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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Various CMNM situations - Which one have you been in?

Filming A Mate Take A Shower.


When I was in high school me and some friends went away for a weekend to a filmmaking festival. The idea was to spend the weekend making a funny short film and having a good time away from our parents. The film we had written was a B-grade style horror film spoofing films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho. And so, of course, there was a shower scene where one of the characters was murdered...
During the shoot I was behind the camera and one friend was in charge of the special effects (tomato sauce in water pistols). The victim was being played by another one of our friends. He had no shirt on and was just in his shorts. He was young and skinny but had some defined muscles and the beginnings of a six-pack. We discussed how we were going to shoot the scene and had a quick rehearsal. Then he ******** down to his underpants and stepped into the shower ready to shoot.

With the water flowing and soaking his briefs, I could clearly make out the shape of his package. He seemed to be quite aware of this, and in fact,  seemed to be enjoying showing off. He kept grabbing at his crotch to try and make his bulge look bigger. We angled the camera so that only his top half could be seen and you couldn't tell that he wasn't completely naked, but take after take the waistband of his briefs kept creeping up into frame and ruining the shot.

My friend asked if it would be easier to film if he really was naked. The thought went through my mind that we probably didn't need him to *****, but honestly I was a little curious and without hesitation he pulled off his 

briefs. He immediately started pulling on his **** to make it grow just a little bigger, he obviously wanted us to see he had a decently sized ****. I tried not to look, or at least look like I was looking, because I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. But he was staring at my eyes, not looking away. It felt like he wanted me to look and he wanted to catch me peeking.

At first I felt very awkward that he was naked while me and the others were fully clothed and I was pointing a camera directly at him. But it became less awkward when I realized that he was quite comfortable and was, in fact, enjoying it. 'It's okay, you can look at my ****' he said, which surprised me. After that I couldn't help but look, he grabbed his **** again which had grown slightly since he pulled it out and he stood proudly with it hanging between his legs. It wasn't awkward anymore but quite a funny situation.We finished shooting the scene and he jumped out of the shower. He hung out in the nude for a while before he got dressed.
 It's funny, amongst my current group of friends I have a reputation of being overly comfortable with nudity and stripping off at parties etc. But thinking back to that day, I found it quite impressive seeing someone so eager to ***** off in front of their friends and show everything.

Exhibitionist Coffee

During the summer I had gone to the local nude beach (about 20 miles away) a few times and enjoyed it as people walked past and had a good look at me sunbathing naked. It’s a long beach with the nude section up in the dunes at the far end so anyone at that part of the beach is fully aware it is nude and expects to see people naked. I would find a nice spot, ***** off and settle down to sun myself knowing it wouldn’t be long before some beach walkers would come past. As the dunes undulate up and down you don’t know if there will be someone over the next peak of a dune so sometimes walkers would suddenly appear almost next to me. Some of the walkers were just walking and nothing more. Others were hoping to “stumble” across nude sunbathers to they could get an eyeful. So occasionally someone would suddenly appear close to me and make quite a show of apologizing for disturbing me but at the same time making sure they had a good look. And I’m fairly sure some people came past more than once. Mostly the walkers were dressed, or at least wearing swimmers, and I quite enjoyed the fact that they were seeing me naked while they were clothed. Occasionally some would stop and chat and I really enjoyed it as they stood looking down on me as I lay naked before them. It was the typical British chatter about the weather and very seldom did they comment on the fact I was naked….but some did and that was fun.

Some weeks later I was fully dressed waiting to meet a friend outside the post office in the town near the beach when this chap walked past, nodded and said hello. I politely nodded back and said hello to him too. He stopped and smiled and said “You don’t recognize me do you?” I replied that I didn’t and he said that he had almost not recognized me with my clothes on but was now sure we had chatted before.

The look of surprise on my face made him laugh and he explained that he had seen me on the nude beach and had made a point of walking past a few times and even stopped to chat once or twice as an excuse to have a good look at me. We chatted a bit and although I couldn’t recall chatting with him he described the towel I was lying on etc. and then said that I was circumcised – which is true – so clearly we must have chatted….or at least he had seen me naked before. He was in his 60’s and called Bill and said he admired my body and had really enjoyed chatting to me on the beach as he looked at me naked. He gave me his number and said if ever I wanted somewhere to ***** off during the winter I could visit him at his house which was nearby. Then my friend arrived and Bill said goodbye but as he went he said I should call him.

A week or so later I met my friend again and I was just about to head for home when I remembered Bill and called him and asked if he was serious about what he had said the last time. He said he hadn’t really expected to hear from me but would love to see me and invited me round for a coffee, although it couldn’t be for very long as he had to go out later.
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I knocked on his door but thought it likely he would ask me to ***** off. He welcomed me in and showed me through to the living room and we sat and chatted a bit. We went over the old ground of how he had enjoyed chatting to me as he admired my naked body during the summer and his surprise when he saw me in town. He seemed to enjoy describing my body to me as if confirming to both of us that we had chatted and he had in fact seen me naked before. I found it quite exciting to hear his description of my body and particularly how he described the parts you would only see if I was naked….the level of detail he had convinced me that he had definitely seen me naked before!

