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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extra Big Dicks presents Elijah gets his boy butt plugged by Uncle Jessie

It's an all you can eat week, as we bring you two certified extra big dicks. Go Figure! The first, Jessie Alan needs no introduction. We can't seem to get enough of this 24 year old native Floridian with the sexy ink and monster cock. This week we also welcome back Orlando's own Elijah White. Elijah, the tall, hung 18 year old made quite the impression when he made his debut with us last month. We asked these two if they found $100 on the street what they would do with it. Jessie would put his money in the bank. Elijah would head to H&M and get himself something to wear. We then wondered what TV shows they loved as kids. Elijah loved Rugrats while Jessie grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today Jessie watches the Discovery Channel the most and Elijah is a Fang Bangin' fan of True Blood. Both of these studs are packin' more than the average and we wondered who's was the biggest dick they'd ever seen. Elijah beams as he admits the stud to his left has the biggest cock he'd ever seen. We're sure Jessie gets that a lot. Fortunately, Jessie will get to show Elijah just what that thick cock of his can do...
Elijah And Jessie
Elijah And Jessie from Extra Big Dicks

He's getting tired of always having to top and found a bigger dick he'd be tempted to bottom with for a change!

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  1. Hey that looks fun I want to be daddies boy
    Teddy x