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Friday, June 12, 2015

Men in Uniform: CMNM in our Imaginations and in our Lives

When you see a man or men in uniform, there is also something that comes to  mind immediately: a completely naked man - out of uniform. That is what mentally completes or complements in our mind's eye what we are actually seeing for real (in the picture) situation because if a guy is in uniform then it means he also get out of it. 

That, gentlemen, is the nuts and bolts (smile) of what CMNM is about: Clothed Male / Naked Male (some call it a fetish - I don't see it that way.)

Without a naked man in the equation, a clothed male is.. well...just a man in a uniform (or some other casually selected set of textile coverings). When you put a naked guy (or several of them) in with a uniformed man or men, then you have created an erotically (homoerotically) charged situation,  and it calls forth in many guys' minds a sexually provocative scene. Just take a gander at almost any commercial porn studio to see how important that connection is to creating sexual tension and excitement.

In almost all the listed uniforms in the poll, there is the possibly, and sometimes the actual naked male counterpart. It's kind of like: Ying and Yang. I really can't have one with the other.
Clothed Male (in uniform) - Naked male(s) - potentially (also sexual partners or who share a sexual or psycho-sexual encounter):

  • Firefighter - victims/homeowners, the person he rescues
  • Police and Law Enforcement -- either the criminal or the victims 
  • Sailor (other sailors, superior officer (clothed / sailor (squab) - naked) or merman, pirates, fisherman (whom he helps or rescues), swimmers, boatmen, 
  • Pilot - stewards, flight attendants, his first office, navigators, passengers 
  • Doctor - patients, athletes, or recruits needing 'inspecting' physically
  • Military - the enemy, the occupied, the native population, subordinates, or superior officers, trainers / trainees  They all wear distinctive uniforms which they can be wrangles out of to titillate our libidos. 
  • Construction worker - the Boss, Foreman, fellow workers, employers, person who is hiring or paying the job (landlord / property owner) 
  • UPS or delivery worker (who encounter the guy in an office or homeowner)  
  • Home repair worker, plumber, electrician, Cable TV installer, telephone company employee, etc (same as above)
  • athletic uniforms  - Don't forget that a lot of male athletes wear uniforms as part of their attire for the sports they participate in: football, soccer, baseball, hockey, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics all have a required uniform. So when one of these athletes is NOT wearing his, it can make a hot clothed male naked male scene. 

In almost every case, it's not simply the existence of the clothed (uniformed) male that is only important, but it's the juxtaposition - whether in our minds or imaginations - or in actually reality - like a naked suspect being cleaned up before jail incarceration (Rambo: First Blood - Sylvester Stallone, for example) that sparks out sexual excitement when we see a man in uniform.

Obviously, it is more complex than that. There are other social constructs of masculinity, real and symbolic power, authority, discipline, allegiance, decorum, camaraderie, etc...along with the purely physical ones of appearance. But the phenomenon of CMNM as a strong basic element in male homo-eroticism cannot be overlooked. It's seems obvious upon deep reflection but we tend to focus on one tall tree instead of understanding the forest or more important the earth (dirt), air (wind), rain, and sunshine that are not so perfectly obvious but equally vital to the tree's very existence and to its very definition (meaning).
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