Then he said I should feel free to take my clothes off. I laughed and said I had wondered when that would happen. He said he would love to see me naked again and had hoped that was why I had visited! So, in front of a retired gentleman who I had only just met, but who had clearly seen me naked before, I took all my clothes off. Although I still couldn’t recall chatting to him on the beach his description of my body and the fact that he seemed like a nice guy meant I was happy to do it.

 I was a bit nervous as I hadn’t really ******** off for someone like this before, but his reaction and appreciation soon put me at ease. Being naked for strangers on a beach is very different for being naked for someone specifically because they have asked to see my body. I was now sitting naked on the sofa and nervous over what was going to happen next. He asked if it was ok for him to remain dressed as he was quite shy but loved the fact I was so exhibitionist. I took that as an invitation to show myself off so I stood and paraded about the room before standing in front of him and making sure he had a good look. He watched and clearly enjoyed what he was seeing.

Then he asked if I would like a drink so I followed him into the kitchen where he put the kettle on and made us both a coffee, chatting normally but he was also looking me over and smiling as he did so. We stood chatting with our drinks about the weather, traffic, etc. He showed me round his house and the view from his upstairs bedroom of the beach. I was quite comfortable walking round his house completely naked and every now and again he would stop to have a good look at me – and when he did I would strike some pose that showed myself off to him.

I offered to wash up the coffee cups and as I did I felt him come up behind me and put his arms
around my chest, caressing me gently.

I rubbed his arm by way of encouragement and so he got a bit braver and lowered his hands to below my waist, softly taking my growing member in his hands. I put my hands over my head, giving him unrestricted access to the whole of my body, which he proceeded to feel all over, moaning with pleasure as he did so.

I could feel the cool touch of his clothes against my back as he held me close against him and felt quite excited at the fact I was so completely naked and exposed to him.

He was enjoying the total freedom I gave him to play with my naked body, saying how lovely it was. He said we only had a few more minutes before he had to go out so I invited him to have a last good look and feel before I got dressed.

After I got dressed and he saw me out the door he said I’d be very welcome to visit again. I think I will.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Let a sleeping guy lie.... erection in his sleep: Finding hotties in a hostel

A World of Real (Mostly) Naked Guys (blog) has a recent post showing a Warhol-like video with a the main character naked in bed and sleeping with an erection that grows then fades. There is also a link to that blog on the right hand side bar here (the blogger has also linked back to mine).

This brings up another form of male-male homoerotic communication (CMNM experience) that I find to be absolutely spellbinding - especially when it is happening to me: sleeping with another guy - particularly when either I or he is nude.
A naked guy sleeping in a hostel room -->

I happened to me recently when I was staying in a hostel during August. I had the 'hardest' time getting to sleep because there were mostly unclothed guys (wearing only boxers or boxer-briefs) in the bunk beds around me. I always sleep naked during the summer months, and when I am staying at a hostel - I usually do so, too. In most cases, the sheet keeps me covered but at times, I'm sure my cock - soft or erect - is plainly visible. I have found many guys at the hostels who sleep in the nude.

How to find a hostel
Google will help (as you must know). It helps to try Google in various languages, especially the spelling of the city is different between specific languages.

Cologne is very different in Germany and French. I found an interesting link (for Germany's hostel/backpackers) ...for example. 

This site listed only two hostels (I am sure there are more), but it also has city info (listing straight bar, gay bars, restaurants and tourist spots, along with other helpful hints).  If you don't get specific advice from anybody here, then try a more generalized travel site (esp one with travelogs or traveler's recommendations).

You should take a look at such sites as TravBuddy or Virtual Tourist, or TripAdvisor (heavily commercial), TravBuddy listing for Cologne ( a sample city with a large gay community and Pride festivities)

Other sites worth looking at:

Also the major hostel listing are at: (Hostelling International chain) (reviews of hostels)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Experiencing a Tribe for Real - - Life in a Hostel (sic) Environment

Originally posted on Blog

I love hostel stays.

Hostels are really great places for potential and sometimes actual CMNM experiences. More than the erotically suggestive nature, the real chance to meet people from all walks of life and to become authentic -- even if only temporarily - buddies or friends. There is just something about being a fellow sojourner that brings out the 'best' in a person (well.. I think it does for me). I've posted on this topic before but there's not very much reaction - although my take on hosteling (and the pleasure it affords) has changed recently.

