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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Eric's Exhibitionism: A Story by Thorn

I didn't know Eric that well. He was the brother of two girls that I knew and I would meet him occasionally with them. He was about 18 years old at the time, quite sexy in a boy-next-door way. 

On this particular occasion there was a big group of us and Eric and I were sat together at one end. We started talking about cars. We talked about cars we lusted after. Cars we owned and cars that we had driven.

It was then that the conversation took an interesting turn. Eric explained that he had been driving on the main road south when his car had broken down. He had had a puncture and had to stop to change it. In the process he explained his trousers had split completely.

At this point I noticed he was glancing at me as if testing my reaction. I found it difficult not to look too eager! The vision of Eric with his underwear, or more, showing through split trousers was quite exciting. It appeared Eric was enjoying telling me the story.

There was more. Eric went on to explain how he took off the torn trousers and replaced them with another pair from his overnight bag adding, as if I had forgotten: "I was standing right beside the main road in a pair of briefs".

Again he was watching my face intently as though looking for clues to my interest. "Did anyone see you?" I asked. "Yeah," Eric laughed, "a couple of cars hooted their horns - one was a minibus full of lads going to a football match!" "Sounds like you enjoyed it," I replied, fishing for more but trying not to make it too obvious. "Yea, I did," Eric replied.

Having established that he liked the thought, I said "sounds good to me". There wasn't much more that I felt I could say when we were sat in the group and it would become obvious that we were getting interested in each other. "You were asking about my computer," I said, linking back to a comment from long ago.I stood up and heading out of the room. Eric followed. "I think the most daring thing I did with a car, was to drive round the block wearing nothing but my boxers," I said as soon as we were out of earshot. "Wow," said Eric, adding, "I wish I had been there!" said Eric.

"I did think of driving round town with just a T-shirt on," I added, hearing Eric's really enthusiastic
response. "Dare you," said Eric. I looked at him to see if he was serious. He was. "OK, you're on. But you have to do it too," I replied.

"OK," said Eric. "Can't be tonight with these people here," I pointed out. Eric nodded. "Tomorrow,"Eric said. "OK," I replied with my cock jumping to attention at the thought. We went into my room and sat down at the computer. "What other daring things have you done?" said Eric.

I pointed to the window of my room which looked out on the street. "I sometimes stand there naked," I said. Eric went over to the window and looked out on the street. To my amazement, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the ground. 

Leaving them round his ankles he pulled his briefs down. His dick was superb. Slightly hard, but smooth and with a sweet foreskin. Under that I reckoned the tip looked slightly  
moist. Eric was getting harder and peering along the street. I stood up and walked over. I looked from behind Eric and saw why he was getting excited.

Along the street were coming two really cute lads about our age in football shorts. Eric was stroking his dick now and I stood behind him making as if to hold him in the window so he couldn't chicken out. The guys were getting closer and closer. When they were almost right outside, Eric started to back away from the window so he wouldn't be too obvious, but he continued stroking his now hard dick.

The first guy glanced at the window and his eyes locked on to Eric who was still stroking. He nudged the other guy who turned round and both stared. At that point Eric exploded with a shudder. The two guys looked laughed, nudged each other and one gave the thumbs up, before walking on.
"Good grief," was all I could say. "They saw you." Eric was breathing heavily. "Your turn," said Eric. 

I looked along the street and there was another guy walking along the street. "No, I don't think I am
as brave as you," I replied. With that Eric got behind me and started pushing. With a deft move of his fingers he unpopped the button on my jeans and let them fall. My dick was tenting out of my boxers. Eric grabbed them and pulled them down.

Eric then put his hand round and began my cock, which was now rock solid. The guy was really cute. He was about 18 or 19 with longish blond hair a white T-shirt and white shorts. He could hardly net see me in the window, with Eric wanking me from behind. Sure enough his head turned with a classic double take, then he locked his eyes on me. His
jaw dropped as he stopped and stared and stared. By now his hand was down his own shorts, and his own shorts were tenting with his now rigid dick.

It was too much for me, too, and I came over the window. The guy in the street gave us a quick flash of the tip of his cock, a sheepish smile and a hesitant thumbs up. We cleaned up and returned to the group, having arranged to meet up as planned the next night for our dare.



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