Chaos Men: Carmine - Serviced

Hayden really ramps it up, never more eager to suck and be sucked, and Carmine enjoys being dominated and then doing the Servicing himself. Hayden plays with Carmine's ass, getting him all aroused, then taking a vibrating toy to his ass really made him super hard and eager to suck back. Hayden eats his ass out, and then sucks his cock, going back and forth.

Finally, Hayden whips out his cock for Carmine to have at, and he goes full-force!
There is one micro moment you have to look for where Hayden has this look of surprise on his face like he can't believe how well Carmine is taking his cock.

Chaos Men: Carmine - Serviced

They both 69 and the ending of course is the best part. Carmine really can suck the cum out of a dude. Well, actually, Hayden fucks his face and then Carmine opens his mouth telling him to cum in his mouth. Hayden dumps his load right down Carmine's gullet.

Carmine takes a bit of time to nut. Hayden moves around the table so Carmine's neck doesn't cramp up. Carmine keeps sucking on Hayden, to the point, if you watch closely, Hayden nuts a second time right along with Carmine! It's perfect!

Hayden then wipes up Carmine's load and jerks Carmine's cock with it, then sucks it right off, while cum still drips out of Carmine's uncut cock!