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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around? Part 2


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Default Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

I have fooled around with my dad's friend, but only once, and I only did it
because I was curious. At that period of time, my mom was out of town and my dad had his friend over and they were having a few drinks. My sister called and she locked herself out of her car (LOL), so my dad had to go pick her up because she needed to get to work. My dad's friend stayed while my dad left and we talked a little bit.  He asked me some personal stuff like if i had a girlfriend, and I have had a few so it turned into a long conversation. Then he walked over and he spilled some whiskey on my legs near my crotch and he said he'd help me clean it off, (it wasn't intentional by the way).

      I didn't mind too much because I was kinda turned on when he was helping me clean it off.  I kinda got carried away and helped him rub my crotch and that's how it all started.  I hadn't really had much experience with other guys. At that time it was one of my first sexual encounters.  I sucked him off and that was it, nothing much more happened after that. He moved out of town soon after so the opportunity hasn't shown itself yet. I really enjoyed it while it lasted.  He had a really nice dick, and a very hot cumshot also.
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 July 2nd, 2006, 05:01 AM #32

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Re: Has your friend's dad ever hinted at fooling around?

When I was in high school I really had the hots for my best friend's dad. My buddy was a real all-around jock, and when you saw his dad you knew where he got it from. In summer he was always walking around with no shirt on, just a pair of gym shorts. His chest and abs were really well developed, sort of medium hairy with really inviting silky brown hair... nice legs too, and a firm round butt. He was always real friendly too, with a big smile for his son's friends. Very physical, always putting his hand on my shoulder and squeezing gently or slapping me playfully on the butt.

Anyway, flash forward to college... I was home for the summer and on an impulse I dropped by my buddy's house. His dad was the only one there, he told me my friend was working on a job out of town. He was wearing a polo shirt and cutoff jeans, socks but no shoes -- he still looked great even though he must have been at least 45 at this point. He had grown a neatly trimmed beard, which was reddish brown with just a little bit of gray. He invited me to sit down, and something about the way he said it gave me a little stir (just a little) in the nether regions. He offered me a drink and I think he was surprised when I asked for a whisky. He poured one for himself as well. We got to talking and he filled me in on all his problems.

Work wasn't going well, blah blah, but the biggest surprise was that his wife had walked out on him. When he started talking about her he started to get a little teary and pretty soon he couldn't talk anymore and was pretty much just blubbering. I instinctively got out of my chair and sat right up next to him on the sofa. He reached over and pulled me closer, then buried his face in my shoulder. He put his arms around me and held me close, and that's when I started to get hard.

In fact I wanted him so much I didn't think I could hold back. I started kissing him softly on the back of the neck, right at the bottom of his haircut, murmuring reassuring words. He seemed to appreciate that, and next thing I know he was kissing my neck as well. Then we shifted our faces around and started kissing gently on the lips, just exploratory kisses. I rubbed up and down his back, and he put his hand inside my t shirt. He moved his hand around to the front and started massaging my chest.

Meanwhile our kisses were getting more passionate, his tongue probing inside my mouth. We helped each other off with our shirts and I finally got to run my fingers through the beautiful hair on his chest. He responded by moving his face to my chest and tonguing my nipple. I let my hand run down his back to the top of his cutoffs, which were pretty loose, with no belt. I slipped my hand inside and discovered he wasn't wearing underpants. I slid my finger down his crack as far as it would go and then back up. He started moaning, so I figured he liked that. I slipped it down again, and this time I stopped at the hole and rubbed the outside of it.

At that point he groaned and pulled away from me. He had a big smile. He got up and said follow me, and held out his hand. I got up and we went into his bedroom. We both quickly stripped off the rest of our clothes and jumped on the bed.

At this point I got to do exactly what I'd been dreaming about for years. I explored every inch of his body with my hands and mouth -- his hairy chest (licking his nipples), his well-padded but still firm belly, his thighs, the place where the thighs meet the ass, and then around inside his crotch. I spent a long time between his legs, licking the underside of his balls, his asshole, and the space in between. Meanwhile his dick was as hard as a rock and was starting to drip copious precum. He was begging me to suck his dick, and finally I pulled up and went down on him.

While I was doing that, he grabbed my hand and moved it down to his asshole, where it had been before. I fingered his asshole while I blew him.

After a while I was able to get two fingers in him at the same time, and that's when he blew a huge load right in my mouth.

After he had calmed down a little, we kissed and made out some more, and then he offered to blow me. Since he'd never done it before, he wasn't as good as he might have been, but that didn't stop me from shooting a big load all over his mouth, face, and beard. After that we cleaned up in the shower together. It would have been nice to stay longer, but I had to go back to my parents' house for dinner.

But in answer to your original question -- no, not counting that one time I've never fooled around with a friend's dad.

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