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Friday, November 27, 2015

Growing up naked: A recollected story by Oldman

{This was an original story posted on YMNA2 in 2006}

I have not read all the stories yet but thought I would post a few comments of my own.

As a kid I often heard the comment that a boys body has to breath, along with one of my Dads that there are only two models, your either a Ford or Chev, with different trim levels. Nudity was not something that was really talked about yet my brother and I would get ready for bed when we were younger after supper and instead of putting on pj's like most kid we just stripped. We would then run around until we were put into bed naked. As the younger of the two I cannot remember ever wearing anything in bed, (and this includes sleep over with friends of all ages)I think I went from wearing a diaper to sleeping nude.

My parents were also very casual with nudity. I should also mention that I grew up after the age of 8 in a rural area where everyone seemed to have either a sauna or steambath and sometimes both. I
cannot remember visiting one family that every wore clothing in them.

Although I had no sisters as boys we accepted the fact that girls over a certain age had periods and boys of all ages got hard-ons.  Both were considered nothing to get excited about, they were just the facts of life.

When we lived in the city I swam at the Y during the winter and, of course, at that time all boys swam naked it was one of the policies.

Frequently when we lived in the city and later when on holidays we would go to what would later become a well known nudist beach during the hippy era. When we moved to the country as boys skinny dipping was the norm and often did include girls.

I mentioned once before on a group that most teenage boys had seen their girlfriends naked long before they ever dated of course that was true also for the girls. As a gay male that always knew he was gay long before I ever knew what it even meant I always liked seeing the other guys naked.

When we first entered Jr. high school getting a hard-on while showering was just considered normal. I can say that every kid in my homeroom, we were divided by sex until grade 12, I had seen hard. In later years there was a few guys that had moved into the school I may not had seen completely hard but they were the exception.

Today I cannot understand why everyone is so uptight about nudity. I actually believe a lot of the problems we have with bullying, calling someone gay etc has its roots in the super modest attitude kids have. All guys have a desire to see what the other guy looks like and it does not make any difference if you are gay or straight. It is just a natural curiosity. How does the guy hang, is he cut or

not, just a general curiosity of what does he have under those baggy pants and boxers that make all boys look completely sexless.

I would like to point out that for the last two summers at a lake I spend a few months hanging around and fishing during the summer that a family has spent a good month at both years. Both their boys are
completely at ease walking around naked. I put them the first year at 12 and 14. For us retired folks that make up most of the population of campers or RVs we accept it with no problem.

 The first year there was a younger family and they seemed to be a little uptight at first but seemed to accept it after a couple of days and their two boys soon joined in. It is nice for me to see kids accepting the ways of the older generation. Myself and a couple of other retired guys that still like to go skinny dipping these kids join right in with us with what it should be a completely natural thing.

As my Dad said when I was a kid, there are only two models, you are either one or the other, with a few trim differences, so what is the big deal?

Oldman  -- Been there done that. --

Tayveon Brad And Kory (Icon Male)

Tayveon Martin and and Kory Houston are sitting in bed with Brad Kalvo who is forced to come clean to his boys 
about the fun he's been having on the side.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Nude Beach has an deep animal attraction

The Nude Beach

This was originally posted at the following site:
Last summer, I was doing my usual bike riding. I was really horny and on the Internet talking to local studs from Reno/Tahoe area. I had heard talk of there being lots of gay men at so I thought that I should try it out one day. I decided to ride my bike there since it was nice weather and about 10 miles out of town. I walked down to the water and at first saw a small cove with lots of people talking and men and women. All fairly old to me since I was 18.
I continued walking around and noticed that at the southern end of the beach there was a peninsula where it became all rocks. I walked over that way and saw only men. Not a single woman. Boy were there some hot studs out and about in the nude. They were all sun bathing not even caring about each other and putting on that nice tanning oil all over their cocks and asses and everywhere else. I continued to watch people and eventually noticed that some people were walking around about 100 yards from the water in the woods.
I got curious and decided to check some of them out. There were about 5 Really hot ones. I was already turned on. Luckily I wasn’t nude and neither were the dudes that were wandering. People were only nude when they were on the rocks to sunbathe.
I decided I would try to pick up on the guys. So, being a normal guy, I acted like I was
scratching my cock oblivious to the world. I noticed that the guy had stopped and he watched me. So, he did it right back. I was in heaven. I did it again and so did he. We both walked a little bit closer together. We were fairly sheltered from people being able to see us so I just started to jack off through my bathing suit and so did he.
I decided to really make the move and I walked over to him to get a good look. He was so fine. About 25, 5'8" (somewhat short), well toned muscles, probably around 165 pounds, a face to die for, a butch cut haircut with dirty blond hair, and the bubble butt to die in.
I said to him. "He man, how’s it goin’ today?" 
He replied, "Good, just thought I would bag me a few studs while I was sun bathing."
We started to talk and decided to head farther into the woods. He knew some places to go because he was a regular here. We went up to a few rocks where we were completely hidden. I got down onto my knees and reached up for his long, sensuous, 8 inch cut cock. He had nice, low hanging, monster size balls. I immediately started to take each nut into my mouth while slowly jacking his cock. I started giving him the best blow job he had ever had. I couldn’t believe how horny he was. He started to shoot a load right then onto my face, in my mouth, and onto my chest. I started sucking it up and he started to kiss me.
His cock never went soft though. I continued to suck him while he was moaning. I got a new position so that I could be in his ass with my tongue. I started finger fucking him and tongue fucking him. Then I stood up and started to kiss him. Then he took my fingers and started to suck them so that he could taste his own sweet ass. Then, he set me on all fours, 
and started to eat my ass. He was in there like a madman who hadn’t eaten in weeks. He was fingering me and fucking me and occasionally taking his hand and sticking it in my mouth so that I could suck on his nice long fingers.

Then, it was time, he stood up, placed his hands on my hips, and started to thrust in. He slowly pushed in about half way. Then he pulled out all the way and jammed his nice cock up my ass. Oh, it was so nice, I was in ecstasy. He started giving me the fuck of my life, in and out, pumping me so hard that I thought my ass may rip. Then he decided his cock wasn’t feeling tight enough of an ass so he put two of his fingers in while he continued to fuck. It was an indescribably good feeling.
He finally pulled out and shoved his cock in my mouth, it tasted so good. There was a mix of jizz, sun tan oil, and my ass juices on it. I was sucking for all I was worth. Then he noticed I was about to shoot. He got down and started to suck me. He wasn’t nearly as good at sucking as he was fucking. He sucked maybe 1 minute and it all shot. I shot load after load into his eager mouth. He kept his mouth shut and moved up to my mouth. He started kissing me and I got a whole mouthful of cum. Then, before I knew it, his cock was in my mouth shooting his hot jizz and I was in heaven. He kept shooting for about a minute that there must have been a pint all over my body and face.
Then, he pulled out of my mouth and started kissing me. We eventually got soft and that was when I noticed that he was the local ranger. Ever since then we have been fucking and sucking our nuts off about 3 times per day. Boy do they know what they are doing!