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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Embarrassing situation - A freeballing wet incident

Embarrassing situation -

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Dear Bboi,
 I'm still listening to the song, ok? BTW, I belong a freeballing group ( in Yahoo! Groups) and this story came in today. The cool thing was that the guy's story happened in downtown Philly (near the Criminal Justice Center) and he ran into a skater who NOTICED his predicament. I thought that would be so cool if it was you or your sk8erboy friends who actually saw him (LOL). Well. at least, I had more than a good imagination to visualize that was really happening.


--------- Embarrassing situation : Freeballing wet ------

Posted on Freeballing for Health and Comfort Yahoo Group by Michael -- somebody in Philly who sent this in 8:57pm Philly time Wed night, May 16. Not his picture but it might have looked something like that. When I wear my yellow boardshorts, they become sort of semi-transparent too - so I know what he means.)

Hey guys - It is finally really warming up in Philly -yesterday it was windy, but in the 80's - I wore a pair of cargo shorts I bought last year. They are desert camo (white, tan, and grey) and made of nylon- like board shorts, but more short like than bathing suit. Well, I came around a corner and ran into the sidewalk washers - (for those that know - Philly is not known for being a very clean city - they have tried in recent years to improve with these teams of sidewalk washers downtown - they go around with a power washer and hose down the sidewalks). When someone walks by they point the hose away so that they do not get wet -turns out it pointed it away for a girl and her mom at the same time I turned the corner - I got completely hosed down the front of myself - they were very apologetic, and continued on - about 50 yards late, I noticed that people were staring at me with their mouths hanging open - I looked down and my shorts were completely transparent - not a little bit -completely!


I looked up and locked eyes with a skateboard punk who gave me the high sign and smiled - I flipped my bag around to the from and continued on my way - I am too known to continue exposing myself at the criminal justice center is on the next block - tons of cops, but it would have been fun to see more reactions. 

Enjoy these couple pics - stay free! Michael 

The above amateur photos were forwarded in a group message from Kevin on the [PublicNakedGuys] Yahoo Group.


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