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Thursday, December 29, 2011


AAdam Faust and Butch Bloom, from Bareback That Hole, are extremely horny when we start to film. It’s like they can’t think of nothing but bareback sex as theykiss and make out, getting into some unspoken daddy/son roleplay. These two are warm for each other and the chemistry is evident. You’d think they were real-life lovers! Butch wastes little time in getting on all fours. He sucks on Adam’s cut beef, slurping all over his shaft and tonguing his testicles. Adam soon reciprocates; he one of those rare daddies who enjoys a carrot down his throat as well. Soon, however, they’re in a hot 69, sucking and rimming each other. Adam eats out Butch’s furry fuckhole, getting it ready for some bareback fucking. After Butch is all primed and full of spit, Adam spreads Butch’s ass cheeks apart and mounts the eager bareback bottom from behind. Adam slides deep into the raw hole, pounding it hard. Adam then drags Butch to the side of the bed, bends him over, and nails him deep while standing. Grabbing Butch by the hips, Adam fucks him with quick, hard strokes, spitting on the hole and pile driving his raw cock inside the hungry beef whore. After a while, Adam gets Butch back onto the middle of the bed and continues to fuck the bear cub until he breeds Butch with a shallow load that spews out of his freshly seeded hole when Adam pulls out. The hole seems to pulse as the cum oozes from him and the masculine top older gay works his candle back inside the sloppy, sticky hole. As Adam continues topump, Butch lets loose with his own load, which Adam then helps to collect and feed it to Butch. After all, why waste cum love that?

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Adam Faust Uses Butch Bloom's Raw Hole

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