In some ways, being on (also some of the other alternative life-style social networking sites)
is a lot like living in a hostel with a set of unique and slightly strange (if not almost perverted) bunk of quirky people. In real life, there aren't that many places - in the modern and average working-man world -- that you can really let your hair down and let your personality and anatomy all hang out (LOL - in a manner of speaking). On a recent stopover trip to NYC, I had intended to stay in a hostel situation. But unfortunately, I couldn't get a reservation at any place I really want to 'experience'. So I settled on another kind of alternative accommodations: the YMCA Club hotels - this time the West Side YMCA.

 I realize I am getting a bit off-subject but it IS directly or indirectly related to CMNM or male-to-
male flashing. Saunas (gay sex clubs/baths) are not totally banned in NYC but it seems that true gay baths ALMOST are- unless you don't count East Side Club or the West Side Club. While I was staying at the West Side YMCA, I visited the West Side Club (no relation, similar name only) on two nights and found it OK enough to go back for more.

They charged an initial membership fee ($15?) but you get a 30-day member's card, which allows for 5 visits (just pay for a room (or locker). I recommend a room and it's customary to give a tip to the staffer who leads you to your room. There were a variety of men but there was virtually no sex in the corridors or open areas - it was confined to the private rooms with the doors closed -- which was somewhat disappointing.

At West Side Club, the is only one small shower room, and the sauna was not working (or appeared to be closed) - which may be connected to fact that the sauna room was also closed at the West Side YMCA, where I stayed two nights. At the Y, a sign was posted saying that it was closed by order of the City Board of Health. Was it just this one that had not passed inspection or is the NYC Board of Health systematically shutting down all public saunas? Sort of like - cleaning out the porn and prostitutes out of Times Square? Go figure.

I have love staying at hostels - not just for the economy, and also not just because I have an 'excuse' to be naked in front to strangers (which is always fun), but I have found now that they are enjoyable even more for the chance for camaraderie and acceptance from new acquaintances and potential friends. Initially, I saw it as a way to flash people whose reactions you could see and who can't quite run away. But now, I find that being accepted for being myself is working like a kind of therapy and giving me less reason/compulsion to 'flash' or get naked in front of strangers (not that I ever really did it blatantly anyway - but the fantasy and compulsivity had been growing for the last few years whether I actually acted on it or not).

More recently, I have found that I really enjoy getting to know the people I am 'living' with in the hostel. I guess it comes from my not acting anything but myself -- I feel free to be me - kinky, profane, but passionate, caring, and adventurous too.

 I seemed to be (socially) rewarded for the very things that might be 'pervs' in someone else's book. So I've started to see hostels in a whole new light. Still, there are not all like that. I guess it depends on how long you stay - and whether your roomies are ready and willing to socialize. It also matters whether they are willing to accept your 'uniqueness' (diversity - differences in sexual persuasions - i.e. being gay or a nudist or an exhibitionist.)

Maybe it has everything to do with the location (what hostel, in what city/country, and what the social context is). It was a mixed room for 8 with of them 2 women (who were not together) in Honolulu. We did things together - like going out to clubs, dancing, taking in local sites (North Shore Sunset Beach), swimming and even skinnydipping late on night. Using the same bathroom, shower, watching each other change in the room and at the beach was a kind of therapy -- in one sense. My nudity in the room was either overlooked or just accepted - as was everyone else's. I found I didn't really feel the need to be the perv, who made others leary or uncomfortable (with this group).

I did get naked and erect for the 'benefit' of my opposite bunkmate, but he either didn't care or really didn't notice. Because later, we ended up spending a couple of days together (on another island). I guess too that my personality sort of balanced the one overly macho str8 guy who also seemed to like getting nude, too - although seemed possessed with chasing skirt 24/7. In that setting, he was more like the 'pervert', a ex-crazed, testosterone-drenched horny dog.
So I didn't' need or couldn't take that role. He's been traveling for a year and had had some bad experiences so I guess he was 'acting' out like some kind of kid (which he was at 23).

He's lost his travel partner and best friend - who had gotten hooked on drugs while in the Caribbean and had had to be shipped home for hospitalization to the Netherlands).

There was some secret intrigue (not me) with some gay hanky panky going on between one of our roomies and a guy next door which complicated things. Why they tried so desperately to cover it up (without much success) was beyond me. Overall, it was a very nice time.

 A few weeks later, I spent a night in a hostel in NYC (Gershwin Hotel has both private and dorm-style rooms). Life was back to normal -meaning -- I didn't even speak to my roomies (two other young men) except in the dark when I came in after 11pm. There was just one roommate in the room and he appeared asleep. I stripped in the darkened room and took a shower, leaving the door unlocked (on purpose).

The second roommate came in and opened the door to the bathroom catching me fully nude. When I came out and finished dressing, he was in bed, pretending not to notice. I had to leave early the next morning but gave him a lot to look at that night since we were the ones on the two bottom bunks. While in NYC, I looked up some other possible hostels. I believe that WestSide Inn (107st) was promising.

Are there other hostels or hotels in NYC that anyone can recommend?