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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Is Raphael gay? Does it really matter anymore?

Is Rafa gay? In his autobiography, he talks about his entourage and there's a guy who keeps cropping up called Titin. He has no clear role definition within Rafa's team, and there he was, after Rafa won today, giving him a big hug and a kiss.

According to several threads on Men's Tennis Forums and elsewhere, it's common knowledge in the locker room. Do you know I have often wondered. Signs are there.
Do a Google search for 'Is Nadal gay?' The results might surprise you.
He probably is. I’ve read not so long ago an interview of Nadal where the interviewer tried to explore the relationship between Nadal and his girlfriend, and Nadal was very tight lipped about it. The line of questions had me thinking that maybe she was on to something and it seemed though as if Nadal had guessed where she was heading with that line of questioning. I found it very interesting back then. I think it was just last year.

It doesn't matter if he's gay but if he is gay then it's interesting that he's hiding it. In this day and age, there's no reason to hide it, unless he feels it won't be the case and that his career/reputation will be hampered by it. A few celebs have paid GFs/wives. I can think of at least 2 Hollywood actors. They just think if they appear to be hetero, it makes for a better public image and stops them getting beaten up.

Tom Cruise, of course, comes to mind immediately, but people are still so naive as it seems. I've seen a documentary not so long ago, where a lot of men are still living on the down low. They have families and children and the wives have absolutely no clue about their husbands’ true life. Some of them were interviewed but they kept the faces in the dark, as they didn’t want to come out, but gave the interview anyway just to show what kind of double life they were leading and this was only for the sake that, some people especially the older generations have trouble accepting a life that doesn’t strike as normal to them. And I am sure they aren’t far off judging by the reactions we have. 

Of course, it's no one's business but it's also interesting if it's true. As to rumour, well, you know what they say. If there's smoke, there's bound to be fire. Quite ironically, this sort of rumour tends to be true. There was this episode in Will & Grace where Will met with this Sports figure that’s clearly gay, but he wouldn't go out with Will in public because he didn't want to come out and was comfortable with the way things were going for him. He didn't want to lose his sponsorships, his fans and a few others things. 

I remember Will then had to break the relationship as he was living openly by then. Anyway, people don't get this idea from Mars as they are pretty much taken from real life. And the dreams will be shattered if Nadal comes out. I think it's a very courageous thing to do to live openly because it's your own sexuality and you should never be ashamed of, unless name and fame matter to you most. And who is to say they don’t matter to him at all.

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  1. Interesting read. Well IDK, he could be...
    But whatever, I don't like him that way. :D
    Plus, it's his life & private part.