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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The ties that bind - let your boys have their way, dad.

The ties that bind - let your boys have their way, dad.

I hate getting nagged to post on JUB (another porn/social network site) but once I get started I end up writing a page that worth blogging (for myself). JUB is great (Yahoo 360 could take a lesson for some of its feature) but it's code of conduct (making its profit) sometimes gets under my skin. Well. I guess, I should be grateful -- but the site would not be worth it (still free -- at least for a while) if it weren't for the contributors (both commercial and individual). So is here mine... (As it a blog were not enough). I should be grateful even more to Yahoo -- so I'm reposting it here. JUB doesn't yet offer RSS feeds from its blogs.

Back to topic: Ever had sex or ever wanted to it with a family member?
I have a brother who's about three and half years younger. So when I reached puberty (13 - 14) and discovered masturbation, I kept it a secret from him because he was just a kid and not interested in sexual
things (yet). Although I was turned on by the idea of playing around with boys and with him, I didn't really act on it -- except when he was sleeping a few times. One couple of nights, while he was sound asleep, I'd take his hand and wrap it around my cock and beat myself off with it. It was a pain cleaning up the cum. (so I didn't really make it a habit -- also he could wake up).
It was a little different when he was reaching puberty. We sort of played around a little - looking at each other erect cocks and touching each other -- maybe that was just once. Something held me back from doing more. I never ejaculated with him watching or sucked him or he me. But I was interested in his friends - especially one who was slightly older and maturely more quickly. His name was Danny. We'd do the pre-teen boy thing --going swimming, or building forts, and still one of my favorites until this day -- camping in each other backyards and inevitably there be the sex talk and the comparing cocks and seeing how much pubic hair was growing. Of course, I was older than the other boys (they were about my brother's age) and 'the winner' is the early macho 'contests' but it was probably because I was chicken to do so with my own agemates. I always felt a little less developed than my own peers. So it felt more comfortable / self-between the other thighs.
esteeming building to be admired by this younger crowd. Once we tried to try out what 'fucking' might be like -- there was not penetration, but Danny seemed to be keenist to try it out. He'd already started puberty - and would reach sexual maturity a year or so ahead of other boys of my brother's class/age. We ended up naked in the tent, one would pull his dick down and back - sort of hidden like it was a mons pubis and the other boy would lay on top and put his cock between the space
Today we call a variation on this 'frottage' - although we did progress to ejaculation, I can remember the feel of Danny body when I was laying atop him or him over me. It was a boyish game of sexual experimentation -- that my younger brother witnessed, but out of some inborn sense of propriety, he and I never tried it while in front of the other boys.

Danny's younger brother was among the kids in the gang too and likewise, he never did anything with his brother (at least not in front of us).

That's enough Kelly, and stop stop reminiscing about innocence lost .. OK, OK! 

From a previous post on another JUB thread:
There is a publication, Handjobs Magazine, devoted to these kinds of stories, supposedly some of them are true. That must be one for the attractions -- the allure of reality. If you have bought ones at an erotic bookstore, it tells how to get at the older issues on their website:
Whether fiction or not, most of the stories involve sex between men of very different ages - whether or not they are related by family seems to be an added thrill. A constant theme seems to be 'making a man' out of young guy by an older authority figure - his dad, or uncle, or coach. Personally, I find the fiction terrifically exciting - although like many guys have said on this and similar threads, my dad is the last person on the planet I'd want to have sex with. But, somehow the dad of the boy-next-door seems to be irresistibly hot in all these stories - maybe a case of fantasy (fiction) being more erotic (and truer) than reality.

Now I have finally tracked down the full URL for HandJobs Magazine , thanks to John_W (the ubiquitous JUB host 'cum' moderator (that's Latin - not semen although I am sure he bathes in it from time to time So if you interested in gay family sex or male incest or Greek love (older man-young man), then you can enjoy both the art work of numerous artists who illlustrate these older man with young man (--- uncle/dad/coach/priest/cop and young newbie/virgin twink --), and also quite few of these types of stories can be found in the Readers Forum. 
Enjoy (or perv out) --- whatever turns you on (or off)... Kelly (sunbuns) 

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