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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Whoops! Post about kilt wearing from All Str8 Meet

Tim, the blogger for All Str8 Meat wrote under the photo below: "This guy is cute and I love how he doesn't realize his cock and balls are showing under his kilt. There's loads of hot videos like this at UpYerKilt and Scottish Men Exposed!
Publicity photo courtesy of
I couldn't help but respond to Tim's All Str8 Meat blog entry (Whoops! (2009/8/22) since he'd made a rather naive assumption about the wearing of kilts. I commented but don't know if the comment will actually be visible due to owner moderation so I'm repeating my comment here along with his original entry.

 My Response: Excuse me for contradicting you, but there is NO way that he's unaware that he's exposing himself. Freeballing under a kilt is practically de rigeur . It goes without saying that no authentic kilt wearer would be caught dead without underwear. I certainly believe that's got to be one of the main attractions for their seemingly increased popular around the modern world, and for their long tradition throughout history.

 When you realize that some ethnic groups (to remain unnamed but probably not unknown) used to identify their own 'kind' by whether their male members was circumcised or not, then you have to understand that they could only rely on that method of ethnic identity matching because of the fact that the penis was so ready and easily visible due to the almost universal wearing of garments similar to the kilt (unbifurcated garments, i.e. a wrap -around, leg-less skirt) of which many varieties still exist today.

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