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Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Sex Vacation: Dec 22 - Jan 9 last year in Hawaii and California

by sunbunsI guess we can all rationalize almost anything. But I'm taking one of my sex vacations again: living on the road in search of cock.

What would be the difference between this lifestyle and that of most guys? I guess the only thing that separates them is the fact that I am traveling and visiting gay sex places on a daily basis.

Here's a list of my recent exploits while on my current sex vacation Dec 22-Jan 9.

** NOTE** I will likely be updating this post gradually throughout my trip. **

Dec 22 Honolulu -- I cruised Diamond Head Beach and was approached by a cute around 40 Japanese guy. He stripped off too and then proceeded to give me a good blow-job. Neither of us came. I suspect he was returning the the Mrs. with renewed gusto for his husbandly duties (i.e. giving her pussy some cock).
 Later that night, I went to Max's Gym and sauna.
A few furtive

 touches, but not really hot. However, when I watched through a glory hole in the dark room while a young Asian guy sucking a white guy's  cock, it really turned me on. I reached around the partition and starting feeling the young guy's ass. He seemed to like it. Happily (and far too soon), it made me cum. So I went back to the hostel.

San Jose Dec 24 I arrived late a night. So I decided to stay at The Water Garden. It was jumping
rather surprisingly for Xmas eve. I was really tired so couldn't concentrate much on getting off, but it was still fun. Enough said.

Xmas Night: Drove from San Jose to LA. Stayed on the edge of the city in a Comfort Inn. No sex.

Sunday Dec 26 Next day Palm Springs (Cathedral City Boys Club - clothing optional gay resort) - 2 nights

I waded through some slow traffic jams on I-10 and made it to Palm Springs around 3:00pm. I stayed at CCBC where there was a fairly large and active Sunday afternoon play crowd. I got a back room along the infamous The Walk - a serpentine tree-lined pathway about 300 yards long winding behind the entire complex. My room has a window that faces this walk, and thus I can invite onlookers and even passers-by in for sampling my sex wares and me theirs. The ambiance is accentuated by 3 gay porn video channels in the rooms - although they the same ones in being shown in the 3-4 sex shacks at the far end of the complex.

One guy had a huge cock and we watched him fuck a guy in the hut. I was envious.
A bit later, I had fun in the afternoon playing with a guy (older than me). He sucked and then played with my ass, putting two fingers up my butt as I leaned over.

The same big-dicked guy I had watched earlier came by to see what my ass was like. He entered me slowly and it was too big at first. He pulled out and I thought that was the end of him. The older guy started to fuck me and then the same big-dicked guy came back to get his sloppy seconds. It was easier taking him this time. He fucked me long and deep, doggy-style - just the way I liked it. A few times he and the older guy took turns plugging my ass. They both said it was tight. as I was trying my hardest to clamp down - partly to make sure it would end soon. When the big dick entered my anus and started pounding again, the older guy grabbed my cock and started jacking me. That's was all I could take and I came since I had been on the verge for a while.

After going out to buy supper, I went back to the sex shacks. In one of them, a younger Hispanic guy who wanted to be fucked allowed me to enter him from behind, and squeeze on his nipples. He loved it when I rode up high and plugged him doggy style. He tried to get me to go back to his room, but I didn't really want to since he was with his older 'daddy'.

Monday Dec 27 Palm Springs
I got cruised (I thought he was doing so) by another young Hispanic guy. He came by my room a couple of time which opens to the back to the resort where there is a shaded walking path for trysting and sexual encounters 24/7, stopping to peer in the window as I lay nude on the bad. Later, when I was sitting in the sunshine in the 'faux' military compound, he brought out a chair and sat next to me in the sunny sand area of the military compound and pulled off of swimsuit to expose a nice sized, dark brown uncut dick. He seemed to be getting semi-erect and may have been wanting me to play with him, but he never even looked at my face. So I really couldn't read what he wanted.
Later, he was snooping around the sex shacks but I suspect that he and his 'daddy,' an older white dude, where here for daddy's sake and he may have just been window-shopping, but he was certainly gorgeous. Maybe he'll be back later or tomorrow.

I found him again in one of the shacks, watching a couple of guys. One with a thick cock was lying on his back on a padded massage table, the guy sucking him took an interest in my ass. That's when the cool Hispanic dude left again - probably for good. I enjoyed getting my ass massaged with oil; the guy know how to make my butt feel real good, and soon I wanted more but neither of them were inclined to penetrate ass. Oh.. well. it'll probably happen later.

I went back to the Sex Shacks. A group was gathered around a younger Hispanic dude, wearing a black jock strap. A middle age Latino was crouched on the floor, sucking on a thick white cock. He turned to me when the other guy took at rest. Then he got up on the reclining operating chair and pulled me up close, and later when another guy approached, he asked me to fuck him. It was only a few minutes of penetration before he came, and got up and left. After dinner, I'll go back to see what's happening.

I get a bit like a nyphomaniac while on a sex junket. I did go back.. and thought that I had missed the last of the action. But one lone guy followed me into the largest hut. He pulled out a 8-incher and I knew my evening would not end badly after all. He masturbated himself as we both stared up at the TV monitors showing porn high up near the ceiling. Slowly, he scuttled over in my direction until he was behind me. I let my towel drop and he rubbed my ass. The heat of passion kindled a fire deep in my innards... I wanted that long cock deep in my ass. Within moments, he liberally applied spit and then eased his zucchini into my twittering anal orifice. Before long, it was deep to the hilt and then alternating retracting his cock and throwing it into my butthole with force. It didn't take 5 minutes before he was compelled to ejaculate.

I retired to my room for a little solitude and to recuperate and soothe my now raw asshole.
Will that be the last one tonight? Well, there's always tomorrow (grin).....

I am staying at CCBC in Palm Springs until Tuesday. Then I plan to drive to San Diego through the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, where I'll try to hike nude for an hour or so. I hope to get to Black's Beach in the early afternoon, and go a gay baths in San Diego tomorrow night.
Then I'll try back to San Jose (or San Francisco) for a stop at The Water Garden again or at Blow Buddies (near Castro).

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