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Friday, December 19, 2014

Advice on Making Your (Porn) Blog Work

QUESTION:  tall whiteboy wrote:
Thanks for posting a link to my blog on your blog A Father's Pride and Joy. That one link has led
about 200 visitors to my site over the past month. Feel free to repost more as long as you're linking back to me! I could use the traffic.

Do you have any advice on how to get more people to visit my blog? I'm trying everything I can think of to promote my site, but I haven't had much growth lately. Also, Facebook was one of my best marketing tools, but they deleted my account for linking to "obscene" material. Any advice you can give on what has worked for you would be appreciated by this new blogger!

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Encountering once again a self-revealing stranger

 Do Hostels make for hostile people?  I think not.

A recent email  to a former limited acquaintance is found below. Why is it significant enough to blog
about it?   Once I learned something important from a complete stranger I happened to find sleeping next to me.  Now, I wonder again if it's possible to learn something or even teach him some valuable again.  Let me try to explain...

I met JH (not his real name or initials) and really thought he was cool guy. He  was masculine, athletic, and rather good-looking, but he was down-to-earth and a good listener, too.  We were sleeping in adjoining bunkbeds in a youth hostel while we were both on business/pleasure in Honolulu several years ago.  We enjoyed talking and did spend some time doing touristy things.  Nothing much really happened that was truly important, but I could not get out of my head that this was a time that my two normally completely separate lives  - my alternate personal identities - straight father who is university professor and gay blogger who travels the world to stay at gay nude resorts - would come together for a brief time.

To explain that  significance, it might help the readers to understand a bit more about me and my second life as Kelly Lewis (sunbuns / sunbuns99 / sunbunz).   Below is excerpted from JustUsBoys profile.

    Being careful about self-disclosure comes easily to a self-exposing naturist, I love travel, being naked, enjoying new experiences, and helping others reach their potential. Sex is pretty good when thrown in the mix. I am not always 'gay' or truthful about being straight either - but I'm never dishonest. My real age and real name are not disclosed - I don't look a lot like Orlando Bloom now, even though people have noted the resemblance(s) to him. He's my archetypical hero.
    If sex were just simply a bodily function or loving the beauty of  the male face or form was recognized a wholly human artistic endeavour, or if we only recognized having sex as a way to manufacture new human
carcasses (receptacles for our brains) then I'd not have to hide part of my identity - the gay one.
'The Web (virutality) is not a windbreaker or umbrella as much as it is a sail. It's not even waterproof or certainly not a fullproof shelter from the storms of existence, but I find it a wonderfully wild set of habitats.
I found a photo of JH on a hard drive where I had downloaded it months earlier,  and then his name and a MySpace page recently in a pile of notes and papers, so I decided to google him to see if he had emerged somewhere.

Sure enough he was found on Facebook (his 'straight' or regular guy self), but he also figured somewhat prominently in another person's life-story. Based on what I read in the following blog   That blogger describe his long-running problems with a series of gay roommates, and what he disclosed about JH was not very flattering or nice because they had been some kind of financial problem with getting his share of the rent paid.

JH was very likely 'escaping' from the wrath of this irate roommate during the very time that I met and spent a good many hours with him in Honolulu. I believe is was during the month of November, which is also his birthday.  What I found rather attractive about him was the unusual way he slept, it was manly and erotic, but so cute too. His nightly acrobatics made me have a several night's of fitful sleep, where I was furtively jerking my dick while straining to see up the athlete shorts he slept in each night.

Just the night before he (or was it I) was to leave the next day, I confessed to him that I thought he was a really handsome guy who must be hit on my a lot of women and men. He shocked me by telling me that he preferred it when guys hit on him -- instead of the females. It floored me to think I had been laying in my bunk bed next to his all those hours (over 3-4 days) wondering about his body, and thinking of something nasty I'd like to do to it, when all I had to do was simply ask him. No, he wasn't really interested in a man old enough to be his father. But, the next morning, he briefly explained that he was moving out because someone guy he had just met had asked him to stay at his place - obviously for a romantic sexual encounter.  Like.. Damn!

