Big Island, Hawaii) but actually I don't live there but part of the year. I travel frequently for my work and spend more time off the island than on it. Currently, I'm based in Japan, but I travel quite a bit in North America, Europe and Asia during the year.

I'd love to hear from anyone into these sexual interests. I'm particularly excited about CMNM, and make it a kind of hobby -- at least, I have created a blog and a few social networks related to the Clothed Male / Naked Male (CMNM) sexual lifestyle.

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Most desirable types of men - but I am not a slave to my desires alone:
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Body style: slim to medium - studly, muscular are all right (bears are great - but not really my main thing), skinny is A-OK, slim boyish types, being versatile is important, more skin than hair (smooth is great, but I'm not against a hairy chest, legs, ass), bubble butt, .. Oh, and a guy should have a cock -- otherwise I'm not too picky (LOL).

Age / Social Status: I like guys my age or younger, although I actually get along well with men far older and far, far younger. I tend to prefer a man in his late 30 - 40 or 50s - just because we often share the same economic level and what that means. No, I'm not the sugar-daddy type and I don't want to support another 'son' or 'lover' who can't make a living for himself.

Personality: Of course, it's important. But people are different and everybody has admirable qualities and things we don't particularly care for. So.. I take it as it comes. Besides, we're probably not going to live together. To be honest, I prefer sexual encounters - not romantic adventures (for the most part). I am not looking for a Long-Term-Relationship (LTR) -- although I do make a really great friend/buddy -- even if sex isn't in the picture.

Sex .. though.. is different. Guys of any age can be great sex partners. Sex, though, is not only what life's about. Although I realize of course, that's why you and I came to this site.

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Naked camping, nude beaches and nude outdoor activities "au naturel" along with scuba diving are some of my favorite leisure pasttimes, but NOT the only ones. I travel a lot, and while doing so, love to cruise gay beaches worldwide when I'm not enjoying the cultural or natural environments, the latter are really my true passions. Sex and/or romance may be important, but it IS NOT the completely dominant theme of my life.

As you can probably tell by the tone and content of my message here, I am not looking for a relationship of any special or limiting sort except true friendship. I like sex, of course, but by far there are much more important ways to appreciate one's fellow man than by simply fucking/sucking and by emotionally screwing each other over than what the typical male (probably especially the typical gay male) knows or can even comprehend.
To keep things simple, basic, and just primitive, I would love to meet up with guys who just want to get naked in public or challenge other (and photograph it) to naked male dares.

I enjoy hot scenes on the beach, maybe in a public place ; but I am mostly a regular guy who loves or camping out naked, or hiking nude with buds in the great outdoors or I am equally at ease enjoying a meal - one that we cook together is even better, or take in an event (museum, concert, street fair, etc) together (these cultural events are NOT in the nude, well - probably not)).

Just talking and enjoying a view of the beach, mountains, or urban city street is also a good experience too.
I am not always a horny bastard -- I supremely enjoy nature but also the arts, cultural events (music, dance, theatre, open), travel, discussion, ethnic food and music and more. I like writing and enjoy organizing things - events, people into groups, trips....

Recently, I've started writing more (or at least collecting my posts into a themed journal on my blogs:

I love collecting nude and explicit photos of all kinds of men and their sexual pursuits. I have done so for many years to my personal collection is pretty impressive - although I wonder about its legality

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My teacher was good at making me behave.

My teacher was good at making me behave. Not exactly my own teacher, but my first full-fledged gay sex was with a college professor.

I was studying in France (Junior Year Abroad) and joined the university choral club. It turned out that one of the older guys (the club was open to anybody on campus) took a shine to this 19-year-old American guy. So he kept winking and being friendly during and after rehearals - I was really new to noticing such attentions.

After several months, he eventually invited me over to his apartment a few blocks from the campus. It was the first time that I had actually been able to act both romantically and sexually with another guy in a mutually gratifying encounter.

He asked me to sit next to him on the couch and the sexual vibes were electrifying.. it wasn't but a few minutes later -- while we were looking through one of his photo albums that we just abandoned all pretenses, and started kissing passionately. Minutes later, he took me to his bedroom and then proceeded to instruct me in the realities and pleasures of gay sex. I got fucked in the butt for the first time by a guy who was about 40.

