Jake for a Day with Zeb Atlas

A bit over two years ago, Jake Cruise made a big splash (literally and figuratively) as he serviced and massaged the huge muscles of Zeb Atlas. Fast forward to just recently when Alex Stantin won the "Be Jake For A Day" contest. In his entry, he mentioned what a fan of Zeb he was... and in a very cool gesture, the guys at Jake Cruise decided "Why Not?"

When Alex found out his scene partner would be none other than Zeb Atlas himself, he was blown away... excited.. nervous... horny... wouldn't you be? So, this is a hot muscle-worship servicing scene—won by a fan who gets to act out his ultimate fantasy. We think that's pretty dang cool and love that Jake Cruise is offering this to fans. But enough about the details, let's talk about the action: Alex gets his hands on tongue on just about every square inch of Zeb's body from his pecs to his toes to his ass to his dick. He's smiles the whole time. And the best part, so is Zeb.