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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dad and Son Gay Relationships, Part 5

In my late teens I was spending the night with one of my friends I played on the summer baseball
league team with who I had been messing with for along time. During the night his dad walked in while his son had his cock in my ass slow stroking. It scared us both shitless and we just froze when we finally saw him. He acted like he didn't see anything and told us boys to be quiet and get some sleep. We were both embarrassed and the next morning my friend's mom had to take him to the dentist early which left me and his dad alone I was so embarrassed.

 I just lay in bed still naked as we both slept that way when we stayed with one another. His dad walked in the room in just his briefs; he had just got up and his briefs were showing a big boner. He was about 6'3" hairy muscular stocky man who had played college football and I just was seeing him in just briefs good for the first time. My dick got hard as a rock and I just lay on my stomach looking back at him as he came over and sat on the bed. He told me he saw what we were doing last night and it was cool he then pulled the cover back and began rubbing my ass and told me he could see why Joel was enjoying it.

 I didn't say anything but he took my hand and put it on his bulge and I could feel a big wet spot and a hot cock head. He stood up pulled them off kneeled onto the bed holding his cock over me. I was up immediately sucking on his cockhead and he began fingering my ass. He pushed me down flat on my stomach took the vaseline from the table and smeared my hole good. He then laid on top of me pushing his cock into me and fucking me. He didn't last but about 5 minutes he was so turned on when he added his cum to his sons still in me. That was the beginning of many years of great friendship and sex with my best friend and his dad, but never together.

I wasn't counting on sharing this with JUB but I will anyways.  Two weeks ago my dad's friend had this huge get together at his cabin at the lake and almost everyone I know was there. Anyways, after I asked my dad if I could stay the night there because I knew some guys at the lake and was planning on going to a party. Well, my plans definitely CHANGED lol. My dad's friend was gay, and we all knew so and everyone was cool with it. He was a muscle bear type, tall, dark hair, HUGE arms, and he had these huge hands i just wanted him to grab me with. Anyways, after everyone left (I was cool with this guy, he was very close to my family) we talked a lot, and he was asking me personal questions and stuff because he knew I was gay: like if I was enjoying life, if I had a partner, etc. I decided to go for it and said I didn't feel comfortable with guys my own age. I preferred older guys.

He asked me if I ever had a relationship with an older guy, which I honestly hadn't  other than the occasional relationships that weren't long term. I felt that me and him were both fooling ourselves and we both wanted to explore each other, but the air was sort of odd. You know that feeling you get when you're both shy about something, so I decided to go out to the sauna and relax. My prayers were answered when he walked out in his towel and dropped it to get into the hot tub. I was instantly rock hard. He started to grab my cock and rub it and we started to kiss a little. He asked if I felt comfortable and I said yes so he told me to go to his room and he'd soon follow.  He came in and I dropped to my knees and sucked him off for a few minutes, then he put on some lube and placed me on my stomach and slid his cock in. I was overwhelmed at first because it was so big, but I said it was okay and started slowly pulling it in and out. Then he picked up the pace turned me around and blew a huge load all over my chest. Since then we have been having sex regularly and we both enjoy it very much.

A bunch of us went to the lake with our folks who were all divorced and in some group called Parents Without Partners. My friend, Dwayne and his brother, Earl, came with their dad. He brought a boat so that we could water ski. We picnicked all afternoon and were dripping wet. Someone yelled that it was time to leave and that all of the woman could change clothes in a pick-up truck with a camper shell and that all of the guys could change in another one. There were only a few men and us 3 boys.