[This is his own photo from a old MySpace page. I had saved this photo in order to help me remember having met JH in Honolulu.]
  persona, and that I was very envious of him for being able to do so right now.   We parted that day and I had not heard from him until my re-discovery of his existence just today.
That incident revealed to me that today's young gay men have a incredibly different perspective on what being gay means to them. One large reason may be because the way that gays are perceived nowadays is so different than when I was growing up into manhood.  I even told JH about this realization and commented that I would someday like to be able to be myself - a gay father, professional  academic,  happily married without living in a disguised

So I wrote to him today (via Facebook) and wonder if he'll even reply and what he'll say.
Dear JH
 We met in Honolulu a few years ago when you and I stayed at a hostel in Waikiki Beach there. Sorry -  that's not my real photo in my Facebook profile.  So I won't be friending you here. I just thought of you recently when I happened to come across some old notes, and decided to look you up on Facebook.
  As you probably won't recall, it surprised me to discover (thanks to your being forthcoming) that you are (were) gay.
So am I - but also happily married to a woman for over 30 years.  Your life (what little of it I know) was a very different experience from the time when I grew up.
  I know you may not want to be 'reminded' of being gay or of that time in HNL. Perhaps you won't appreciate my having purposefully 'run-into' you again.  However, it is only to wish you well, and because I respected you - although I don't have much reason to do so.  But I think we did have some good conversations in that short time. By the way, I have been back several times to that hostel and have made several friends and new acquaintances from around the world - both gay and straight.

I just wanted to say that I wish you well, and hope you're finding life good or making of it what you want.  One of my sons was living in the Bay Area for the last two years, but has now returned to Tokyo. I know at one time, you had intended to come to here for skiing.  Did you make it or have you been back again since then?  If you do and have time to spend, I'd be glad to show you around, or at least have some food or a drink.   I'm not stalking or wanting a date - and no even interfere, but if you'd like, I'll send you a message via my 'real' (and ostensibly straight) persona here on Facebook.
David (alias Kelly)
Here I sit now.. waiting and wondering what kind (if any) response I will get back. In reality, I had written to him several times (with his old Yahoo email address) but never got a reply. I suspect that if

 what the blogger (link above) has written is true, then TH may be very revealing about only some aspects of his life (or even lie by others). Perhaps he would not feel safe and secure to disclose some of this past mistakes and problems.  Eventually, we all get older and certainly don't want mistakes in our past to ride herd over our lives. However, it takes a man to admit that he has learned from what he did in the past. So I wonder if TH was half the man that he seemed to be at the time.  Perhaps, I'll never know but it is important for him to recognize that his life did and does affect other around him -  even when only knowing each other for a brief moment in time.

Added Note by author: Just the next day, I received a welcoming message from JH. He was glad to hear from me, and owing to his new business venture, he'll be coming to Japan next year a couple of times. So we'll probably have a chance to meet at that time. It's not such a small world and small minded planet after all. I will contact him subsequently via my 'real' email address and Facebook profile.

Friday, December 5, 2014

My summer sex journey

by sunbuns originally on Tribe. net and as sunbuns99 on

 August 24th, 2011, 12:29 PM It's been a long hot summer, except for the last
couple of weeks when there's been rain (due to typhoons). Work hasn't been too bad, but there is a never ending stream of stuff to get done. That's all coming to a halt as I take my summer vacation (away from home, back to the US) beginning next week. I depart Aug 3 and arrive in Honolulu, where I'll stay until Sunday, Aug 7. Then I'll spend a few days on the Big Island (Hawaii), and then fly overnight to Nashville, where I will drive to Timberfell Lodge (practically a sex camp !! Whoa).  You'll get to ride along vicariously... so I hope it is (slightly) entertaining. Maybe you'll be inspired to share some of your own exploits from this summer, too.