Unfortunately, he was not really interested in a relationship -- except jus sex from time to time. It was very disappointing for me and I learned my first 'lesson' about what can be the difficulties in maintaining (or establishing) a relationship especially because it was such a closeted time. His being a teacher was problematic for us both so he never wanted to see me on campus. Eventually, I gave up seeing him and before too long returned home.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Why so many cock shots in the gallery?


A recent response to a question about nudity (cock shots) on the reader's gallery:

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:42 pm Post subject: Why so many cock shots in the gallery.
I'm new to the site and to freeballing and don't understand why there are so many pictures of just dicks in the gallery. There are a few peek-a-boo crotch shots so you know he's a freeballer - which is cool - but photos of just dick? Why?
 It's hot here in Hawaii! Let your boys swing free!
sunbuns    Joined: 24 Jul 2006 Location: Pahoa, HI, Nashville, TN, Tokyo, Japan

 Localrice, That's certainly a fair question. The gallery states clearly that there should be 'no nudity.' But I think there are a few reasons - which may not be obvious - especially when you consider the function of the Net in our societies. First of all, I think we all have to have a little historical perspective on what this site is and was, on what freeballing means (on the surface and also in a deeper sense) and what freeballers mean to each other. Perhaps, more importantly, we need to consider the role that this board plays in some people's development (hopefully growth and growing up).

Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 3:54 pm Post subject: The gallery

You need too to realize the role in plays in creating a (virtual online) community - finding balance between what attracts (draws members in) and what makes the participate in a community member - while maintaining a sense of purpose, identity, and belonging - without fear and discord (in-fighting and blame). 

 I realize you're not exactly complaining - just asking a question. You probably did NOT expect anyone to respond in so lengthy a message. What you brought up is important and lies at the heart of what makes this board work as a successful (online) community. But if you put up a fuss about it or worse, it'll probably do nothing but hurt and possibly alienate and isolate a lot of guys who freeball and who want to have some assurance that others do too. 

The nudity is only part of the 'larger' picture and once you see beyond that it'll help you understand what's really going on. (safe play and friendly boast, 'see what I got, can you beat this' - sort of male cockmanship - that's how I see the gallery). It's a technical problem too. How can you show you're freeballing' and not show any nudity (there has to be some skin at some point). So herein lies the rub (Shakespeare). 

Where do you draw the line? Breasts - but no nipples. Pelvis but not pubes? Cocks but no erections? It's a nightmare trying to police that. The gallery and nudity are also there out of practical economy - saving time and resources on the part of this forum admin. It's probably one of the things that attracts 
people to the site -- even when there is no new message on the board, there is often a new photo or two. It's also about market share (would there be anyone posting regularly if this were a text only bulletin board). We lost about half the membership when this site stopped allowing photo upload in posts (as attachments). 

Just go and take a look at the older version (there were a lot more frequent messages). Sometimes weeks go by with no postings nowadays. But such is life (and the state of the economy). Second, the site admin would be deleting half the membership if he rejected every person who has uploaded (in the gallery) or in messages a photo with nudity. The older version of this phpBB even allowed direct photo uploads. (which eventually became to costly (for web host storage space and bandwith) to support on this free site. I don't mean that all people come here just to see the cock photos -however a few do and maybe they NEED that While there are plenty of places on the Net where you can get all the nude and sexually explicit photos you could ever want -- of all sexual persuasions. Not everybody is a porn perv or wants to be consider one (even by his own standards). 

So... having a 'nude' gallery gives some guys a chance to 'try on' the merchandise - find out if the male penis has any appeal to them beyond simple self-comparison. Lord knows they get little chance to do that with a real male counterpart in today's world. (I'm well over 40 so I know what the 60's and 70's were like having lived in the South, it was more like what America was in the 40's and 50's as far moral standards and sexual mores goes.

