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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Caught Jerking: Having Sex while Growing up at Home

U.S.A. : Pennsylvania : Pittsburgh 
age: 44
role: Bottom

Original posting: dick1
10 Sep 2008, 08:48
Have you ever been caught masturbating, or having sex while growing up at home?

U.S.A. : Florida : Miami 
age: 42

Follow up: sjersey
10 Sep 2008, 11:52
Yes, my brother was entering our bedroom as I was exiting to the bathroom, covered in my own cum, he kept asking me what I was doing. Then I had to jerk off with him to prove him wrong.

U.S.A. : California : central valley 

age: 47
role: Top

Follow up: tupapi
10 Sep 2008, 22:05
how old were you guys? 

Uncle Bob
U.S.A. : California : San Jose 
age: 54
role: Bottom
Follow up: Uncle Bob
11 Sep 2008, 00:38
once by my mom

Germany : Niedersachsen : Hannover 
age: 29
role: Versatile

Follow up: Jax
11 Sep 2008, 18:13
I got caught by my dad once while jerking off and had a few close calls with my brother though he knew exactly what I was doing. Once or twice he actually caught me and kept looking for a couple secs.

U.K. : Hampshire : Southampton 
age: 28
role: Top

Follow up: a1britguy
11 Sep 2008, 18:25
was never actually caught - which is suprising cos when I lived with my parents, it was all I ever seemed to do - wank, wank, wank, lol

Australia : Queensland : Brisbane 
age: 39
role: Versatile

Follow up: mikewnnz
11 Sep 2008, 19:57

Was caught by my brother a few times & my mum & dad - Guess i was a chronic masturbator and didn't really care about getting caught !

Australia : ACT : Canberra 
age: 24
role: Bottom

Follow up: oneiric
11 Sep 2008, 20:07
I was caught by my straight flatmate once. I thought he was at work all day, and I was riding this guy in my bedroom which is right off the entry hall, and I didn't close my bedroom door. so when he came home for lunch he looked in and closed the door for me.
I was so embarrassed, but not as much as the guy I was bouncing on :P

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