A source of inspiration: A guy on Dudesnude (kylesj) started a thread about sex vacations: He wrote: " I'd love to hear more from guys who have traveled around the world; spent all day doing the local sights and all night doing the local guys (the non-prostitute ones) :-) He asked, "Please also leave tips and ideas as to where the best places are for this activity and what to watch out for." He goes on to write about his own sexual 'vacation' to Bali.

 "In Bali, the best place to stay (for this activity) is in Seminyak. It's right on the beach and easy access to tours to the rest of the island, great restaurants nearby and world-class spas (the real ones). Then at night after dinner, the 3 gay bars
right next to each other on the main street come alive with tons of guys. Lots of foreign and domestic tourists to pick up. They are mostly eager to hook up. Bonus points if your hotel is nearby (mine was 5 minutes walk away), so you can pick them up at the clubs and bring them home for some naked fun. The 3 nights I was there, I brought home different Indonesian guys each night for hot naked fun :-) Watch out for "money boys". Make sure to ask explicitly first before taking them home. You'd be amazed that even the hot gogo boys have the same needs as us :-) I took home a hot gogo boy once after his shift at the club. That was hot fun ;-)"
Thanks, Kylesj. Sounds hot. I'm not so far from Bali and have never been. What you've described sounds hot. A few other people posted stories, but then the discussion got side-tracked a bit.

Kylesj decided to restart the discussion under a new thread: Traveling and having sex like a dog. That's certainly got my attention because at times I feel that exactly what I've done, and this summer vacation will be not different. I knew I wasn't the only one who does this kind of vacation with anonymous sex as one of the main activities. But it's interesting that we have a venue to share the stories and to give sexual travel advice. So I thought I would share my pleasures and keep a on-going list of my adventures as the vacation unfolds on my Tribe blog or on my Typepad blog: If you don't see any updates here, then try visiting my blogs.

 Travel Diary and Sexcapades: July 30 (Sat)

 In anticipation and due to the need for some long overdue relief, I decided to head to one of the local gay baths/sauna in downtown Tokyo. The rains has stopped and the sun had come and started heating up the humid air. I figured I'd be able to sunbathe practically naked on the rooftop of 24-Kaikan. I arrived at about 3:00pm and went immediately to the roof after getting checked in and changed. There wasn't much happening: I had bought a couple of cheeseburgers and two cans of Chuhai (a carbonated alcoholic drink (8% alcohol) popular all over Japan (originally made from first from potato vodka and soda).

As the sun decided to take a break, I also decided to go exploring in the bowels of the seven floor building for this all-male gay baths, sauna, and hotel. The fourth floor is a series of large rooms with rows of bunk beds and also futon beds.

Some guys pretend to sleep (or actually do sleep) on the futon (floor) or in the bunk beds. Other guys cruise around (in the almost darkened room) and feel up the 'sleepers' or approach another 'roamer' to coax him into some intimate kissing or more. Often, there are two (or more ) males engaged in some kind of gay sex openly so these rooms have great visual appeal for those too inhibited to dash right into the hunt. I usually stand next to one of the couples who are engaged in anal sex. While I don't usually fondle the guys or interfere, it's nice to see male lovemaking up close and personal... like a guy's cock into the asshole of his pleasure partner.

It's very stimulating to hear the grunts and moans that can be heard -- sometimes quite loudly - and to feel the bodies of other roaming viewers brush up beside and behind your own. Sometimes one of these guys will grab my towel (I rarely ever wear the gown that they give you at check-in), or not too infrequently, a guy who likes what he feels (and sees) will then huddle down in the lower bunk, and get his paws or his mouth around my now engorged cock. That happened a couple of times: once I had two guys in the lower bunk as I stood with my head just at eye level watching with a couple fucking on the top bunk, they were vying to see who could get his mouth on my dick. That kind of fun gets my sexual juices flowing pretty quickly -- in preparation for what will happen later on.

 One of those guys was eager to pull me down into the lower bunk, but - at least for now, I would have nothing of it. I didn't want to cum just yet and wanted to have a couple more hours of sex play for ejaculating. I went back upstairs to the sun roof, although by now it had started raining. So I made my way to the 3rd floor bath, shower stalls, and sauna area. I stopped to shampoo and shave at the long row of faucets and showers along the wall. In front of each of these is a large mirror which allows you to get a look at who's coming through the bath, and also get a peek at what's between the legs of the guys sitting on either side of you.