 I was the last one into the camper and closed the door while some men who didn't have to change waited outside. We had to sit on the floor of the pick-up bed as there wasn't enough room to stand up. My friends dad, Jim, was straight across from me and the others were closer to the cab. We started stripping off our bathing suits and drying off. Jim took everything off and crouched over drying himself. My legs were touching his from time to time and my eyes were glued on his cock. It was beautiful and limp. His ball sack was loose and hanging down with the cock hanging down about 3/4 of the way down. He is circumsized and I could see the scar line and the change in color from the pinker head and the white shaft disappearing into his long fluffy pubes. He was on the thin side with some stray hairs here and there on his chest and some nice biceps moving as he toweled the towel up and down his lean body. I kept drying off and picking my clothes up a piece at a time to dress. I glanced around and saw all of our cocks and pubes. We were all 18-19 year old boys and the men about 40-42. The only one of interest to me was Jim.

As I focused on Jim I could see he had a skinny ass and that his cock and balls continued to bounce as he pulled his knees up to his chest to dry his feet. I could see the patch of hair between his balls and his ass and thought how I had never been so close to naked men before and how thrilling this was. It was cumbersome to try to slip on tee shirts, underwear and Levis. Jim was taking a long time to dry himself thoroughly and he put his tee shirt on before his boxers. He slid the boxers over his feet first and lifted his butt up off the floor of the pick-up and I saw those balls slide down over his asshole as the boxers came up and everything slid inside.

Then he fumbled with the Levis scootching them over the feet and knees before pulling them up. Even as he did this the legs of the boxers opened and I could see his ball sack and the head of his cock bouncing around inside til the jeans came up and over. Looking around everyone was dressed enough to open the door of the camper. Some of us climbed out to put on our socks and shoes.

We all helped hook the boat back onto the trailer hitch and Dwayne asked if I wanted to ride home with them. I got my mom's permission as she wanted to stop at Costco on the way home to shop. When we were approaching the pick-up Dwayne yelled, "shot-gun" and Earl stood outside with him waiting for me to get into the cab first. I had to slide way over and sit next to Jim as he drove while the boys squeezed in next to me. Jim had to shift the gears and my leg was right up against the gear stick. My entire left side was pressed up against Jim and I could feel him breathing. He was warm to be next to.

It was a long drive and the boys fell asleep from all of the heavy activity of the day. Jim would occasionally shift gears and sometimes squeezed my knee to move my leg out of the way so that he could change the gears. He told me I could sleep if I wanted to but I stayed awake savouring his warmth and the movements of his arms as he steered and shifted gears.

We were hungry as we neared home so he stopped at a cafe for us to get some dinner. He called my mom to tell her our location. She said she wanted to stop and see her sister but would skip it to get home to me. He told her that was nonsense and that I could spend the night with the boys and come home the next day. We then enjoyed our meal and loaded up in the same positions for the rest of the drive home.

When we got to the house we unhitched the boat and went in for some video games. Earl tho went straight to bed saying he was tired.

The guys lived with their mom during the week and they had to share a hide-a-bed in the office.
Dwayne joined Earl and Jim said he would sleep on the couch and that I could have his queen sized bed. I felt like he had sacrificed too much already and it was a short couch so I said I could just share his bed. Jim went in and showered and I just went in and got into bed. He showered pretty quickly and then dried off and came into the room wearing the towel while he got some new boxers out of his dresser. I looked into the mirror and saw his naked reflection as he put them on. He was skinny but so beautifully endowed. I really wanted to touch that cock of his to see what it felt like. I wondered if it doubled or tripled in size when it got hard like mine does. He didn't put on a tee shirt but simply climbed into bed in the boxers after shutting off the lights.

It was awesome to feel him so close and there was a little bumping of shoulders and elbows as we got adjusted to the bed and blankets. We talked a little bit about what a great day it had been. Then he told me that it had soothed him to feel me next to him in the pick-up and that he had had no physical contact or affection since before his divorce 2 years ago. He lay on his side facing me and put his arms over my chest and told me he wanted to give me one last hug before we fell asleep.

We lay in that position for a long time. My dick started getting hard and pushing its way out of the top of my briefs. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice. After several minutes he moaned and said how great it was to feel another warm body next to him. I put my right hand up on his arm and close to his elbow and gave it a little squeeze. He moaned a little more. He said he should probably go out and sleep on the couch. But I squeezed his arm even tighter and insisted that he stay because it was his bed.

