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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Maverick Men: Caleb

maverick men caleb

MaverickMen had been talking to this sexy jock from Chicago for over a year and a half and he finally decided to grow some nutz and do a video with them. They LOVED having sex with this fun sexy guy. They instantly fell in love with his stunning face and deep-blue eyes. He is so so handsome that when they were walking to the park, at least four different guys cruised him.

maverick men caleb

They had a running bet with him that if he pussed-out and didn't do a fuck video with them,that they could shave his head! When he backed out again for the third time, they broke out the clippers. Much to their surprise, he looked fucking fantastic with his clipped head; it made his big beautiful eyes pop and in turn made their cocks pop! After some fun at the park and a few beers, he decided that they should do the video.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dad and son

Daddy stuck his painful cock in my ass
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jake Cruise: Jake & Travis - Mature Male with Younger Guy

Jake Cruise & Travis

By now you're aware of how much Jake Cruise enjoys making new friends. Jake's newest buddy, Travis Rider, used to be a stripper in Phoenix. But rather than have him do the work, Jake insisted he let him take his clothes off for him. Travis is a very sensual guy and responded just as Jake had hoped he would when Jake nibbled at his chest and pulled his cock out from those tight white briefs.

Jake Cruise & Travis

Jake got on Travis knees and deep-throated his impressive piece of meat, feeling it swell inside his mouth. Jake was bowled over as Travis got on top of him after slipping off his shirt and jeans. Travis is a generous lover. Jake loved their mutual 69 session before Jake forced him to lie still so he could eat out his hole. Jake jacked him off first before he laid next to him, kissing him softly as Jake shot his own load.