Next I went into the individual shower stalls area. In some of them, there are glory holes purposely made in the walls of the stalls so that you guys can suck cock; there are also smaller holes close to eye level so that you can peek into the next stall and see what's up.

Sure enough I entered one such stall, and I heard the door close in the adjoining one. As I rinsed off under the shower, the guy next to me kneeled down to look through the large suck holes. It was obvious he wanted to get some cock, and mine was not unwilling to oblige his craving. Man, was he good at it, too. He was a younger blonde guy, probably here on business from the US most likely.

Eventually, he got up and turned around because he wanted to have his ass plugged with my dick. So I'm fucking him through the glory hole as he bumps back against the wall. When I stopped (again not ready to cum and call it quits), he leaves the stall, but then I hear a light knock at my shower door. His ass was hot, but I'm not wanting to be so intense.. just a grazing for now, fella! I'll probably see him again later. So I went back upstairs and after drying off.

There are seven floors of this gay baths/sauna and hotel. The price is 2400 yen for 12 hours, which comes in handy if you need to spend the night. It is possible to sleep in the large group rooms, although you may have to put up with guys fucking next to you or someone prying under your covers, looking to suck some dick or get a ride on your erect penis (or give you one).

 Next I went into one of the smaller group rooms - one with only one bunk bed. This time I recognized one of the same guys who had been sucking me earlier. He was the one who had wanted to pull me down in the bunk. But now, he was sucking dick of a nice looking athletic guy as he reclined on the padded floor mattress. He raised his ass in the air and gestured that he wanted me to fuck him. Again, I was happy to pleasure the dude.

At first, the guy being sucked didn't quite get what was going to happen, but when I squatted down to enter the ass of cocksucker, the hunky guy didn't seem to care for such group action, so he pulled away, got up and left. The sucker was undeterred in his lust and wanted me to fuck him full on, slamming his ass hard.

We turned and twisted around so I could slice my sword up his buttocks at different angles. He moaned in ecstasy. But I was still not ready to cum. So after a few more minutes, when he tried to turn over once again, I pulled out and stood up, telling him I wanted to take a rest.

 To be continued .... P.S. Tomorrow (Aug 3) is the beginning of my vacation. So I'll be in Honolulu when I next write more or add to this. P8100178 I'm heading directly to the hostel, and then getting my ass on Diamond Head Beach, where there is always some cruising going on. If I get lucky, I'll have more stories to tell in a day or so. -------

Now, it is August 6 (Sat). I have been in Honolulu since Wednesday. The stay at the hostel is OK, although the nights seem to be extremely noisy. This time around the hostel management isn't doing too much to combat the perennial noise of drunken and excited guests who like to play music, drink and sometimes argue or at least talk too loudly half way through the night. The other side of it is that my roomies are the intrepid types. Four or five of them had a plan - almost a pact - to climb the forbidden 'stairwell to heaven' night hike and to watch the sunrise in the green steeply inclined heights of the Pali Mountain range. So for the last two nights they have gone to bed as early as 9:30pm in order to get up a 3:00am.

You see.. there's a guard posted at the beginning of the trail to prevent people from entering it (not sure why but it's probably on commercial property). It's a 3000 step climb to the top once you enter the trail proper - more like a staircase I gather.. but if you arrive too late, you'll be barred from entering. So the challenge is to reach the entrance at an early enough hour to avoid the posting the guard, but not too early that you'll have to spend most of the night in the dark at top waiting for the sunrise.

The first night they couldn't manage to find the entrance and when they finally did, the guard turned them away. So they staged the trek once again last night and were finally successful. Evidently it is well worth the trip.. although they described ascending a more than 45 degree inclined stairway with little or no railing in the middle of night. The climb sounds terrifying to someone who has problems with vertigo - although they said it was actually easier because it was so dark. Coming down after the sunrise was easier than ascending but I'm certainly not so convinced.