 So.. it probably makes it a bit 'naughty' for some members (and guests) to look freely at some dudes' dick and freeballing pix - those same guys normally wouldn't be caught dead looking at a Net porn site (at least not on their home computer) and especially not viewing or having to register (or pay) for a gay porn site. Posting cock pics is not a bad thing. It's just a human body part. People are fascinated by nudity and how it relates to their own and other sexuality and sexual stimulation. Showing nude male bodies including genitals does serve an important function. 

In today's rather paradoxical sexual moral (mores) environment, we (all 300 million in the US - ages 5-105) can hear in the news about a US Senator (supposedly) cruising for sex in an airport restroom or the Pope apologizing to an assembly of thousands of young people for the sexual abuses of his priests (as he did in Australia last week), but it is now almost impossible for young men, teens, and boys to see another guy's dick and balls, or a naked body in 'real' life. 

Public facilities have only private changing rooms; adult men who used to walk around naked in the locker room now get dressed hurriedly to avoid 'offending' some (supposedly) impressionable and over-protected (and probably highly sensitized because of it) school boy - who has never seen a naked male body before. I could go on and on about the fundamentalist approach to banning the human anatomy from our society while at the same time it opens up topics and mental images for its citizens (of all ages) that are far more shocking, explicit (i.e. obscene) that any photo on this site - possibly more so than most porno sites. I know I must sound like I'm on a soap box. Perhaps I am. 

Glad you brought up the topic. I have said it before - this site is one of the very few places on the Internet where people (particularly men) of all ages, size and shapes, races, ethnic and social backgrounds, economic status, religious creeds or belief systems, and sexual preference can join together in (sometimes) meaningful discussions and exchanges without bickering over what makes up different from one another. 

It's OK to discuss the diversity and why we think, believe and feel differently. It's the repression of other points of view - (such as acceptance of nudity) that really kills a sense of community. Sort like that recent gunman in Knoxville who walked into the Interfaith church and shoot people because they espoused diversity and human rights for all religious (and sexual) persuasions. 

(NOTE* Being (possibly) from Hawaii, you should understand more than most what is valuable in preserving diversity and in respecting the individuality and uniqueness of all. It's one important aspect of the spirit of Aloha, isn't it? Freeballing truly seems to set us all free - free to be ourselves, free to be different, and free to share out sameness and diversity, and also to not fear that someone else's idea of what makes us a man (or what God is, or what is right or wrong) is the only standard that we must be judged by. It is not at all a 'gay' thing to post a naked pic or a cock photo. Perhaps you are a bit naive or inexperienced with all the social networking sites and photosharing sites on the Net. 

 The fact is (I should probably say my 'own' view of the 'facts') , some guys who decide to freeball or who are attracted to the idea and have put it into their reality (and how they define their lifestyle) have a need for bonding with other men (non-sexual). They (or others) may also have strong desires for male companionship and affection (non-gay but gender identifying and reassuring). There are others who are definitely turned on to idea and the reality of masculinity as a sexual object or preference, and still others are seeking out (unconsciously or consciously) sexual interaction with men -- in other words, homosexual (or homoerotic) behavior. I'm not saying guys who come to are 'looking for a blowjob' or to get sexual partners. But in any room of males, there are always some who are interested in sex. I just think it's the nature of the beast (grin). By far, most of the people (guys make up 99% or more) are here for the camaraderie, for some fun, for some chit-chat and sometimes for some serious discussion (like me).

 Believe me.. I love freeballing but even more nowadays, I'm into to 'freebody' - complete nudity - wherever and wherever possible - NOT just blatant exhibitionism (naked under a trench coat flasher) for it's own sake (although I can see why some guys really enjoy doing that too). So you have to take what comes with the territory. I believe the guy who started this board probably realized that 'hidden' fact (whenever men gather the topic of sex and nudity will inevitably come up) and fortunately for us, he has allowed the 'rules' to be stretched and to 'be bent' with the needs of this community (online and virtual as it is). BTW, once you've realized there are dick pix in the gallery, you don't really have to go looking at them -- if you don't want to see them, right? (LOL). Let me close this 'sermonette' (I'll be on vacation from Friday and will have less chance to post for a while). Welcome to this board, localrice and the other new members. Hope you'll post messages or questions ( It seems you don't appear to want to post pics (LOL at least not nude ones). But that's OK too - by me. Aloha, Kelly