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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gay and Naked Superheroes, Part 1

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 12:04:50 -0500
From: Leo Little 
Subject: Gigs (gay/science fiction)

By: L Little (


You MUST be 18+ and be able to read this & any other Nifty Stories where
you are from.

A 13 year old Jack just got out school and was on his way home when he seen
Andy that is also 13. Jack ran up to Andy and spoke.

"Man I'm glad it's Friday." "Tell me about it. Are you going to Gigs tonight?" "Maybe. What about you?" "Yup my folks are going out so I don't need to sneak out." "Well if I can sneak out I will see you there." "Ok man." The boys went there ways. Jack went in his room and he put his bag down. He looked out his window and was tired of looking into space. "Amy please put image 245 onto the window." "As you wish Jack."

The window was now showing a image of the tropics. Jack then went to do his
homework. Jack was done with his homework just in time because dinner was
ready. When Jack was done eating he spoke up.

"Can I go to Andy's?"

"Is your homework done?" his mom asked.


"When you do the dishes, you can."

"Thanks mom."

Soon Jack was at Andy's door and they went to Gigs. Once there they quickly
got hard seeing naked boys from 10 to 16. The boys will do anything that a
client wishes. Gigs's boys are the cutest and hottest boys. The other thing
about Gigs's boys is they are A.I. (Artificial Intelligence robots) The good
thing about the place is no one 17+ can go into the place.

"So are you ready for action Jack?"

"I am here aren't I?"

"True. Who should we get?"

"Alec and Blake."

"Those are the cutest ones. Hope they are not taken."

"I know. Only one way to find out."

Alec is a cute 11 year old and Blake is a Hot 13 year old.  The boys went
to the front desk to find out.  They were in luck. They paid the man and
they have Alec and Blake for a full 2 hours. The four of them went to the
room they been given and shut the door behind them and locked it.  Jack and
Andy sat on the bed and just looked at the two naked boys. Alec and Blake
looked at Jack and Andy then at each other.

"What do you wish to have?" Alec asked.

Jake and Andy looked at each other and Andy spoke.

"Why don't you two have sex with each other and we will join in latter."

"As you wish." Blake said.
Alec and Blake soon turn to each other and started kissing. Their hands
rubbed each other all over. Alec went down on his knees and started to rub
Blake's dick with his face. Blake's dick soon became hard and Alec just
went at it and sucked it. At this point Jack and Andy decided to get naked
and quick.  Once naked they started slowly jerking off each other at the
hot sight. They did not want to cum early so they stopped. It soon became
time to join the action. Jack tapped Alec's shoulder and he stopped sucking
Blake's dick. He led him to the bed and has Alec lay on his back.

Jack put Alec's lags onto his shoulders and began putting his dick into Alec's
ass. Andy took Blake by the hand and he too led him to the same bed. Blake
was laying on half of the bed on his belly. Andy told Blake to suck Alec's
dick while he fucks him. Jack and Andy went faster and faster. It did not
take long for Jack and Andy to cum into the cute Boy robots. The boys only
had twenty minutes left.

 Andy sat on the edge of the bed and got Blake
standing up. That's when he started sucking Blake. Jack did the same thing
with Alec. After a good seven minuet blow job they had Alec and Blake trade
places.  That's when Jack and Andy laid down onto their backs and had Alec
and Blake fuck them. While being fucked Jack and Andy looked into each
other's eyes and they kissed.


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