Sex adventures: I went out the first afternoon to Diamond Head Beach and got naked on the slopes of the cliff (more like a rocky hillside with trees and bushes as cover). I stayed in the shade to avoid getting really sunburnt on my first day on Oahu, which is something I have had to learn to do from lack of precaution on previous trips. It was only mildly cruising and I had no takers nor the chance to get some dick on this outing. However, later that night, I went to Max's Gym, the local gay sauna and also training gym (actually it's separated into two different parts so I've never even been into the gym part).

It was pretty dead except for one guy in his late 30s who seemed to really enjoy
sucking my cock. We kept running into each other in the video room, the dark room maze and he was happy to chow down on my dick. Eventually we started playing around with a third guy, who ended up realizing that I liked a little butt play. Once he put a finger up my ass, and had me bend over again the wall, it wasn't long before I came and splattered a big load on the floor.

 The next day I took it easy and spent a good bit of it making changes to my travel schedule. I have decided to spend time in the Bay Area instead of going to the Timberfell Lodge Mr. Timberfell Contest. Actually, my friend John (from Hawaii), who's now living again in Boston (his 'real' home), told me a couple of weeks ago he wouldn't be able to come down to Tennessee while I was at Timberfell. So that made it less attractive. Also, I decided to look into real estate investments in Monterey County instead of sucking dick in rural backcountry of Tennessee.

 Last night (Friday, Aug 5) I went again to Max's. It was a bit more lively this time. I have several guys who jumped on the 'new guy' on the block (me.. being a visitor to Honolulu), and one of them (who had disgusting tobacco breath) wanted to swallow my cock and balls all at once. We played tag and bag games - chasing each other around the various rooms with the interspersed involvement of 3-4 more horny dudes until finally we ended up in a mass of naked bodies in the darkroom. One guy acted like he wanted to get fucked but that turned out to be a little bit too much excitement for me.. and so I spilled my seed long before I had a chance to take him up on his offer of tight ass.

 August 9 - August 11
         I got to SFO last night but was too tired to go out to Blow Buddies as I had planned. I'm not really that much into sucking dicks... don't get me wrong, I can do it and especially enjoy when the guy gets off on it. But doing a dozen big cocks in a row can actually make you throat raw (or worse) and makes your jaws tired.

Anyway, I spent Tuesday at Beach 67 (next to Waialea Beach in South Kohala, between Puako and Hapuna Beach Resort on the old dirt trail that leads of the old Puako Road, it's a quarter mile or so off the main highway H 11. I stayed there from about 11:00am til 4:00pm and ending up getting too much sun - although I did stay out of the direct sun and used sunscreen too. On Wednesday, August 10, I traveled to San Francisco.

 The next afternoon, I went to The Water Garden in San Jose. I spent the afternoon
cruising guys in this hot and upgraded gay sauna. The hottest guy was a late 30-something Vietnamese guy. He was a top and I only got to watch him fuck and be sucked. Unfortunately, I never did get a taste of his substantial cock, although there was a time when I probably had a chance. From August 14 - August 20 I was visiting my parents' home in the southern US. No much chance to get away for some clandestine sex.. I ended up sunning myself naked in their huge 3-acre backyard and masturbated. See the photos in my Tribe photo gallery.

August 21 Back in Honolulu (in transit overnight). I went to Max's Gym. I ended up getting to fuck a white guy about my age. He had a big cock but only wanted to suck mine and then get fucked bareback. Of course, I
pulled out before I came. We were getting intimate in the backroom dark 'maze' but I was too excited to hold off when more guys started crowding around to watch.

 August 22 - Oct I'll be in Tokyo (on assignment)..  Hope to get soon to the banks of the Tama River for some naked sunbathing, and I'll surely be getting laid at the 24-Kaikan baths before the week's out.

 Cheers, Kelly

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The ties that bind - let your boys have their way, dad.

The ties that bind - let your boys have their way, dad.

