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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Boys Behind Bars

The dirty doctor is now making "cell calls". He finds himself in the cell of one hot, young latino dude who lets the piggy doctor suck his cock in exchange for some meds he conveniently has in his bag.


Just another day in the prison - guys jerking off in their cells.. new warden on the warpath. That dirty doctor's in his office jerking off to his fantasy of moving down on one of the inmates. But then he comes face to face with his fantasy. 


It's time for the prison medical, and this prisoner isn't very enthusiastic when it comes to the turn and cough. So much so that the prison guard is called in to assist the doctor. 



Some of the guys in one of the cells are putting together a "rap".. they hope will someday sell. One of the prison guards comes along and joins the party, which turns into a prison cell fuck fest.





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