After they took the still shots out in the courtyard, the reality of what was about to happen made Tony Douglas nervous.

'My girlfriend has wanted to use her dildo on me,' said Tony. 'No way! She even came home once with this little curved prostate massager. It didn't happen.'

'Then why are you here today?'

'The money,' he responded.

They started with a medium sized dildo and moved onto large anal bead toy. We're sure there is a proper name for it, like ass stretching thumper balls or something.

Drake, I truly believe this was Tony's first anal experience. Cocksucking, now that's another story. He's been in other videos. He's sucked cock and fucked guys, and he's a good little cocksucker. For a short time Drake thought he would be the first to get me off orally.

The 17 minutes 'Quickie' jumps right in at the point where Tony's ass hole is relaxed, gaping open, and taking the toy. It also has the anal bead section, Tony upside down and cumming in his mouth as Drake jacks him off, him sucking me, and his face drenched in Drake's cum.