I hate getting nagged to post on JUB (another porn/social network site) but once I get started I end up writing a page that worth blogging (for myself). JUB is great (Yahoo 360 could take a lesson for some of its feature) but it's code of conduct (making its profit) sometimes gets under my skin. Well. I guess, I should be grateful -- but the site would not be worth it (still free -- at least for a while) if it weren't for the contributors (both commercial and individual). So is here mine... (As it a blog were not enough). I should be grateful even more to Yahoo -- so I'm reposting it here. JUB doesn't yet offer RSS feeds from its blogs.

Back to topic: Ever had sex or ever wanted to it with a family member?
I have a brother who's about three and half years younger. So when I reached puberty (13 - 14) and discovered masturbation, I kept it a secret from him because he was just a kid and not interested in sexual
things (yet). Although I was turned on by the idea of playing around with boys and with him, I didn't really act on it -- except when he was sleeping a few times. One couple of nights, while he was sound asleep, I'd take his hand and wrap it around my cock and beat myself off with it. It was a pain cleaning up the cum. (so I didn't really make it a habit -- also he could wake up).
It was a little different when he was reaching puberty. We sort of played around a little - looking at each other erect cocks and touching each other -- maybe that was just once. Something held me back from doing more. I never ejaculated with him watching or sucked him or he me. But I was interested in his friends - especially one who was slightly older and maturely more quickly. His name was Danny. We'd do the pre-teen boy thing --going swimming, or building forts, and still one of my favorites until this day -- camping in each other backyards and inevitably there be the sex talk and the comparing cocks and seeing how much pubic hair was growing. Of course, I was older than the other boys (they were about my brother's age) and 'the winner' is the early macho 'contests' but it was probably because I was chicken to do so with my own agemates. I always felt a little less developed than my own peers. So it felt more comfortable / self-between the other thighs.
esteeming building to be admired by this younger crowd. Once we tried to try out what 'fucking' might be like -- there was not penetration, but Danny seemed to be keenist to try it out. He'd already started puberty - and would reach sexual maturity a year or so ahead of other boys of my brother's class/age. We ended up naked in the tent, one would pull his dick down and back - sort of hidden like it was a mons pubis and the other boy would lay on top and put his cock between the space
Today we call a variation on this 'frottage' - although we did progress to ejaculation, I can remember the feel of Danny body when I was laying atop him or him over me. It was a boyish game of sexual experimentation -- that my younger brother witnessed, but out of some inborn sense of propriety, he and I never tried it while in front of the other boys.

Danny's younger brother was among the kids in the gang too and likewise, he never did anything with his brother (at least not in front of us).

That's enough Kelly, and stop stop reminiscing about innocence lost .. OK, OK! 

From a previous post on another JUB thread:
There is a publication, Handjobs Magazine, devoted to these kinds of stories, supposedly some of them are true. That must be one for the attractions -- the allure of reality. If you have bought ones at an erotic bookstore, it tells how to get at the older issues on their website:
Whether fiction or not, most of the stories involve sex between men of very different ages - whether or not they are related by family seems to be an added thrill. A constant theme seems to be 'making a man' out of young guy by an older authority figure - his dad, or uncle, or coach. Personally, I find the fiction terrifically exciting - although like many guys have said on this and similar threads, my dad is the last person on the planet I'd want to have sex with. But, somehow the dad of the boy-next-door seems to be irresistibly hot in all these stories - maybe a case of fantasy (fiction) being more erotic (and truer) than reality.

Now I have finally tracked down the full URL for HandJobs Magazine , thanks to John_W (the ubiquitous JUB host 'cum' moderator (that's Latin - not semen although I am sure he bathes in it from time to time So if you interested in gay family sex or male incest or Greek love (older man-young man), then you can enjoy both the art work of numerous artists who illlustrate these older man with young man (--- uncle/dad/coach/priest/cop and young newbie/virgin twink --), and also quite few of these types of stories can be found in the Readers Forum. 
Enjoy (or perv out) --- whatever turns you on (or off)... Kelly (sunbuns)