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Monday, September 21, 2015

Kalani and Kehena - clothing optional camping / beaches

When it gets closer to the time you start actually planning a trip to Hawaii, let me know and I'll fill
you in on more exactly where  -- at least Oahu and Hawaii. I'm afraid that I don't know Maui or Kauai very well - although I've been to each those islands at least once.

 Maybe I can't let you stay on my property since I've sold it now.  It was nothing but a square acre partly forested land but you can find several campgrounds or maybe a shared room in a hostel. So you'll probably enjoy more staying at a place like Kalani Resort (not free and it no longer has camping at $30 per night for a tent site. Kalani has a large pool with hot tubs and sauna which is clothing optional after 3 pm every day.

Kalani is within walking distance to Kehena Black Sands beach and that's nude all year long - very mixed set of people who hang out at Kehena -- as well as at Kalani. By the way, you might be able to get a job at Kalani Oceanside Resort. They have a program for temporary work-stays that pays your room and board in exchange for some work (20 - 30 hours a week). There are usually some really cool guys and gals -- from young people to seniors are needed for various kinds of work (kitchen, grounds, guest services, etc) and for teaching classes too. You could also look into temp jobs elsewhere around the islands if you wanted to stay longer.

Oahu has a very adequate public bus system that can get you almost
anywhere on the island you want to go. The Big Island is a different story: while there is a public bus system, the buses do not run very often (typically just twice a day on all but the couple of routes). You'll either have to hitch rides (very doable in Puna (the southeast region where I've been describing) or share a rental car - although there may be very limited bus service between major points. It's by picking up hitchers that I kind of stay tuned to the local vibes and also what the 'visitors' are doing - some are homesteading or housesitting, or just making ends meet by doing odd jobs etc. I've almost never been asked for money -- just rides or maybe cigarettes (but I don't smoke). Some of the people I've picked up are just living for a while on the island because they can and they like the laid-back life.

Actually, there are always some people staying/camping on Kehena Beach -- I guess you have to call them 'hippies' - I mean that's exactly what they look like and how they live -- most of the guys seem to let their hair grow long and they braid it and twist into a Rastafarian (sp?) reggae style. They often wear long flowing shirts with or without pants and are obviously anti-underwear - there are women too, but fewer actually live/camp on the beach -- although there are all kinds of people there, especially on the weekends. It's really cool on Sundays when dozens -- even hundreds of people gather on Kehena to dance, play music, and enjoy partying/socializing/smoking. The hippie guys and gals never hesitate to join in and love to get naked and gyrate, cavort to the ethnic beat that the drummers and other amateur musicians have gathered to improvise.

While that's amusing, it's more fun to watch for dolphins and whales (not the beached types) and to look at the cool board-type male and female bodies, many of which aren't wearing any at the moment,  throw themselves into the crashing waves trying to bodysurf or boogie board. Hey. I've gone on way to long....

Below is a pic of me walking back from Kehena Black Sands Beach, it's in a sheltered lagoon under a cliff face (so it's not public exposure and so too why some people camp out there - discreetly, of course) -- I am freeballing in my see-thru mesh shorts. I can't wait to get back there after Christmas - just after I leave the San Fran Bay area from a few days with my son and his family

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