Then I don't know who led it but we kissed. I was flat on my back with my head on the pillow and he was on his side with his face coming down on mine. and then his leg slid over and between my legs and his arms embraced my with the warmest, strongest, most welcoming hug I have ever known. I could feel his boner spring up and I knew that he could feel mine because the wet tip of my cock head was pressed into his bare stomach. We continued kissing and rolling around. His tongued went into my mouth and I sucked on it inviting him in even deeper. His hips dug into me and he slid over on top of me putting most of his weight on me as we held onto one another and ground our cocks together.

 He started kissing me all over the neck and pulled my tee shirt up and over my head and free of my arms. All of our abdominal skin was touching and I was amazed at how much I liked having him that close. He kissed my shoulders and started working his way down my chest and stomach with wet licks and kisses. His tongue was amazing and before I knew it his hands were tugging down my briefs and my feet were kicking them off into the night. He quickly slipped off his boxers and I felt the thud as his cock plopped against my body. My hands fled to it and I squeezed and pumped it with great astonishment. He asked if I really wanted to do this and I assured him that I did. So he kissed my cock and took it into his mouth. I couldn't believe how good something so wet and warm could feel.

 I could feel his tongue pulsating against the firm steadiness of my erection. I thought that the noises of his sucking and the juices of the blow job would wake up everyone in the house. He moaned and gasped from time to time and mumbled a lot of yums and thank yous. I pulled him up to my face and then started rubbing my chin against his chest and worked down to his cock. It was barely visible in the darkness but it was silhouetted against the light of the windows as I held it up and admired it with my face pressed tight against his abs. It had tripled or even doubled but it had grown some and had become much thicker than I had expected. I had never had a cock in my mouth before and I had to kiss it and feel it with my lips trying to judge how wide I had to open my mouth in order to fit it in. It wasn't going to be easy.

So I opened my mouth as wide as I thought I could and fit my lips over my teeth so that I wouldn't scratch that lovely cock of his. As I took in the head and slid my mouth over some of the shaft he panted and moaned with joy. I was trying my best to take a lot of it in when he started shooting. I had never tasted cum and I started to gag and choke on it. He said to spit it out but I didn't know where to spit it. His hips bounced up and down as he shot his wad and I squeezed at the base of his penis and massaged his balls trying to get every single drop out.

He laid there limp and spent, sweaty, gooey with the cum that I had missed and as vulnerable as anyone I had ever seen. I straightened out and came up to kiss him and he kept smiling and thanking me and saying how long it had been etc.

Then he said it was my turn. I had been slowly beating off because I was so horny so I never lost the hard on. He took it into his hands and started pumping, he crawled down the bed a bit and started
licking and kissing my cock more and more. When I shot it went into his face and he started giggling. I finished myself off and we hugged and cuddled for a long time. We fell asleep that way and must have drifted apart during the night.

In the morning Earl came to the door and woke us asking his dad what they were going to do about breakfast. Jim told him to clean up and that we would go out to a restaurant. We were still naked and couldn't get out of bed. l ran my foot under the covers and found my briefs. I pulled them into my hand and when I thought the coast was clear I jumped up and ran into the bathroom and closed the door. I took a long piss that had to flush out all of the cum remnants left in tubing system. I washed my face and rinsed my mouth with some toothpaste before going back and getting dressed. When I got to the room Jim was already dressed. He smiled at me, gave me a quick kiss and told me to keep this event private.

I did. We repeated the act several times, once the boys werent even there for the week end and we got pretty wild. Then I went away to college and Jim started dating a woman and remarried. I have never let on to Dwayne or Earl what happened. We have all gone our own way but are friends if we see one another.

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  1. Damn, they're soooo sexy! Especially the 1st & 2nd daddy. Love 'em. Want them!!