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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shared father-son fantasy - interesting revelation by a friend

by sunbuns99
First posted on my (blog) September 8th, 2008, 03:24 PM

Damn.. this is one of the pics uploaded by a friend (AJ) to the Daddy-Son Tribe on is shown to the above. The photo actually looks a lot like him. Most all of the pics there are really nasty, and and the existence of that Tribe is really hot! I am a big fan of Hand Jobs magazine - they also publish a monthly collection dad/boy coach/athlete stories - which I really love reading.
It really cool that one of my friends is attracted to the idea -- I would love being his 'part-time' daddy - some time soon I hope - although I don't really fit the bill as a buff, mustachioed, bear-type daddy.

See the link: Hand Jobs magazine

One of their favorites publications is the Daddy Bedtime Tales series.

If you can't buy them in a local bookstore, you can also order then online (or download the PDF version for a fee). I'll be happy to deliver some directly to your doorstep one of these days.. or you can come to visit me on the Big Island and we can read the stories together (smile)..
. and then we can have fun playing daddy and son (screwing around on the beach and everywhere in between (LOL)..

That is really so hot.. I'm not really at the point that I ever tell anybody I'm into fantasies about sex between a father and son (or nephew/uncle) but those male sexual/romance scenarios really get me aroused... I think that's one reason that CMNM is so attractive -- that kind of nudity (without it necessarily resulting in any actual overt sexual behavior) is likely to happen when the partners know each other well.. or when there is an authority or control/dominant factor involved.

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